A Special Feature exploring the new age conjur-gations of Odd Jim Dotty and his life-long
traveling companion, the notorious necromancer Jimmie Walkabout
Fetish Fashions:
Fetish namesake of the wife of Socrates.  Famed for her sharp tongue and her nagging, peevish,
irritable, scolding ways, she personifies the shrewish wife.  Socrates' observation "Marry or marry
not, in any case you'll regret it" was based on his contemplation of their relationship.  When properly
activated, this fetish will dull the tongue and reduce the nagging and scolding to a soft murmuring
background noise which can readily be ignored.
In Irish legend an ominous female spirit appearing as a
messenger from the otherworld and an omen of death.  
Presence of the Banshee spirit is typified by a loud,
prolonged screech.  The fetish is used to transform a
hysterical old crone into what appears to be a sweet,
young dancing girl.

She Who Would Be Queen:
This fetish is designed to counteract the propensity of women to assume a regal demeanor and
impose their inane ways on defenseless men. Proper utilization requires duct tape, an all-purpose
remote, a good supply of beef jerky,  and a chain saw.
A simple stick
becomes a prick
whenever it's
a fetish schtick
and who unravels
what entails
exacerbates with
whips and flails
what others can
or cannot see
would neither
interest you nor me
Changing Woman:
It is no secret that women are noted for their changeability.  Cycles of hormonal
change (e.g., menarche to menopause) account for certain emotional vicissitudes but
the source of other transmutations and aberrations remain forever mysterious to the
male nature.  While this fetish does little to solve the problem it can function as a
'change detector', a sort of early warning system to alert the unsuspecting, hapless
galoot that he will soon be the target of random fusillades and perchance should seek
refuge.  The legs should be held loosely, one in each hand, with the head pointed in the
direction of the target malefactor.  If major change is brewing, and has reached the
subtle early stages of huff and pique, the user will feel a tingling in his index fingers and
the fetish head will begin a spontaneous bobbing motion which will continue until you
have retreated to a safe distance.
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