dis-greedy                                                                                                                                                           dis-lingo
dis-greedy  [Received Standard Hogamous] As greedy as Dis. Brought to this place of death through greed. As gleeful and
greedy as glioma.  

dis-gruntle  [Scatoloco] A common stew (or fertilizer) made from sardines, animal turds, and the flesh of marines, all parts of
the mixture having been violently yoked together, as by conventional weapons or nuclear means...

disgustedness  [Sadis Sleaze] The acts of low life and slave affairs common to the public urinals of Sewercide. The practice of
puncture fucking or any back stabbing affair in a flesh-pot in Dis.  

disgusting  [Crappo Lingo] Smeared with core-pus, then dipped in boiling piss, and parboiled, sometimes as before a performing

dis-gustin  [Bigamous Hogamous] Colorful, exotic, tart, unusually saucy, exciting or stimulating in a Sado-sexual sense.  

disgusted   [Bigamous Hogamous] Sated and saggy with sordid sado-sex.  

disgusto  [Sadis Sleaze] The state or condition of having been inhumanly degraded, brutalized or animalized by Dis itself.  [Suck
Schlemmo Sleaze] Brought to one’s knees and then personally instructed in the art of soul schlemmo, by a schlemmo master, in
any of the porn master reformatories of the pubic education systems in Sewercide. Sodomized with a socket wrench while
receiving instruction in Socratic irony by a soda jerk in Bottomside.

dishearten  [Sadis Sleaze] To rip the heart out of the still living breast of a victim. To harden one’s heart or the heart of another
through deceit and deception. To cause to have a heart attack. To devour, consume or destroy with gleefully devastating force a
still living heart. To take in greedily with the eyes, ears or mind the pain, sorrow, and death of one’s innocent and defenseless
fellow citizens. To cause to slaughter and mutilate the children of one’s enemies in the name of Dis nation or in the cause of
national defense. To do one’s duty for the fatherland regardless of the consequences or the dictates of the human heart. To be
finally and so irrevocably lost to the verities of the human condition and the truths of the human heart as to be doomed to
distinction, forever...

Dis-history [Received Standard Higamous] The modern history of Hell from 1854 to the present.   In general terms, Dis-history
presents an authoritative record of the decline and fall of the preeminence of philology in Hell, the love of words, literature, and
language the study of which, although a little know fact, was a once common requirement in the formal education of demons
until the year 1854, when the Big Tree known as The Mother of The Forest was stripped of her bark for sordid “exhibition
purposes” and the Spell For Doubling Hell (and Heaven) was cast. However contradictory this may seem to the modern reader,
that a form of love might exist in the infernal regions, nevertheless it was so, in order that the proper training of devils might
proceed within the limits and boundaries set forth in the Treaty of the Hallowed Sign and The Truce of Harmonious Design.
When the great rings of the Mother Tree were stripped of their protective layer of bark and the spell for doubling Hell was cast,
one of the misbegotten as well as painfully misunderstood consequences was the Dis-banding of the University of Dis at Dis-
Paris, whose principal colleges were, at that time, chiefly responsible for the cultural transmission of literacy, literature, letters,
art, and language among the administrative and governing classes of Dis. Thus it came to pass that the flower of literature and
the study of language withered in Dis nation, as the dismal Plutonian, neo-scientific era combined with the technocratic waz nazi
movement, culminating in the sorry state of linguistic affairs in Disco wearisome mo-fuggin’ nation today....  

Dis holy  [Simp Sleaze] As full of assholes as is Hell (Dis) itself. [Crusto Sleaze] As smelly and as unholy as Bottomside.
Literally, “Holy Shit!”  [Scatoloco] A malformed type of cheese (Zo slimy limb bug-her) used in the creation of salads and soul
dressings in the gay-gig-barbs and bug-a-bars, cafe-terror-rheas, auto-da-fe buns in barbecues and the hoi polloi spook hot spots
of Bottomside. [Suck Face Sleaze] Any moist holy place in Dis. The sacrament or black rite of sacred ordination uttered before
one is plunged into any of the ranks or grades of the diabolical ministries of Hell. [Sadis Sleaze] The innermost S.U.C.K.
sanctum within the testo-schnozzles of Dis himself, consecrated, and lust regarded with respect, awe, reverence and adoration.
The shrine of vesicles deep within the tentacular deca-pubes of Hiss imp itself, in which are housed the vestigial virgins of the
child porn ogres of Disco.

dishonor  [Dick Lingo Sleaze] Any of the certificates, degrees, badges, permits, grades, ranks, titles, insignias, licenses and
privileges accorded to the followers and fellows of the societies of licentious and limicolous (living in mud) Dis-service, granted
for uncommon and libidinous consumption in Dis. The notion of honor disqualified by the degree of one’s usefulness as a pawn
of or in the service of Hellish ways, and ends. Proof of one’s inexorable, unrelenting appetite for disfigurement in Dis.
[Scatoloco] Those who have achieved the status of fast flesh tycoon, fleisch mogul or Plutonian pen pal of Mammon-o-pol-pot.

dishumored  [Sewer Sleaze] Characterized by the forms of tumor death in Sewercide. Of the rampant varieties of tissue growth
found in the soul bodies of the morphic freaks, the mogul gliomas, or the lifers in the penal colonies and postindustrial
manufacturing centers of the atomic industrial complexes of Dis nation. [Simp Sleaze] Characterized by the violent yoking
together of heterogeneous flesh and subatomic particles or transuranic isotopes in Dis. [Scatoloco] A blood red liquid squeezed
from the pulp of lips or labia and consumed from skullcups in the fashionable discos of Dis be Pandemonium.  [Sadis Sleaze]
That which humors Dis, e.g. the screams of terror and the cries of pain emanating from the throats of the victims of a puss-
fucking schlemmo shtick.  [Suck Face Sleaze] Any of the monstrous fucking pumps mounted on the undercarriage of a testo-
schnozzle and connected to the urogenital canal above the bulbous kong ball bearings which support the ponderous prick works
of a daddy debil’s deca-pubes and related proto-tuberances.  [Crusto Sleaze] The price of misdirected or displaced humor in Dis:
instant soul death and resurrection as a lower life-farm or at a lower level in the penal re-education systems of Sewercide, via
instant p-ink brain blotter transplantation technology, a refinement of Von James Leonitis Van Eyes’ trans-potting procedures
developed for the positronic prosthesis (see ‘Disco Psychosis’).

dissidents  [Burocratese] Identity cards or data on a body soul’s identity, implanted by electronic data processing procedures
into the molecular material and genetically organized structures of a soul body for purposes of trans-Mendelian or postpartum
identification (following soul palingenesis or metempsychosis). A means of identification of the silent followers of Waz-Nazi
doctrine, following the transmigration of the soul topside. [Kong Con Gone Gobble] Any of the atomic anarchists, especially
those of the scientific and technocratic elite classes of Dis-Nation, responsible for the design, development and implementation of
the means and ends of atomic energy, i.e. atomic annihilation, through whose efforts and displaced energies it came to pass that
the womb of the earth itself was distended, distorted and made into a foul sewer for the testing and storage of little understood
forms of atomic waste and whose single-minded obsession with power and self-hatred has resulted in all those forms of nuclear
extortion conspicuous today.

disillusion  [Simp Sleaze] Illusions about the existence of Hell held by ill-informed members of topsider society, most of whom
will soon be taking an unplanned, extended vacation to the nether regions to enjoy the swill and spectacle of Dis.  [Burro
Crapese] An illuminating account, travel description or story about the state of affairs, conditions, high and low hot spots or
scenic points of interest to the visitor inquisitive about Hell, its people, personages or passionate and romantic milieu. The
condition of being out of sorts, dis-tampered with or disturbed by civil disturbances, such as a foreign erection or atomic
conflagration in Dis.

Dis in Dis  [Bigamous Hogamous] The role played by Dis in Dis (Hell) itself.  Satin Lucifer as the sole author of this manuscript,
without whose editorial complicity this diabolical story could never have been told.  

disinherited  [Crappo Lingo] Inherited by Hell. Of the forms of misery, sorrow, disfigurement, and pain characteristic of life
after death in Dis nation.  That which is transmitted in Hell from generation to generation, without pity or grace or redemption.

dis-innovate  [Stupor Pud Talk] To spawn or disseminate the seeds of Hell beyond the borders of Dis or Limbo; to facilitate the
spread of death as by cancer, aids etc.

dis-instructions  [Burocratese] Instruction in the politics of deception or destruction, with disclaimers and  service warranty
qualifications--or  plots and stratagems issued  with disclaimers to subs or subordinate  civil authorities--for dispersion,
prostitution or discrimination throughout the chains of command from a top knot in Bottomside to the bottom of topside, or
through the head-wired services of AT and Toady, IT anal T, Eye T an Titty, Dis-Bells Bottomside or the satellites of Dis-Satan
Eyes; especially such instructions dis-patched to bug breeders on big borders, dose cons da addled programmo clans-destined,
their bug-ie slope headed rope-zany dope dealers or der diggers on hunger Dis suckers, including any SUCK muckers, odor (or
their) anal mops wid antlers or antenna pops murderous, in shtick political service throughout Dis or its satellite nations or states...
up river...

disintegrate  [Squish Hogamous] To transport graded and crated flesh across the River Styx by means of any of the tubeways
of a wide-out crossed Styx express induction system (the principal means of seamy travel between Limbo and Dis proper).
[Archaic Higamous Gobble da Gook-i-pus] To deflate, mangle or crush in order to package for plain pus delivery to a pigboat
pen in Limbo, for starboard suction and sub-induction prior to passage in steerage across the River Styx. Rare: to merge with
Hell through any of the gates topside. To take a fiery ride to the underside, with Charon as your guide. [Ghouls Gable Gibbet
Gooberish] A stew (der stew da smecken machen) concocted of the atomized particles of debris or biota from topsider cities
subjected to tests of the destructive capabilities of conventional or atomic bombs, especially such a stew cooked up by the die-
chiefs ob da chefs of Dis. [Simp Sleaze] The notion of the formal integration of all the races topside, in an educational experiment
of stellar dimensions.  

Dis inventions  [Cong or Kong Con Gone Gobble] Any of the forms and formulas for the manufacture of weapons or chemical
agents used for military ends, attributable to the arms and armaments industries of Dis nation. Any collection of weapons,
including, but not restricted to, all projectile weapons, rockets, missiles, any of the types of bombs and plastic explosives,
including those of atomic and thermonuclear vintage, as well as naval ships of the line and others, including ships and submarines
of conventional and nuclear or rampant thermonuclear capability, as well as bombers and fighter planes of past and present
mintage, developed under the aegis or through the auspices or sponsorship of DIS bu bu die babies (the collective scientific
community of Hell), whose concerns for personal power and malicious license have brought forward to fruition the economic
policies, immoral imperatives, and contorted social aims of the most illustrious, suicidal tyranny known in the galaxy. [Simp
Sleaze] Those military artifacts created as a result of ingenious sado-sexual repression, for and by a despotism unimaginable to
the warped, degraded mind of a sadistic and diseased human specimen.  [Simp and Crusto Sleaze] Any of the inventions spun off
from the long line of attempts to increase the military capacity for expanding the flesh trade in Bottomside such as radio, radar,
the television set, the modern telephone, telegraph, telegram, x-ray, sting ray, alpha, beta, or gamma ray, isotopes, dope, the
bioscope, aids etc.  

Dis-invisible hag (or Hog)  [Crappo Lingo] A reference to the crusty, androgynous statue of puberty, which sits on its pedestal
before a chain gang of pedophiles, near the court of the last resort on market street, facing the nether shore of the greater Styx
River at the entrance to the pig boat port of call named Dis New Yucky. That neutered image of Dis invincible hag, shag-nasty
and swollen with the swill of statistical justice, which stands like a graveyard image near the border of the Stygian wilderness of

dis-ires  [Sadis Sleaze] Desires of an unholy dimension or degree made public before the community of souls in Dis, via
television or the remediation centers of Sewercide.  Of the sap soapy, gore spotted or retardo TV slops for simps known as the
siffy soap operas of Sewercide, or that form of mindless entertainment for pinheads in the rabid warren ghettos for clan dopes
and droppers, who sit before the set raving, rapt and clapping all the while, no matter what the swill of this fondle fustian
spectacle may be. [Donkey Crappy] Stupidity or imbecility of the dimension or magnitude fit for a fly or a barely intelligent
flea.  [Burocratese] Of Phlegethon, the River of Fire or of Histo-Priapus, the bloody river god of the flesh. [Sewer Sleaze and
Scatoloco] Characterized by the saprophagous sarcoma squads that feed on the decaying organic matter found in the sewers of
the capitol city of Dis.  

Dis-jelly  [Bigamous Hogamous] Petroleum or rock oil, the oily, flammable, liquid solution of hydrocarbons, from yellowish-
green to black in color, occurring naturally in the rock strata of certain penal rock formations. When fractionally distilled, it
yields paraffin, fuel oil, kerosene, gasoline, benzene, etc. {“Crush-em up crush-em up, bash-em ina face, crash-em up smash-em
up, baste da human race, waste-em up paste-em up, blast-em inta space, craze-em up blaze-em up, dump butts da whole damn

disjointed  [Squish Hogamous] Of the clip knuckle, pin-okie, splinter-ball and slit-lip joints (recreation centers) in the die camps
of Limbo,  patronized by drug-gists, fanged-outrage pushers, and the bone smokers who operate any of the croak ovens of

dis-jointed   [Kong Con Gone Gobble] The collective class of dope fiends, drug dealers, cocaine and her-groin addicts,
suppliers, and growers of illicit flora, that comprise the criminal organizations and syndicates responsible for the production,
distribution and dissemination of narcotic substances in Dis and elsewhere, or those who promote the toxic and narcoleptic
policies promulgated and promoted by Dis as necessary to the dark market economies of Dis and Dat (Hell and Limbo) top and
Bottomside, all Dis Thunder Inc. included. [Burocratese] A reference to the third arm of the iron triangle of Dis nation, which
incorporates the Disco corps and corporations (the fortunate 5000 hit list of Dis) with the second arm, the arms and armaments
industries of Dis-under Potomac and the manufacturing arms and armies of Sewercide, all Dis undertakers and their coffin
makers in deed, for DIS so fustian justice inclusive.  

disjolly  [Sewer Sleaze] Filled to the jowls with Dis or characterized by uncommonly dehumanized dis-spirits up rectum de-

Dis-jolly dispirited  [Squids Squished da Hogamous] Who, which or that has been turned into petroleum for reprocessing and
export to topside via the reverse induction of an oil company’s pumps and suction devices. {“Oil’s well that ends well, said so
maniacally idle and oh so cleverly sick homicidal that it might sell at the wellhead, since a pound of human baby’s flesh be goin’
for 42 dollies a barrel of heads as Eye pointed out earlier in Dis history; don’ you neber see nutin’ I say nohow? Then look up
this word you see it spelled ‘allegory’. And hoping that this s’will be your end someday, lest yo’ nose makes da correct so fine
choices left in disarmaments games yo’ be playin’ now so long chums.}

Dis-kinda test  [Simp Sleaze] A final examination or an extermination administered by Dis kinda garten (garden) personnel but
also generally throughout all the levels of Sewercide for purposes of evaluation and certification before graduation up Dis
elementary canal. Literally “DIS is a kind of test.” or “a place of trials and tribulations.” [Sewer Sleaze] A procedure for down
grading or degrading poorly motivated pupils to a lower level of remedial instruction, especially one conducted or concocted in
the bowels of Dis. [Scatoloco] The steamy remains of those who have unsuccessfully undergone the rigors of such testing (cf.
‘do do’).

Dis knowledge  [Sadis Sleaze] Literally “ To know thyself.” A familiarity with the forms, notions, concepts, and ideations of the
self. The formal epistemology, those historical and philosophical precepts, upon which Dis nation was founded...B.U.C.K.s.  

dis kuba kuba  [Pig Boat Sleaze] Literally “ This unmentionable scummy shit.” A reference to ‘soul schlibido’ or ‘schleggo’, a
form of sticky sludge scrapped from the turbine blades of a pig-boat’s ballast induction nozzle.  

dis-kum  [Dis Lingo Lick Waz Nazi] The appointed time for a special event or occasion.  [Sadis Sleaze] Forced to consume
one’s genital organ while one’s head is up one’s asshole, first said of a mock kangaroo court procedure employed by inmates in
Dat-fugensty penitent perversion institute 5102 at Level 18 in Sewercide.  

dis-lesson  [Sewer Sleaze] Now, any common lesson learned by inmates in Sewercide, such as “Dis scum-sucking trucker,
gonad-do slit ona swilly self odor-less” or a similar lesson in public cock surgery insurance.  

dis-limo’s da-stallions benzini da bimbo’s Limbo  [Donkey Crappy and Dis Dribblins Da Dildo Dribble] An elongated
automobile or similar vehicle, the midsection of which has been chopped and distended, especially one with darkened or shaded
windows and chauffeur driven. Such a vehicle preferred by the nouveau riche of Dis government’s service in Limbo, Dis
Calfornix, equipped with a combination mobile gas chamber and flesh compactor in its trunk.  
dis-greedy                                                                                                                                                           dis-limo