Special Collector's Edition
Minimalist Art of Ugh Toad: An Online Exhibition
Declarations Beyond Independence by Extinct Species of American Indians
Considered a tour de force of minimalist sarcasm, Toad’s depiction of  the
historical treatment of the American Indian by the Department of Indian Affairs
captures the essence of oppression and governmental misconduct which led to
the eventual demise of the red men, battered and beaten by the well armed
cohorts of American cavalry,  warehoused on desolated stretches of unwanted
desert land, sucked dry of every ounce of their previous nomadic existence,
starved, mutilated, forced to adhere to reservation policies tantamount to cultural
extinction, berated for their efforts to defend themselves and their tribal
homelands against the rapacious greed of unscrupulous miners, land grubbing
settlers, and pioneer riffraff.  
Last of the Mohicans After Xmas With the Pilgrims
Part of Ugh Toad’s “Critical Cyclicals In American History” series, this work
recently sold for $10,000.50 at the well known Internet auction site,  Grumbler’s
Collectables. COM.  Known for his distilled invective and razor blade wit, Toad
travels beyond the effete literalism of his professional rivals, into an atmosphere
of rare gasses, as he portrays the chamber of horrors perpetrated by the so-called
“Puritans” and their ancestral allies whose relentless money grubbing ways
presaged the extermination camps of Hitler’s Nazi Germany.        
Capitalism Bestows Its Affections Upon The American Worker
Considered one of Toad’s finest artistic conceptions, this work has been
posterized, copied and circulated across the Internet more than any other
instance of “Political Satire” available today.  Its shocking perversion and the
distilled essence of its implied voyeuristic indifference propelled Toad in a single
leap to the attention of art critics on several continents.  Its Russian and Middle
Eastern sales alone provide the artist with a substantial income.
Fruit Flies Feast on the Carcass of American Banana Republics
Raw, maimed, and vulgar, the whore of capitalistic propaganda is presented
here in all her vile and demented, bandy-legged glory.  Previously vilified by the
media for his unglamorous portrait of the atrocities perpetrated by American
Capitalists abroad,  Toad’s answer to his detractors was captured in this
stunning autopsy on the cadaver of corporate relations with its native American
employees south of the border.   
War, Poverty, Death, Taxes: What the National Fathers Neglected to Mention
The bullet riddled and guilt ridden footprint of colonial history looms as the
stark subject of Toad’s revisionist historiography in this, his unforgettable
satirical masterpiece.  The attempt to clutch the essence of Freedom and
Independence for the common white man, while ignoring the unmitigated evils
of slavery, led with crushing and ineluctable logic to the American Civil War
and centuries of civil injustice born by the weak and the poor…
Poverty Lines: The American Dream from the Point of View of the Kangaroo
Needless reminders of poignant desperation, Toad’s depiction of the American
Dream from the viewpoint of the downtrodden defines the enigma of existence
for at least 15% of the American working class.  Ugh’s poverty line, written in
the entrails and severed heads of kangaroo’s, presents with stark clarity the
effects of malnutrition upon generations of the impoverished.   Toad knows,
from personal experience, that neither a glimmer of hope nor an iota of
sympathy is accorded to those who can’t pay their credit card debt.  Hence
designation as a deadbeat and death are their socially justified material rewards.  
Such is the logic of American capitalist banker society…      
Artifacts of NAFTA: North American Free Trade Agreements
Ugh Toad’s latest work, a collage of nativist images collated with their dreamy potentialities, defines the hopeless aspirations of
Indigenous peoples left behind by the economic necessities and political realities of post Democratic Monopolistic societies. From the
capitalist black hatted bimbo (top left) through ever more Grotesque and bizarre bosoms, we see the growth of negotiated  free trade
agreements and their effect upon the migrant worker populations hustling for dinero south of the border.  Plagued by unscrupulous
sombrero bedecked coyotes (bottom left) preying upon their Indio sisters and brothers, hounded bracero wetbacks stare out at us,
marginalized, tokenized, and eventually reduced to the squaller of the streets and a terminal decline into gangbanger activities.    
Toad’s exposure, gained
from intimate street wise
living conditions,
encapsulates what we know
about the evils of jobs
exported to third world
countries.Those in the top
5% prosper, engorged by
their ill-gotten profits, while
the bottom 30% suffer a
slow and often frightful
economic death at the hands
of greedy, unscrupulous
lenders,amid governmental
apathy, fraud, indifference
and outright neglect...
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