Evil Woman Ponders Her Hat Size
Evil Woman Ignores Burnt Offerings
Anonymous Fetishes in Dotty's Evil Woman Series  
A collaboration by Odd Jim Dotty and Eucalyptus Ike
Evil Woman Pursues Your Power
Evil Woman with Club Foot
Evil Woman Emasculates Bowling Pin
Evil Woman Stalks Her Next Victim
Pudenda Dentata
Evil Woman Deposits Her Scat on Unsuspecting
Evil Woman with Pissy Leg Lifted
The editorial staff of Artsy Fartsy invites all interested parties to participate
in the dialogue and critical commentary generated by these remarkable images.
Submissions must be mostly intelligible and fulminations from any quarter or
gender will be evaluated with equal asperity.
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Evil Woman Branch of Philosophy:  Guy No Sophy...
The Chair Recognizes Evil Woman's Flanking
Beware The Hands of an Evil Woman
Evil Woman's Motto: "Let Them Eat Snake"
No Man Is Immune From The Guiles of an Evil
Evil Woman Speaks Again and
and Again
Evil Woman Collects a Shoe