Inarticulatus of Rhoads’ Map of Dis Dialects
Having lost his legs during a costly gambling binge after many years working as a pig boat inductor
porter (member of a gang sent into the schnozzle mechanism to wipe up after the passengers have been
shredded and loaded aboard the pig boat), Inarticulatus of Rhoads spent the rest of his life cycle as a
road agent, preying on the itinerent riff raff  forced to squat on the near and farside regions of Limbo and
Dis Proper.  During his travels about in a wicker basket (a requirement due to the extensive injuries to his
lower extremities [i.e. his gambling losses] ) Rhoads developed a passion for studying the vocal
mechanisms of his client / victims, a curiosity which led eventually to his life-long study of the
evolution of Dis-dialectics.  A talent for exacting surgical techniques and an acute sense of hearing
provided Rhoads with the keenest and cleanest of data, which eventually formed the basis of his
monumental treatise on dialect developments in Hell.