Concordance to LUCIFER's LEXICON of the Dark Design
No amount of time and effort has been spared to provide the reader with the means and the method to
explore the arcane byways and highways of DIS document.  Those who persist in their endeavor to
fathom its squandered complexities, of course, must do so at their own risk, for here we do not 'play
games' with the gross realities of atrocity or attempt in any way to gloss over the truth of the historical
record.  We do not euphemize in order to avoid the cruelties of Demonic existence or sanitize the crud
realities of soul life after death in the Die Camps of DIS or Limbo.  All is as it truely is (or was) in so far
as the inherent limitations of language will allow.

Although one must actually "see" Hell to believe it and to comprehend the raw purity of its bloated carnal
reality,  and we freely admit that no colocation of words could ever hope to convey that abysmal state of
demonic affairs,  you may proceed with confidence in the fact that this manuscript, penned by the
insidious left fist of the cataleptic conquestor himself, arrives at the true grit and grime of a regime that
knows no limitations, no scruples, no etiquette, no barriers, no laws and no necessity to please anyone
for any reason, either remuneritive or otherwise.   Remember, you did not have to pay even one thin
dime to access this material.   If you can't handle it, that's your problem.... Just remember, all of us here
await your eventual visit in breath taking anticipation of your deadly reaction to our conventional
hostilities and our unconventional public brothels, insanitary condo-mini bombs and superlative pubic
events and attractions.  Since all is not well and never ends happily ever after,  you can certainly cunt on
us to make all the necessary arrangements for your eventual accomodations...     
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Distribution of Dialects
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Rose of Tok YoYo    
Editor in Chief
For geophysical studies of sub-continental Nurd Amerika,  see  Dis new Limbo Project
For trans-Pacific sub-marine studies, see   Dis-naked die plot dickens
and  Dis oceans of madness
For antecedent conditions leading to the necessity for subterranian expansion, refer to Dis-pharmaceuticals
For historical antecedents of the F.A.R.T.S. complex,  see   FARTS (STALAGS of 1848)   and  waz nazies
For insight into current theories on penology, re-education and the Karma Cycle see Disco psychosis...
For descriptors of the Hellish Imperial Monolithic Police State, peruse the bold entries under Dis-trusts
and Diz-z-chemicals and biologicals
Reference Section by Miss Guided Tours Inc:  For those who desire to create some semblance of sense out of an eternal
dose of nonsense, the following links serve as a guide to the Dark Side of DIS.   
Get the macro view of dis stew at Fumes, Fumeroles, and Funeral Homes Down Dis.   
Anal Retentive Fixations: History of the Camps Komman-Dantes