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Access the secret data files of the hereafter.
Read the astonishing accounts of what to
expect about life after death, your death in
particular...Learn about the past, the present
and the future from Lucifer himself, his
design for recreational facilities in Limbo and
elsewhere and his extra special plans for the
eventual elimination of creation. It's chilling,
drama and up tight tactics guaranteed to
instruct you in the ways and means you can
expect as you tour Bottomside and
Sewercide before you take the final ride...
Van Nuys Entertainment Scene:
Visit Dotty's Disco featuring Gas Droid
Optics.  Get your kicks while being soaked
for exhorbitant sums of money you shouldn't
have access to in the first place.
Recommended for the
bored, lame, lazy, lost etc.
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Explore the visionary perspectives of gifted
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Gawk at their unbelievable antics, delusions,
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endeavors. Experience what it's like to be as
crazy as a bedbug, as loony as a louse, as logical
as a fly, and as uninhibited as a craw fish. If
you are not satisfied that this is the genuine
article, cobbled together by schizophrenics,
hebephrenics, neurotics, and megalomaniacs,
maybe something is wrong with you too...   
Listen to the stirring voices of the Talking
Redwoods, as they unfold their fabulous
tales of forests, men and trees. Journey with
them across the ages and the stages as they
present their world view, the meaning of life,
the story of creation and everything in
between.  Hear their plaintive eulogy about
the destruction of their ancestors by swarms
of rapacious loggers and the greedy
commercial interests who plundered their
majestic groves for ill-gotten profits at the
expense of future generations...
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"Truth is a salami we slice according to appetite and inclination..."
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