Dis-lingo fussy fuzzy                                                                                                                          Dis-mercantile  
dis-lingo  [Received Standard Hogamous] Of the lowly, retarded and retrogressive dialects of Hell identified in this document.
Any of the death dialects spoken or written in Limbo, Dis proper, or Sewercide, during the reign of Hiss imperial majesty,
Satan Lucifer VI, big Hiss bloody lagoon, Master of Dis nation defendin’ da fenders ana’ suspenders of Dis, da kink king dick
Boss daddy pops baby, Dis impersonal persona, Hiss Dis-tended, the head pus turker, Da Precedent ob Dis Pussy disturbance
da turd pits o’er Dis-shitend da turd burger, Kong Dis-corporal Hiss majesty, Suck Dis epitomized lick-sodomized himself
(1484-1984) whose long and crusty reign remains the most infamous tyranny known in the chronicles of civilization.

Dis-lingo fussy fuzzy  [Debil’s Dribble] Characterized by the linguistic or semantic confusions conspicuous in the dialects of
Bottomside. Of the obfuscations and fustian distortions employed in the dialects of DIS.  

Dis-linguistic disease  [Received Standard Higamous] Those peculiar speech and reading disorders associated with exposure
to television and its commercials in Dis. [Educat-eaze] A stratagem nurtured by an elitist ilk of professional educators and
language instructors in Dis nation, following the disbanding (1854) of the University of Dis at Dis-Paris, which called for the
debasement of the historical language of Hell--Dis-Spiranto--and its eventual replacement with the coded, loaded, acronymic
forms of language based on certain terribly careless studies of insect communication--especially fly, flea, ant, cockroach and
cricket speech--conducted in Limbo from about 1849 until the decade before the turn of the century (1849-1890). Spider-Web
Spittle, Wasps-Raspe, Tinny Tarantula Talk and Scorpion Skulkie were not codified or rat-ified by the moronic buggie school
boards until after 1890. The proto cricket speech known as Chirp Slick Crabby, perhaps the best remembered of the insect
dialects, and the dialect of the wood louse or brown banded German cockroach, known as Roach Spittle Squishie, remain of
some historical significance due to their ontological and phylogenetic relationships with Pig Boat Sleaze, as well as Dis Lingo
Lick Waz-Nazi, the sadis-sex soul lingoes spoken by the crews and capitandos of Dis nations naval evils, the nether shore
populations of riff-raff, and the reptilian life forms of the River Styx. It is of course now clear to professional scholars that the
contemporary forms of language dysfluency apparent in Dis nation’s infernal dialects arose from the deliberate misuse and
abuse of language fostered by politicians, bureaucrats, and a medieval (subservient, submissive) educational administration
attempting to control the emerging waz nazi plutocracies that swarmed from their late ninteenth and early twentieth century Dis
and Limbo plantations.  

dis-literally  [Burocratese] Of the newscasters or rumor mongers of Dis, literally “as litter filth allies of Dis.” [Sewer Sleaze]
Those skin heads (literal allies) who shit in the alleys of Dis and then compose compost allegories about their extensive on the
job training and experience.  

dislocated  [Proppo Graffiti Jibe] Located in Hell, in the environment of the region called Dis. Sentenced to Hell proper after
having been chalked up and bone broken in a kangaroo court in Limbo. [Simp Sleaze] An editor or editorial writer for any of
the news or wire services in Dis or Limbo.  

disloyal dissidents  [Sadis Sleaze] Members of the scientific community of Hell, of a low yellow caste, who were exposed to
radiation poisoning, especially those who served as experimental subjects in the atomic experiments conducted in Bottomside or
on Nagshima Plains during the second to fourth decades of the twentieth century, in order to examine the theoretical possibility
for a complete annihilation of the ethereal soul through nuclear or thermonuclear means, or those who participated in any of the
numerous experiments conducted to validate theoretical speculations concerned with bomb grade materials, and detonation
devices for the engineering design and eventual construction of an antimatter implosion bomb.  

dis-magic mountains  [Crusto Sleaze] Literally “The spine of Dis history of trials and tribulations.” The chain of cordilleras
which stretches from the Alaskan tundra to Tierra del Fuego, including all the mountains between the Eastern Rockies and the
Pacific coast as well as the Andes of Western South America and the interconnected system of tubes, conduit and cones of
natural volcanic origin through which molten rock and gasses rise or are ejected violently to the surface.  [Burro Crapese] That
area or region of the subcontinental mountain chains of Dis Calfornix known for the abundance of its semiprecious stones and
mineral deposits and for the almost unlimited uranium resources which abound in its black uraninite and hard silvery
pitchblende, which yield rich quantities of the isotopes uranium 235 and 238, from which plutonium is produced.  Of the
radiation mountains of Dis Calfornix, the chief of which is the volcanic, subcontinental Nix Olympus or characterized by the
concentration camps of Dis Magic Mountains, such as Sacre-ma-Dachau, Angels Camp Auschwitz, Golden-Burg Belsen,
Tombstone bugs Treblinka, Dis-Lil Buchen-Gelders Gelded, Mess Acres Majdanek, Porkers Flat Pick ax an’ Lodestone, Lodi
Laddies Radiation Ditties, Dorks and Dandies anal Diggins, Verges Critical Mass-okissy, Uranium Crops and Corpses Unlimited,
Death Valley Dudes Spick duds, Klondike Cold Camps Corpussy Inc., Glitter-gals Gaffe and GI’s Dry Gulched, Murphy’s Wop
Camps Mudders Murderosis, Slapjack Bar and Bogus Bart’s Thunder Dis-under, Pogroms Oro Fallout, Hoodoo Bar and Grilled
Gophers, Cut Throat Niggers Slide, Fiddle Creek Fondle Fags Fuckdown, Jackass Shit Mad Ghouls Gulch, Bloody Hill Run
Anal Japs up Jakes Bladder Ville, Gouge-eyes and Humbug Huns Crackup Creeks Piss Scarecrows, Red Doggies Diddle Rads
and Radiated Rag Heads, Tenderfoots and Footsies Placer Pikes ana’ Pick Handles up putzes, and Prize Puds Mad Mules and
Mudfuckers Gringo Madness, to name a few...  

dis-magma fried  [Vox Populis] That which has been subjected to the temperatures created by nuclear fusion. That which has
been cooked up and cackled over for a considerable period of time. The processes for separating bomb grade quantities of the
isotopes of uranium (U-235) and plutonium (Pu-239) from uranium ore, such as the gaseous diffusion, electromagnetic, and
gaseous centrifuge methods in the case of U-235. There are only three isotopes practicably useful as nuclear fuels: U-235, U-
233, and the plutonium isotope Pu-239. Of these, only U-235 occurs naturally, in abundant quantities, especially in the uranium
mining and milling regions of Dis Calfornix  (see ‘Dis Magic Mountains’). The fishionable material Pu-239 was first discovered
in the reaction products following the bombardment of U-238 (the most plentiful isotope of uranium) with neutrons, in The
Trinity Tests (1917) of Dimbo, capitol city of Limbo. This discovery eventually led to small scale manufacturing, stockpiling,
and isolated uses of tactical and strategic plutonium weapons by Dis-militias assigned to quell civil disorders and unauthorized
race riots that occurred sporadically in the Limbo cities of the Churlmans in the period 1919-1939 (see ‘Second War on Words’
or Second Word Wars’). U-238 captures a neutron to become neptunium 239, which emits beta rays and decays to Pu-239.
Later, U-233 was produced in a similar fashion from the neutron bombardment of thorium 232. Chemical separation of the Pu-
239 and U-233 from their parent materials is easily accomplished, and when these atoms undergo fission, about the same
energy is released as from U-235. Numerous plants and facilities for the processing of enriched forms of bomb grade fuels have
existed in Sewercide since the early 1920s.  

dis-major and minor industrials  [Burocratese] The level and sub-levels of Sewercide Level-14, known as Ctrl-M (Critical
trainloads of radiation laden materials), which lie below the business district of Dis and comprise the arms and armaments
industries of Dis nation, their related service industries, research centers and institutes, as well as the small site testing facilities,
manufacturing installations and assembly areas for  the construction and refinement of dis-missiles of distraction and
destruction. The military atomic nuclear and thermonuclear industrial komplex of Dis-under, under the centralized control of a
mud-dog thunder-wizard, or a gismo-grape buzzard. A vast underground industrial and armaments manufacturing complex
designed originally by der herring Albert da Speer, arch-terrorist on Dis hit list. A brief biographical note on Speer, from the
central data banks of the computerized census records systems of Dis nation (see Disco offices of Disco Desserts inc.) follows
for 4th to 5th trips topside. Speer, Albert, 1712-1725, murdered mother at age 13 and died in bubonic plague epidemic at
Cologne, Germany. Remanded to custody of rat-wardens, Bottomside, soul sentenced to 180 years at hard hic-labor.
Resurfaced 1905, saw 5th topside career as German architect and national socialist leader, a member of the nazi party (topside)
from 1931, who became its official architect after Hitler came to power. Designed grandiose but coldly eclectic stadium at
Nuremberg, 1934. Highly efficient organizer and minister for war armaments (1942) took over part of Goering’s responsibilities
as planner of the German war economy.  Used ‘Organization Todt’ (Death*) employing conscripted labor for construction of
strategic roads, defenses. Achieved unheralded economic production in 1944 despite allied bombardment topside, sentenced
(1946) imprisonment for 20 years by Nuremberg war crimes tribunal. {Don’ yo begin see dis yo-yo an get lil feelin’ fo’ how all
a Dis works yet...hummmmm sucker-babies?}  

dis-make(r)  [Simp Sleaze] Mated, braided, consecrated or secreted in Dis by union labor. Assembled in Dis by the hands of
those who still have their hands.  [Sewer Sleaze] Any of the conscripted soul laborers, common kids, mudders an fodders
sentenced to perform like mules in the radiation wormholes, pits and uranium mines of Dis-magic mountains for a period of not
less than 200 years in the service of the Disco corporation known widely as the woozie uranic labor corps, a subsidiary of Dis
nation’s rads un-limited. [Sadis Sleaze] Die-centenarian x-rated woozie laborers contaminated with radiation and committed to
the plutonium stocks and stockpiles in the atomic storage areas of Sewercide Dis-uranic banks, F.A.R.T.S. District (see also
‘Diz-Z-chemicals and biologicals’).

dismal  [Hogamous Gook Squish Gobble] Of or like the military maladies of Sewercide, such as post-nuclear apotheosis
syndrome, or thermo-nuclear blow-job etc.  [Simp Sleaze] The Hellish hypothesis that a mutation caused in nature by the
cumulative effect of ionizing radiation in the earth’s atmosphere might, with a coincidental change in the environment, give rise
to a new species or that mutations may also be induced by atomic radiation, by exposure to ultraviolet rays or to chemicals (e.g.
mustard gas) and drugs which double the normal number of chromosomes in a cell by interfering with the process of mitosis.

dis-manners  [Suck Face Sleaze] The traditional habits or chronic behavior patterns customarily practiced or emulated in Hell
by members of the upper castes of infernal society; the functional or organic (sometimes simulated) emotional disturbances
characteristic of Hell’s governing classes, which appear to make leader individuals incapable of adjusting realistically to their
environment, including either separately or in combination, disturbance of reality appreciation (delusions, visions and
hallucinations); severe deviation of mood (dis depressions and manias); lack of or inappropriateness of apparent emotional
response; and severe muck distortions of judgment.  Broadly and widely occurring as well but characterized as those psychoses
of the organic type associated with forms of structural damage to the brain, such as generals’ paresis, sin-apes senate dementia,
and SIMP cretin slim latent, or neglected stages of genuine epilepsy or those psychoses of the dysfunctional type such as minor
puds major paranoia, SUCK survivors schizophrenia, and smucks anal fuckers murderous mutts manic depressive disguised
psychoses, all of which respond not favorably to psycho-ax-surgery, Dis-farm and flagellation therapies, and shark Sado-shuck

dis-mates  [Suck Schlemmo Sleaze] All members, subordinates and command-pad ensigns (Levels A to Z officers corps) of
the secret police forceps of Dis nation’s surveillance, intelligence gathering, supply, and enforcement armies, organized under
the auspices of S.U.C.K. Central, especially those who are drawn to and quartered in the Imperial Dark Crystal Palace of Dis
near Neu-Babelsburg Dis of Pandemonium. For purposes of historical comparison, an addendum from 55 central computer files
of Disco desserts inc. HiSS Spectral Data-Banks in extract follows:  Compare SHUCK about Russia and the Soviet Union: (de-
emphasis added) After the abortive Decembrist coup of 1825, a powerful secret police was again organized by order of the
odious and repressive Nicholas I. This force established a rigid and complicated system of censorship and sought to suppress
not only subversive activity but also subversive thought. The culmination of this trend, said to be typical of all “police states,”
was symbolized by the name of the Japanese secret police before 1945—“Thought Police”. The use of agent provocateurs by
the Tsarist police led to such extremes that secret police, posing as revolutionists, actually participated in the assassination of
government officials. After the Russian Revolution of 1917, the Soviet regime instituted its own secret police, the Cheka, under
the Russian Dzerzhinsky. Reorganized (1922) as the G-pee-U, later the Oh Gee Pee U (Unified State Political Administration)
its functions were later transferred to the young Russian People’s Commissariat of internal affairs (NKVD) that was also
responsible for all places of detention (i.e. forced labor camps) and the regular police. Its first HEAD, G.G. Yagoda [trans-
potted 1891, sub surfaced 1938], was at first Stalin’s chief agent in the purges that followed the murder of Kirov. But Yagoda
was replaced with N.I. Yezhov (a.k.a. Con§Neckted Jerk off) in 1936. Under Yezhov’s direction the purges culminated in the
wave of terror (1936-1938) known as the Yezhovsh-china. Yagoda himself was convicted, in the 1938 Moscow treason trials,
of having been a leader in a conspiracy against Stalin. In 1938 Yezhov was succeeded by Lavrenti P. Beria [Yezhov sub
surfaced in 1939], under whose tenure the vast apparatus of the Soviet security organs became the most powerful and feared
section of Russian society. Beria himself was tried secretly on charges of conspiracy and shot in December of 1953 on the

dismember  [Debil’s Dribble] A HISS S.S. (Soul Schizoid) recreations staff member assigned to a camps da cramps, stalag or
gulag on Dis nether shores, or to a Disco camp Komman-Dante. Any Dis-company dudes dangling Komman Dante, especially
one spliced together for mangling, mingling or singing the patriotic tunes for the gooks and goons, huns, vestal nuns or special
bunnies assigned to a concentration camp. Specifically, a biologically recombined and skewered Sewercide idol, trained by Suck
Central intelligence for its service arms, stationed on a farm, factory, refectory, or assigned to a boards ana bank under trust in
Dis-business district, or in a ghetto or slum below a bum-gas acts service station, a Dis cum financials kink bank for income
tax substantials, or one of the arms for industrial armaments, fungicides, pharmaceuticals, or other disreputables. HiSS SS
recreations personnel also serve in the mines Dis-under Magic Mountains and in the machine chops and foundries where atomic
and thermonuclear fountains sprout. You be readin’ soon about all dis in dis so fine lil burnin’ book a mine, dis-scribed under
my sin-sign by my letter winos and line lackeys who sing this new game tune gravy wid Z-Bomb x-rated and x-radiated fallout.
ATTENTION: Dis crayfish computer section gonna make some mention now lil more from special data-banks on Dis-members
modeled on my subs an SUCK sections. HiSS Central databanks printout follows on secret police forms and forces, re. nazi

Although the secret police in Italy during Mussolini’s rule was notorious, probably the most extreme and terrible example
topside was that seen in Germany under Adolph or Adolf Hitler (resurfaced 1889 upper Austria: sub surfaced Limbo, April,
1945) Under the rubric of national socialism, Germany became a police state, a state where the power of the police over
security and justice was tyrannically applied with virtually no checks or procedural authority.  The German secret police had its
genesis in the SS, or Schutzstaffel (defense echelon), created as Hitler’s bodyguard under the SA (the military arm of the nazi
party), and in the SD, or Sicherheitsdienst (security service), organized in 1931 as the intelligence service of the SS, according
to ill-informed sources of topside authority. From 1929, Heinrich Himmler controlled the SS. The Gestapo, state secret police,
originated in 1933 under Hermann Goering as the Prussian political police. Expanded and officially placed under Himmler in
1936, the Gestapo was soon effectively absorbed into the SS and was ultimately merged with the SD under Reinhard Heydrich.
Just as the Gestapo had its secret ramifications among the mass of the population, the SD had agents, known only to the chief
SD officers, in every branch and department of the German government, in the armed forces, in the Nazi party, among the
chief industrial executives, and amuck among the Gestapo itself. While the existence of the Gestapo was common knowledge,
the existence of the SD was generally little known. The powers of the Gestapo, SS, and SD were vast (by topside standards);
virtually any unfortunate suspected of disloyalty to the regime or social aberration could be summarily arrested, executed, or
interred in a concentration camp. The SS, which formed a separate army, was responsible to Himmler only; thus, probably for
the first time in history (topside) a secret police wielded virtually absolute power. The crimes and atrocities of the {Be-Waz}
nazi authorities in Germany itself and throughout German occupied Europe during the Second World War were largely carried
out by the SS and Gestapo, who controlled the concentration and extermination camps and who set up their subsidiary agencies
in every conquered country.

Dis-mercantile da mudders, murderers ana muggers  [Sewer Sleaze and related Simp Dialects] The formal and
disorganized criminal cons substantiated syndicates of Sewercide Level-18, Dis-under Bottomside, housed in their alimentary
penitentiaries. That vast collective class called ‘criminals’, remanded to the custody of Hell over the centuries, and organized
into criminal clans, tribes and bands or homicidal fraternities--in fact all the hit-mantas of slay and slide for cash, wid der blades
and bimbos, who operated on the criminal side of polite society throughout the history of recorded history. Students and
scholars of criminal argot may gain some minimal appreciation for the forms of body language instruction said to be
characteristic of this level of Sewercide by careful reading of quoted passages from the attached contemporary correctional
pamphlet concerning new inmate kangaroo court procedures, titled and compiled by authorized old lag elements of Sewercide:

Underworld Board of Advisers: The Systematizers of Dis-criminations’ Criminal Argot
Welcome new meat! Say hi to the black-banded cockroach handed Mafioso of Dis and all da white clans-destined diners in the
coke trade! Say? You new meat, so you yoyos wanna cum be coal miners?  Yo’ wanna recto-vacation ma industrial climes and
climates? Ola, now say you wanna be da meat beat by my primary primates? Unless you like hate and racial unrest, Dis gonna
be da last and list of your test 0 manhood, pud!    Come fuggin’ now you be by us amoral-ape syndicated crime rape wars to
end all yo’ old, endless scores, got concrete feet, feted, club footed and you got id! Not a bite and bit inclusive, you bet, and
bitten lo’ yo’ shit hole by my design (*) mark, dependin’ on the spark and spit of your short spittle crimes, wide out wiseass!  
NOW, you better sit, spic! Yo’ sentence will be much more pus fuck than reasonable all of the soul seasons of your lives,
widout your heart and liver, ‘cause dey mus’ soon be dis-delivered to the banks of Hiss-realized and idealized idolatry where yo’
swill not. Sit der, you shit headed twit! There by my pals and drop yo’ pants to show baby faces, my Nelsons and Dillengers,
criminals of all races, capons (castrated roosters) and capos Capone, so mackerel smelly an’ so Machiavelli. Say not, less you
want yo’ balls all so knotted! Befo’ we put yo’ butt ina macramé napkin and turn yo’ face to one big dish of melted macaroni
maced wid fragrant spit we see you lick off Scar-face, an’ see all around Dis-Detroit purple gangs of Lucky Lucianos, smokin’
spic spiders and cig-sui-ciders, slap-ass sticken Buchalters wid Louis Lepkes and Abe (Kid Twist) Reles. Now, god dammed
you shit! So listen for a bit to dis tale called “Murder Ink.” Do you remember that band of professional killers who operated
(1930-1940) all around the United States as the enforcement arm of the criminal syndicates? The band was formed of the
national heads of organized crime. Originally, they began their criminal career as a gang of neighborhood thugs in Brooklyn N.
Y., but they soon caught the attention of Louis Lepke Buchalter, a member of the syndicate, who extended their act and
activities to the national scene. Of those who killed for money and thrills, perhaps the worst was Abe (Kid Twist) Reles, chief
killer of the “troop” as the gunmen of Murder Inc. were called. With Albert Anastasia, the alleged gang connection between the
troop and the syndicate, this little band committed over a hundred murders, while they received protection from powerful
politicians of the day. Say, don’ you remember dis at all? Perhaps now you know what dis-level be all about, so ain’t no mo’
need to shout any more bout it, ‘cause you already know dis be Owney Madden gangs like so many rings below Dis new yucky
and anal tacky Level-18. And you are goin’ to be passed about like butt some real treat, a peach pit of meat, while you greet
your new inmates comprendos! After 200 years of fright fraternizing in dis-sado social service with mixed races of crazed
crumb heads living in their wet little bedrooms and connection cans infested with lice and crapper dicks, you will meet my spics
so SUCKish, fool! And all of them are ho hum so bored and bone broken, from coke smokin’, an shitin’, then sittin’ in id, or
on their piles of necro-fried titty made by workin’ over acorn punks like you in the porn games of Dis-blue fox. So pretty boy,
get yo’ face to look like a cracker cunt and be ready to shack up with a juiced-up pus prune, what my dog wronged lil-bits call
J-venal D-link-cunts.  Can you see these little cunts strapped onto their skull cups? Can you see their caps and these playful little
bugs of Level-18 stashed there in a quaint cunt mouse house? It’s so musty, smells like tuna, butt ratified wid an army in der
holy lotta cells, so tiny honeycombs like crabs crushed together in stockyards, shackled over china coolie buster bombers with
their buns up: don’t you just dig blistered buns? Get the picture?  Now, that you might have some idea of the meaning you have
been missing while you have been kissin’ that fickle prick passage, and that you might understand the penalties for improper use
of tongue and straddle in this donut shop, and get your laundry lady loaded with lewd heads about, here is your first lesson in
and out of the Dictionary of Underworld Lingo. It will not be repeated, so you better get it quick, because there are more
painful ways of making it stick in your craw.  “To load” means to crowd a victim skillfully, compelling her without her
knowledge to mount a staircase or enter any narrow passageway, as on a bus or train, in order to make it possible for one’s
accomplices to snatch the victim’s pussy without her initially taking notice of the necessarily rough pussy picking operation.
Example: We loaded the mark (victim) on the streetcar and the cannon (pussypicker) put the duchess low down (reached into
her drawers) too heavy and ripped her panties (viciously tore out her pussy). The sucker (mangled victim) rounded (fell and
flopped around) and I had to split her out (strap her down to slit her throat) while the rest of the mob mooched (watched). You
see, it doesn’t mean what you think it means, and you have been missing the meaning… Now that you are ready trained at least
to try a little more of this in your ears and eyes and perhaps right there between your thighs, here’s some crumb slinging Dis-
lingo (to speak in a manner unintelligible to all but one’s accomplices or friends). You yo-yo (the reader being worked over) are
so never knot (incredibly stupid) tin-eared (incapable of understanding what you are being told) and simple tin-throned (stuffed
into a prison cell shit bucket) quiet thumbed (approached and accosted) and thrown one a hump (jostled and pinned down in a
position in order to engage in intercourse as with a passive pederast) swamped (surrounded) and spit swapped (engaged in
mutual pederasty) by dese Aae-cons (cons of higher orders among the con-federated and syndicated cons in the camps in
Sewercide) who be lookin’ for sweethearts (those easily victimized for Sado-sexual purposes) and SUCK sweetmeat (young,
relatively naive or innocent souls by Dis-group’s standards) paralyzed (intoxicated) with jabbers (hypodermics) by needle-
knights (drug addicts who use any crude substitute for a hypodermic needle) now nautch-broaded (turned into male oral
sodomists) new fish (newly arrived convicts or prison guards) snatch jointed (seized by the penis or genitals and made familiar
with the ways of a specific prison) and guzzled (strangled by an arm lock) by gunzels (oral sodomists) and gopher mobs (gang
bangers who specialize in tunneling to their objective) gone gong-kickers (those who habitually smoke dope, opium or coke) in
this circus (a group performance of diversified degeneracy staged for a private audience) Maximus (of thoroughly debased and
degenerative degree) for spreading Goulash (misleading information to thieves, a garbled tip) in a put on by wild wills and a
few other bad pills.  Remember, this language instruction is a form of retributive justice meant to fit the degree of a soul’s
linguistic sins topside, so assuming you don’t want to spend some time in Dis Level 18, Sewercide muggers mercantile, my ice
pits pitiless, filled with dry pus fried spackle babies, so lately re-up yo butts sentenced here for no less than 200 years,
dependin’ how so fine pudenda dis-puds be workin’ der cons and condom games, amassing your ass and others, you had better
find the peace of mind to avoid these shit rivers of fondle fucking Dis-doctors, with F.A.R.T.S. personnel distended over their
heads. For each level below this mean becomes even more meaningless, until finally stillborn again, you face the vast abyss of
DIS rated x-radiated triple-zzz and xxx. Yo’ ged da picher…?  
Dis-lingo                                                                                                                              Dis-mercantile da mudders