A Gathering of Evil Winds
Selling Water by the River: Collected Photos of the  Paintings of Odd Jim Dotty
On the "Letters from the Asylum" title page
All Roads Lead Away from a Mystery in Van Nuys
Ascension/ Declination
A Theory of Gender Differences in the
Social Construction of Foreplay
A Tale of Old Man Coyote: Navajo Supernaturals and a
Secret Out of Bounds Play
Big Sky Walkabout Dreaming
Blue Freud: Poor Sigmund, He got it all wrong
although it was a magnificent failure
Canyon Paths
Circadian Rhythm
Coordinates for Controlled Folly
Coven of Elders
Coyote Under Canis Major

[Courtesy of the Lavery Family collection of the Works of Odd Jim Dotty]
Curiosity Cabinet with Dream Fragments
Dancing with the Dreaming of Pupunya Tula
Dates Drying along the Nile
Demons of the Change
Dream report No. 2
Exercise in White on Black No. 2
Exercise in White on Black
For comprehensive treatment of Failed Lessons One
through Nine click on this link.
Fashion No. 2
Fashion No. 1 [with accessories]
Fragment of a Motherboard for an Electronic Soul
Glass Bead Game
Harold and the Golden Section
Hitchhiking in Kansas
Hot Place
[Based on a microscopic slide of the chemical agent that makes chili peppers hot]
Iconic Search Grid: Van Nuys Sector
Les Fishes d'Van Nuys

[Courtesy of the Lavery Family collection of the Works of Odd Jim Dotty]
Lucid Dream: The Dreamer Seeks His Hands only to Discover that they have
Multiplied and are Busily Defending Salvador Dali's Mustache which is
Juggling Basketballs in the Maze of Self Deception
Lope of Wind River
Lute in the Attic: Don't hurt my spider ladies he cried when they came in to
clean around him...
Meeting of Small Minds
Moll Woman: Ritual Self Inspection in Rear View Mirror of SUV
Mother Daughter Conversation
Norwalk Peacock's Post Coital Lounging Togs
Numbers Are Pretty
Old Man Coyote in Urban Disguise
Oracle Eggs of Symbolust
One Legged Jump Suit
One Unnamed
Path with No Heart
Religious Painting before Monotheism
Rural Landscape Plowed Land
Rural Landscape Southern Illinois
Scary Dream about Memory Loss
Scavengers of Gravity at the Event Horizon
Self Portrait with All The Hard Parts Left Out
Separation of Earth and Sky
Snakes Leaving  a Meeting
Soul's Journey
Southwest of Van Nuys
Surprising Irvine Couple Beating the Odds
Spinning on the Axis of Fatherhood
Starry Night with Shamanic Presence
The Passions of Bald Ike

[Courtesy of the Lavery Family collection of the Works of Odd Jim Dotty]
The Ego's Defense
Wind Theory of Xumfart

Or 'The Wind Codex"
Wind Goddess Attacking the Pools of Van Nuys
Woman Starring at Fifty with Big Hair, Attitude, and a Divided Mind
Yellow Ochre and The Origin of Painting
Yin Diao Gung
Self in a Maze
Two Beauties: Butterfly and Maxwell's Equations
Van Nuys Bush Tucker
Kubla Khan
Read the Poem
Snoopimg around Redness
Echoes of Blueness in Structural Snare
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Making Afghans in a Trailer Park in Southern Illinois
When modeling his new spring fashions,
Jimmie Walkabout's mind turns to other matters
Only a Narrow Dotted Line Separates the Mysteries of Van Nuys
from the Mysteries of the Universe
A replica Hangs in the Boardroom of the Schloss at La Casa.
See also, Dotty site page V, "A Grammer of Engrams in Dotty's Micrographs."
Hangs in the Artists' Retreat, Office of Eucalyptus Ike, at La Casa
Hung just outside Ike's Sleeping Quarters
Hung in the Retreat Kitchen at La Casa Sanitarium, but the area is off limits to the public...
Hangs inside Ike's Personal Sleeping Quarters
See Dotty's site page Three, Some Curious Technicalities..."
A replica occurs in the Boardroom at the La Casa Retreat
See Chapter 15, "Letters from the Asylum"
Hangs in the Women's Restroom, Temple, Thrift Shop, Bail Bonds area,
Zen Baptist Mystic Positivism facility, downtown Van nuys
See "Works of Odd Jim Dotty," site page six, titled "If a Carpet Could Sing, Would You Listen."
See Dotty site page Two, "Grasping at
Threads When You need A Lifeline"
See the Dotty Website, Sponsored by Artsy Fartsy
See the Dotty Website, Page 7.
Take the Tour of the Schloss
Hangs in the Dining Room, Lavery Family Hacienda, Irvine
Most scholars agree that this work should be hung in Ike's living room...but
it's not there yet...
At last count, everybody wants this painting so where it's hung is a dark secret...
See Chapter One, "Letters from the Asylum"