Dis-diet                                                                                                                                                   dis great service
Dis-diet  [Scatoloco] Any of the flash flesh fast foods products of Dis nation available in the down Dis flesh marts and body
parts markets and particularly the soul foods listed in the monumental “Typologically Dis Organ-ized Con-Cordance of Hell
Foods with Addenda and Menus.”

Dis-digest  [Burocratese] A summary prepared by Dis. An approximation or fleeting glimpse of Dis or a condensation or brief
description of Hell itself. [Squish Hogamous] The essence or ultimate goal of Dis, to consume all humanic souls.

Dis-dig-est  [Sadis Sleaze] One topside who is enamored, charmed, or captivated with Dis. One in Bottomside who has suffered
sexual intercourse with Dis (see Sado-Mal-Functions). [Sewer Sleaze] Any Disco rest-home (flop house) in Sewercide below
Level 13.

Dis discourse  [Simp Sleaze] A lecture, discussion, dialogue, seminar, conference, colloquium, dissertation or treatise on Hell,
things Hellish or matters related to the study of devils, daemons, demonism, demonolatry, demonology, Satanism, devil worship,
idolatry, incubi, succubae, fiends, imps, shrimps, discophiles or shrinks, especially such goings on designed to enforce the
dialectic of discipline or strict training in obedience, acceptance, and submission to strictly authorized opinion or authority in Dis.

Dis-dizzy up-downs an’ econo-dilemmas  [Dick Lingo Sleaze] Inflationary and recessionary spirals in the economy of the flesh
trade and flash fast foods industries of Dis nation precipitated by the deliberate manipulation and devaluation of the units of
monetary exchange in Bottomside during the period 1919-1939 (roughly that period when ‘do do’ and other forms of biologically
disagreeable and x-radiated substances contaminated the food supply sources and liquid resources of Dis nation). That
experimental phase in the development of the checks and balances systems, monetary controls, and banking practices
characterized by the custom of canoodle cannibalism, i.e. when it became fashionable in Hell to consume the soul bodies of the
weaker of one’s fellow citizens.  

Dis-do   [Kong Con Gone Gobble] Literally “This Dis will do unless.” You will (or will not) do this; do this also. [Sewer Sleaze]
Soul food or its putrefied by products in the sewers of Bottomside.

dis-dollies   [Bigamous Hogamous] A unit of exchange in Bottomside (Levels 1-9) above a sliver but below a mega-butt and
equal to a one-inch thick cross-section of human flesh, said to be cut typically with a pick-ax from a prick. [Sadis Sleaze] A
packaged female torso or stump, with the limbs crudely amputated and the sexual organ and mammary glands exposed, hung
from a rope made of its human hair and used as a public urinal in Sewercide, or such a stump mounted on an electric motor with
the rump exposed for public sexual pleasure.  

dis-dump   [Burocratese] A common dump or boneyard in Dis proper or on Nagshima Plains, where construction materials are
stored during a drying out period. Such a dump in the enclosed proximity of a stalag or Disco Dante-Dante concentration camp.
[Scatoloco] The bottom level of a Limbo concentration camp da guts-full da cramps, containing the sump pit for the induction
system intake, where dissolved soul body particles are collected, filtered, sorted and classified before transport via induction
portal to the industrial sector levels of Sewercide. [Suck Face Sleaze] A Disco rest spot of a particularly scenic or seamy nature
or a brief stopover point in marginal reeducation or rehabilitation in Bottomside.

Dis-duty   [Dick Lingo Sleaze] What one can and must do to do his duty to Dis. The rights, privileges, honors and entitlements
of service to Dis, that is to say 0, nothing, negation, oblivion. The condition of being converted to ‘do do’ as a reward for service
to Dis almighty. One’s just and final reward for being so completely and irrevocably stupid as to believe or trust in Dis: e.g. self
and soul annihilation after a period of unimaginable and unspeakable degradation in the rehabilitation and re-educational systems
of dis vast and oso crabby nation.  

disease of donuts   [Simp Sleaze] A kind of batter made from the seared flesh of the victims of the Nagasaki and Hiroshima
atomic holocausts, particularly those thousands of temporary survivors who were caught on the periphery of the donut shaped
cloud, who suffered from the horrible effects of flash burns and the concussion which followed, before they succumbed to a
merciful death following varying periods of agonizing pain, terror and incomprehensible suffering. [Sadis Sleaze] Such a batter
laced with secret additives and uncertain chemicals of a confidential nature used in the preparation of tiny donut shaped tablets
and served regularly to the souls of all those who were directly responsible for the final decision to employ the uranium and
plutonium bombs “directly on target” in the service of, and to the everlasting dis-credit of, Dis nation.

dis-easy   [Hogamous Sleaze] Characterized by an anxious, ominous foreboding, portent, or presentiment, and especially of
something beyond one’s comprehension or control; condemned beforehand as if in judgment of one’s peculiar, special destiny.
Literally “And all this will be so easy.”  

disembowel   [Squids Squished da Hogamous] To entomb in the bowels of Dis.  [Scatological Sleaze] Remanded to the custody
of a camp in the bowels of Hiss Satanic and Imperial Majesty, Hiss-Selflessness itself.

dis-em-bowl-ed  [Crappo-Lingo] Literally “Butter from the bowels of Dis.” A kind paste formed in the bowls or pockets of the
induction systems waste and retrieval ports below Level 12 in the palace cloaca, referred to as quarters and pasta in Sewercide.  
A particularly foul partial liquid residue exuded from the anal aperture of a devil’s testo-induction snozzle during periods of
prolonged sado-sexual excitation and used as a lubricant in certain forms of SUCK interrogation practices. [Scatoloco] A
procedure for processing of the general public into sausage links in the common eateries of Sewercide.

disengage   [Burocratese] To meditate on Dis; to become a part or partner in Dis; to accept all of Dis; to be resigned to Dis.
[Sadis Sleaze] To be securely gagged and then induced to repeatedly vomit.

disentangle   [Donkey Crappy] To make one with Hell. To convert (someone) to Hell’s ends, beliefs. To become fused, melted
or joined to Dis. To weave a web of lies and suspicion in order to promote the purposes and ends of Dis nation.

disentomb   [Simp Sleaze] To have one’s soul reborn in the body of an insect, especially of an ant in any of the insect legions of
Limbo. To suffer soul compaction in any of the claustrophoriums, Disco rest homes or flop houses of Bottomside. To have one’s
physical remains transported to Limbo piecemeal by way of any of the worm, cockroach or ant armies of Dis nation’s insect

dis-erected   [Suck Face Sleaze] Characterized by the inordinate terror aroused in the population of Dis proper on all occasions
when Satan Lucifer is reported to have an erection. [Sadis Sleaze] Something filled to the bursting point with boiling magma or
the channeled concussion of an atomic explosion. [Hogamous Sleaze] Constructed in Dis, by the followers of Dis (literally “Out
of the parts and pain of those who revere Dis”) for the spectacle and grandeur of Dis.  

dis-excuse    [Burocratese] Arguments and quid pro quo rationales for the use of modern forms of warfare as a means of settling
international disputes, hence increasing the food supplies of Dis.  

dis-experiment   [Scatoloco] Any experiment conducted in Dis or topside for the purpose of administering pain or torture or for
increasing the death rate as a means of improving the economy of Dis nation, particularly a weapons experiment, or an
experiment to improve weapons design.  

Dis-fickle fuggin hit-manta Dis   [Dis Lingo Lick Waz-Nazi] An honorific title bestowed upon Adolph Hitler (1889-1945) the
German dictator, founder and leader of national socialism, whose superb mastery of Machiavellian politics, paranoid fear of plots,
personal enjoyment of persecutions, and belief in his mission to achieve supremacy as the master racist earned him the everlasting
dis-affection of Dis nation. His singular and inspirational application of the politics of rape, fear, warfare, terror, slaughter and
genocidal murder set an uncommon standard of such perfidious and heinous dimensions as to have earned the marginal respect of
DIS himself, who is reported to have remarked that Hitler’s spirit left as its monument the devastation of the nation he ruled, and
his final legacy is the memory of the 2nd most dreadful tyranny of modern centuries. [Vox Populis] A scorpion-like insect known
to inhabit the sarcophagal ovens of the sulfur deserts of Dis.

disfigure   [Squish Hogamous] A spook of some importance to Dis or in Dis, especially one that has undergone a form of
crushing disfigurement in a flesh compactor in Bottomside. A peddler or purveyor of soul salty figs in the flesh marts of Dis.  
[Scatoloco] To cut, slice, chop, tear, or rend into pieces and calculate the cost or worth of the parts on the basis of the standard
units of exchange established by supply and demand in the down dis black market in human flesh and soul body parts. [Suck
Face Sleaze] To calculate like the devil, in Hellish terms or concepts.

Dis-final solution   [Debil’s Dribble] A plan, conceived by the die-chiefs da chefs of Dis, for creating the ultimate oven, in order
to incinerate the earth itself. The attempt to calculate, by nuclear mathematical theory, the total megatonnage of nuclear weaponry
necessary, at a minimum, to incinerate all life on earth and, at a maximum, to convert the earth into a black star and the sun into a
black hole. A state supported research effort in DIS, designed to achieve an uncontrolled release of nuclear energy equivalent to  
999,999,999,999 times 472,936,189,276,935 billion kilo ergs raised to 10 to the twentieth power squared. By extrapolation, on
the basis of the release of this amount of energy, it has been predicted that the resultant black star would be sucked off into the
vortex of the black hole, thus accomplishing the destruction of the solar system and preparing the groundwork for the eventual
elimination by assimilation of the broad, faintly luminous and creamy band of billions of stars lying near the plane of the galaxy,
known as the Milky Way…

Dis-fingered   [Symbol Syphilis] Of the finger of Dis or given the finger by Dis; marked by Dis for special treatment as in a
MAO, condo-minibomb, or rehabilitation encampment.  [Squish Hogamous] The peculiar star shaped soul scar left by the bite of
a devil (*) used as a sign of his special interest or supernatural and divine presence. The sign of ownership by Dis himself. A
form of rating system (from 1 to 10 stars) employed by Dis government spokespersons used for media promotional purposes and
real estate hype down Dis.  [Dick Lingo Sleaze] The use of fingers as a medium of exchange in Dis banking and commercial
transactions on the flesh and body parts exchanges in the flesh trade in Bottomside. [Hogamous Gook Squish Gobble] One who
has been commanded, on pain of even more excruciating punishment, to hack or bite off his fingers as a sign of loyalty or
obedience, as a reward for Dis service or to demonstrate the fervor, ardor or zeal of special waz nazi reverence.  

Dis foods  [Burocratese] Corporate offices of the branch of Disco authorized to experiment with the packaging of food products
contaminated with industrial chemicals, pesticides and other inorganic substances with carcinogenic properties for export and
distribution topside. That Dis government bureau charged with maintaining equilibrium in the balance of payments and accounts
payable with respect to the munitions trade and armaments industries topside, whose employees are the principal stockholders in
the black market flesh trade in Bottomside.  

Dis freaks   [Simp Sleaze] Members of the crooked medical and prick legal professions of Dis nation. Those considered
despicable even by the standards of Dis.  

Dis freeways   [Received Standard Hogamous] The major arterial highways and throughways linking the regions of Dis proper
(Levels 7-12) especially those clustered and criss-crossing the bowl of Nagshima Plains, including the sub-transcontinental
network of freeways linking Dis-under Potomac to the regions of Dis out west and terminating in Novo (also ‘Nuevo’) Dis
Calfornix. [Scatoloco] The wide-out cross Styx induction systems tubes and termination points linking the major cities of Dis and
Limbo, including Dis Tacky Tok-yo-yo, Hai-pongi, Shuck-yo-Mama, Shank High, S-Hank-Hide, Lil-o-Sai-Goner, Bimbos Bomb
Bay, Cal-cutter-gutter, Man-Yella, Zo-Richie, Musk da Mosque Cow, Stalin-graded, Low Lifers London, Dis-Paris, Fuc-a Yahoo,
Slime Toon City, Cunts Crackin’ Razors Broken, Tomb-town Down Dis Shit-end da Thin Tacky, Hamburg-er, Numb-Burg,
Frankfarter, Lips-Pig, Bons-Buns, Men-Hymie, Dis-Ber-Lingam, Bawd-n-Bad Buns, Mex-Hico Slicko, Gwak, Buddha-Pest, Hiss-
Stone-Bull, Bo-Gater, White Wash-a-Ton, New Yukie, Mi Yummy, Lil CHI-Chi-a-gogo, Pits-Bug-Burg, Boss-a Tin Ton, Feel a-
Deaf-Hick, Witch-a-Tawdry, Dis-Alma-Gargoyle, Cans a-Asses, Den-Viper, Sacre-ma-Tu Tu’s, Lost Ankles, San Dago Disco,
San Pisco and a host of others too numerous to mention. Only a few of the principal cities of Limbo have been included in the
above list, and no attempt has been made to distinguish between the major cities of the two regions, since there are no significant
political, economic, social, or demographic differences existing as of this date.  

disfrock   [Scatoloco] To slice and remove the skin whole from a victim in order to preserve it for use as an ornamental garment
in Dis. To fuck with a cock made from partially cooled volcanic rock.  [Simp Sleaze] A brand of velour or vellum made from
human skin and used for parchment, book covers, bindings or fabrics in the fashionable quarters of Neu-Babelsburg Dis Be
Pandemonium. [Sadis Sleaze] A condom or prophylactic device, consisting of a soul body impaled on the sensitive testo-snozzle
of a mechnoidal devil, used to avoid contact with deadly chemicals secreted by devils during the hazardous act of reproducing
demonic forms of nocturnal, and biologically inferior pseudo species.

Dis gaggle a wheeze   [Received Standard Hogamous] The Hellish historical class of frog frumpy journalists, nosey newt news
writers, dog and rat-packen reporters, crummy corps copy cats, slimy slack-en hack adder editors, sleazy leper news crasters,
editorial bilk bunkin’ anal junk writers, skunk scummy colon columnists ana anal infernal slope headed sloppy mic-ilk dis-
management that comprise the fourth estate of Dis. [Stupor Pud Talk] Any of the graduates of the college of fetters anal arts zo
farty, especially of the scolium da joined journal scrotum scribes ob Dis who practice the journalistic F-arts in any of the news
syndicates, wired wire services, or blotted bunk-ink bureaus of Dis nation or those who labor for any of the hard herd of justice
nice news-pap-ers of Dis an dat such as the Hick Tattler and Spic-Tator, Daily Sprachen Spooks Sprechen, Gooks Puke an
Goons Gazette, Dis Bunk Anal Stuffed up, Wacken Tacky Plattdeutsch, Cons Confidential, Nosian Snout Snotters Puck, Der
Spielen Stutterers Dig-est, Dis-dispatch, Luce’s Lice Canal Rice Pap-ers, Dis Tribulations Tribunal, Gastric Gas Ants Gazette,
Tass Asses Varnished Platz Pfennig, Disco Graphic Graves Mo’ Gravid, New Yukie Yokels Yack, Die Lies LA Times, Dis
Mirrored Horrid, Daily Scum Suckers Bag, Dick an’ Diggers Dago Dipper, Nigs and Naggies Newsy Noise, Kukus Klux an
Klacky Klaxon, Dis Ricky Ticky’s Taffy, Debil’s Poster Piles Poopy, Black Stars Stoccado Stiletto, Dis Empire’s Umpire Et. Al.,
Der Spielen Spiders Refried Spackle, Christian Mudders Murderous Mirror, Wacked and Puffy Post Holy, Clip a Jap Jerky
Journal, Syndicated Slap-Stick and Imp Rap Ink, Dis Flummoxed anus Inflammables, Wops Rap-a Faxed-n-Flocked, Spics
Spoken Sappers Schlock, Der Smecken Fly Specken an Sprachen, Bundes Deutscher Republickers Lectern, Democrapishers Rap
Slut Cut and Rape Sheet, Street Suckers Snicker Light, Plastered Pud’s Porn Peckers Posted, Paste Waste Wash Canal Capers
Papers, and the now infamous Mutilators and Muggers Muff Pick. Naturally this list is simply representative, since a complete
listing of the major sources of news in Dis would fill many volumes of text and is beyond the scope of the present razor cleaver

Dis-game a grammo-flagellations    [Simp Sleaze] The hoary practice of manipulating the referents or meanings of words as
well as the grammatical categories, morphological forms and phonemes of a language, in order to confuse, obstruct and distort
the accuracy and hence the quality of communications.  [Sadis Sleaze] The use of whips flails or picks to enhance methods of
remedial instruction in Sewercide.

disgorged   [Scatological Sleaze] Bloated with bleeding soul bodies. Puked out of the innards of a devil. Eructated or erumpent as
from the anal aperture of a demon. Gorgeous, magnificent or resplendent with gore. Stuffed to the gills with gorge.  [Bigamous
Hogamous] The entrance, as from the rear, into a deep, narrow passage between rounded heights. Any liquefied mass of souls
that obstructs a tightly constricted anatomical passage.  

dis-gorgeous   [Suck Face Sleaze] The notion of deformity as a sign of beauty. Scarification as a form of cosmetic or whole
body cosmetology. Bulges or bloating considered as stylish, artistic, smart, decorative or fashionable.  

Dis government’s gook legions   [Kong Con Gone Gobble] One of many of the dark arms of the military forces of Dis nation,
especially a force of nocturnal, bat-like, epicanthic eyed, beetle-brained, bug battalions employed for reconnaissance, preliminary
geological or engineering surveys in Limbo prior to the reorganization of the military forces of Dis following the First Word War
(1912-1915). The hordes of horned and lidless Mongol lords and laddies which comprise the wandering tribes, thorny throngs or
semantic swarms of Dis nation’s death forces dedicated to dishonor and dust. Any of the butt cannibals of Dis who wear the leg
irons of their gook masters.  

Dis government’s goons   [Burocratese] The multitudes of three eyed thugs or rebrutalized hooded hoodlums formed or created
by the reanimation of disconnected stock body parts in various standardized reassembly plants via orthobiologic procedures,
especially those trained in the guile and guilt of government service, who serve as the bureaucratic functionaries and flag weavers
of Dis in local government service.  

Dis-grammo flag-ellations   [Squish Hogamous] The practice of stitching tiny emblems or flags to one’s sexual organ(s) as a
sign of fealty or loyalty to one’s nation, state or region in Dis.  

dis great service  [Crappo Lingo] Literally, the act of stooping or bending over to expose the buttocks in serving Dis. An appeal
to one’s sense of patriotism (pronounced ‘puta-riot-ism’) as a means of inducing one’s subjects to commit acts of ignominious
morality and egregious stupidity, said to be typical of weapons procurement programs in Limbo...
Dis-diet                                                                                                                                                  dis great service