DIS                                                                                                                                                 Disco dizzy news cast
Dis [Debil’s Dribble] The chief architect of Hell, the arch-angel of Dis, Satan Lucifer, Hiss Imperial Majesty. [Archaic
Burocratese] Historically, the region of Hell called DIS, the capitol city of which was Pandemonium.

dis [all Dis dialects] ‘this’ as opposed to ‘that’ (dat).  Occasionally, ‘this is’ or rarely ‘this has’.  

dis abolition bullshid  [Simp Sleaze] A proposal for the abolishment of the use of fecal material in the diet of the die souls in
Sewercide, reacted to with contempt by da chef ob Dis, who (1919) then quadrupled the standard measure of this ingredient.
[Vox Populis] An expression of disdain for the abolitionist movement in American (Melican) history topside, since freedom for
the slaves meant an end to the practice of the slave trade which provided Hell with a lucrative supply of souls and soul bodies as a
result of the crippling effects such a practice had on the morals and religious beliefs of colonial and later American society.  

dis A-bomb [Kong Con Gone Gobble] A 100 megaton thermonuclear device as opposed to a B-bomb of 50 megatons or a C-
bomb of 25 megatons; any of such types of atomic, thermonuclear, cobalt or neutron bombs considered as a part of the ongoing
rehabilitation and re-education processes and projects in Sewercide, commonly referred to as Hell’s A-B-C’s. {“Test and see how
dumb you be, real dumb den send you down to Z. Den yo’ know learn Hell’s ABC’s, den you be mashed an’ served as peas”
[pellets of atomic fuel].}

disabuse  [Donkey Crappy]  To use as refuse is used; to repeatedly abuse with impunity as abuse is meted or metered out in
Hell.  [Hogamous Sleaze] To be abused by Dis personally as a sign of dis-affection; that is to say, to be raped while being torn
into tiny pieces by an overly affectionate demon.  

dis-action [Suck Face Sleaze] Any of several sex acts or practices of a sado-macious nature performed socially and publicly in
Bottomside, including but not limited to all the common sado mal-functions.

dis-allied  [Burocratese] Joined to Dis for a common purpose, lied to by Dis for an uncommon purpose, or used by Dis for his
own purpose, then stabbed in the back.  

dis and dat [Militarese] Colloquially, Dis proper and Limbo, or ‘this and that’ and rarely ‘uranium and plutonium’.

dis and dues [Squish Hogamous] The proper reward for all forms of service to Dis, for example to become a part of Dis or to
receive what one is due in the form of ‘do do’.

Disapproved  [Burocratese] Approved by Dis personally, as opposed to ‘Dis-approved’, not approved by the region of Hell called

disarm  [Militarese] Any of the military orders, armies, or armaments industries of Dis nation; literally, “The Arms of Dis itself.”
[Scatoloco] To rip or snip off the pricks of one’s enemies as a means of obtaining funds for exchange in a body parts market or
Dis bankink establishment.

disarticulate [Dick Lingo Sleaze] Fluent in the dialects of Dis or sending a communiqué in a dialect of Dis that is roughly
comprehensible topside.  

disassembled [Squish Hogamous] Constructed by Dis and then destroyed as a means of instruction in Dis; compacted into a
manageable mass before Dis. Remanded to the custody of a gulag or stalag compaction center for squish processing in a mao,
‘mobile atomic oven’.

disassociate [Simp Sleaze] An associate of Dis, one who has graduated from Sewercide to service in Limbo.  To socialize in
Hell, i.e. to spread disease or dis-satisfaction in Dis or elsewhere; to spread confusion and misinformation in Dis or to twist,
distort, or mangle, especially the meaning or words.

disaster  [Stupor Pud Talk] A superstar in Dis; one who spreads terror or disaster, literally “The Flower of Dis.”  [Scatoloco]
The mushroom shaped cloud formed by the detonation of a nuclear or thermonuclear weapon.  [Debil’s Dribble] A collapsed star
that has expanded to a super nova.  

dis-balls [Crappo Lingo] A formal dance and dinner party sponsored by a Dis government bureau and usually given on an
occasion of state in Dis. The price of admission to such an affair of state. [Squids Squished Da Hogamous] The act of clawing
the genital organs off your dinner guests and then serving the host the mangled remains.

dis-banks ana’ financial establishments  [Dick Lingo Sleaze] Meat storage lockers for the preservation of various cuts, sizes,
and grades of flesh or body parts which constitute, in varying degrees, the currency of Dis.

disbelief  [Burocratese] The collective system of beliefs in evil and in the divinity of Satan Lucifer;  that which is believed by a
follower of Satan, that evil is more powerful than good, God notwithstanding.

disbelieve   [all dialects] To believe in Hell or the arch-luminous power of evil.

dis-big cad  [Donkey Crappy] As big as Dis, all mighty. [Simp Sleaze] A bigot in Dis; a narrow-minded or prejudiced soul
blinded by custom and belief in the creed of Dis.

dis big bingo injun  [Hogamous Sleaze] A massive breeder reactor constructed below Omaha [literally ‘upstream people’]
Nebraska, for the production of plutonium and other highly radioactive substances, designed (1934) to be vented topside, for the
generation of electric power used during the expansionist phase of the 40s out west. [Scatoloco] Such a reactor tied into the Dis-
induction system and vented topside through the stack of a nuclear electrical generating station such as Brown’s Ferry, Diablo
Canyon, Rancho Seco, San Onofre, Three Mile Island etc. [Sewer Sleaze] An enormous oven of a type first constructed in
Sewercide in 1911. [Suck Schlemmo Sleaze] A factor in Satan’s plans for the ultimate solution (see ‘Dis-solution’) to the
Bottomside population explosion (see “Epigraphs on the Cons of the Atomic Industrial Complex”).

dis big news  [Proppo Graffiti Jive] News on the order of the significance of Dis itself; news of an inflated nature; pompous and
exaggerated news as a form of understatement; news of raw imp-ortance to the general population of Dis.

Dis-blossoms  [Hogamous Sleaze] Literally “The flower of Dis.” The unspoiled, pristine beauty and natural resources of the
continents of earth, marked for plunder and desecration.  

dis-bombinate  [Bigamous Hogamous] The concept of criminal justice personified; cunnilingus performed on the concept of
justice personified, a Dis-sodomacious fantasy.  [Suck Face Sleaze] Bombed out or bombed over and over; bombed into total
oblivion; so razed ‘til nothing is left but yellow sulfurous dust; said of the condition of Dis at about the year 1890.  
dis-bonanza  [Pig Boat Sleaze] Striking it rich in Dis; a great discovery or boon to Dis. [Proppo Graffiti Jibe] A great boom in
Dis as the sound of a thermonuclear bomb detonating.  

dis-bon-anza [Squish Hogamous] The act of turning a lush, virgin territory into a desert; a swill piece of work; something clever
or sly achieved through nefarious means. [Scatoloco] The notion of a heap of human bones piled willy-nilly on the floor of a gas
chamber of a type employed in Nazi Germany.  

dis-bon-naza  [Donkey Crappy] A Nazi big wig who arrived in Limbo during the period 1919-1945, especially one whose nose
rose to power in Limbo during the Second Word War; a simp waz nazi resident of Bunns in Limbo or any Churlman suvie cibil

Dis Calfornix   [Burocratese] Generally that region of Hell which lies below the states of California, Nevada, and Old and New
Mexico, the domain of which was and continued to be extended by above and underground nuclear testing from 1951 to 1974 by
the Atomic Emergency Commission. Specifically, the heart of a vast, sub-volcanic complex whose links {Dis be dese golf links
Eye be talk yo silly bout} run along the entire extent of the circum-Pacific rim. Scenic points of interest in the region include San
Piss-Co, San Dago Dis-Co, Da Raunchy Ranch, Hiss Bloody Lagoon’s Imperial Western Palace, the western capitol of Limbo,
and Skulls*Disco*Dis*ney*Dump, fo’ star.  

dis-cal-fo-nix [Scatoloco and Dick Lingo Sleaze] Souls of native born Californians who voted for President Richard Milhous
Nixon in the 1968 presidential election.  

discard   [Sadisto Sleaze] A strategic, usually cunning, and always sadistic maneuver, policy, or ploy to increase the rate or
distribution of suffering and death topside. Any of the cards in the deck 0 death policies planned for topside implemented during
the period of da flash da flesh bingos which followed that point in the early 1930s when Dis had developed the technical skills and
hardware to renege on its contractual agreements to house penitent souls in Hell.  

discern   [Simp Sleaze] To see or comprehend how little one can make or see of Dis. [Sadis Sleaze] To have an intuitive as well
as a highly informed understanding of the special significance, structure and function of Dis documents, forms, formalities,
infirmities, infidelities, insecurities, etc.  

dis-cerning  [Debil’s Dribble] Cunning, deceitful, sly, and sadistic and extremely proud of it.  

dis-change  [Burocratese] The unrelenting pace of change in Dis. The fomenting of geographic, political, economic and social
devolution in Hell. [Scatoloco] A reference to the units of flesh change on the BANKS exchange of Dis (see dis-sliver, dis-dollies,
mega-butts, mega-bucks, Disco tidbits).

dis-changed  [Dick Lingo Sleaze] Screwed over (cheated) in a form of exchange in Dis; change charged for the simple exchange
of one form of exchange or change to another form, such as exchanging dis-dollies for mega-butts or mega-bucks, or that
change charged for the storage of change in any down Dis flesh bank, financial mart, and body parts market.  

discharge ob da wheeze  [Burocratese, especially Donkey Crappy] Any form of discharge in Dis but especially the vapors or
odors of industrial, atomic and petro-chemical wastes which are known to be responsible for the frequent toxic smaugs and lethal
fogs of Dis. [Dick Lingo Sleaze] A fee charged for the discharge of waste on or in Dis shid-houses; a gratuity extracted for the
consumption of such vapors or waste.  [Scatoloco] An effluvial discharge as from the lips or nose of a soul exposed to uranium
dust, a condition associated with slave labor performed under conditions of extreme duress in subterranean uranium mining

disciplinarian  [Simp Sleaze] A disciple of Dis; a follower or proponent of disbelief; a bully-spook in Bottomside social
reeducation disservice, especially a preacher or a screechy fink teacher. [Debil’s Dribble] One whose lips have been slit or cut off
and sewn to the tip of his prick, or whose prick has been cut off and sewn to his lower lip. One steeped in or stooped by his
labors in Sewercide service.

discisions  [Sadisto Sleaze] Incisions made in the flesh or organs of a soul body; surgical techniques used to create simulated
vaginal cavities in the abdomen or chest cavity of a soul body chosen as an object for recreational sex or as an incubator for the
spawning of a demon.  [Burocratese] The unimaginable degree of repressed sexual energy expended to maintain the status quo in

Dis-cities da Churlmans  [Squish Hogamous] The cities of the Churlmanic peoples which lie on the circumference of the bowl
forming Nagshima Plains, including but not limited to Hamburger, Numbberg, Frankfarter, Lipspig, Pack Men-Hymie, Dis-Ber-
Lingam and Bawd-n-Dads-Bums, that provide economic, social and recreational support services for the vast system of stalags
on the nether shores of the greater Styx River, home pens for the pig boat fleets, kapitandos, and crews as well as for the Dis-
induction systems administration and staff of stiffs in Dis proper. Also known as the sockem sex sicko cities, or Dis*cities.  

Dis civil disturbances   [Dis Dribblins da Dildo Dribble] Any of the historical eruptions of civil hostilities, in Dis or Limbo,
produced by the soul food riots of the 20th century in Hell, particularly those during the period 1910-1945 which preceded and
precipitated the First and Second Word Wars in Hell. The notion of the accumulative ill will, bad blood, grudges, animosity,
enmity, disaffection, malice, pain, malevolence, malignity, venom, virulence, warfare, aggression, and belligerence common to
everyday existence in Dis.

disclaim   [Squish Hogamous] To deny what is obviously the work, result, truth or product of Dis.  That which Dis has
disavowed; all that Dis has claimed wrongly; the final customary tribute of Dis or Hiss share in dis and dat. [Scatoloco] A kind of
clam soup or broth made of the tongues of those who dare to make true claims about the deplorable state of affairs in Dis.

disclaimers da gook mud-suckers   [Squids Squished da Hogamous]  Notices, bills, proclamations, treaties, accords, pacts,
agreements, charters, declarations, and all similar contracts filled with loopholes and multiple escape clauses to allow for double
crosses, back-stabbings, and backing out on one’s signed agreements, especially those written or uttered by bureaucrats in dis or
dat gook militia and the militant personnel da mudders (murderers) an der udder suckers in Dis government service.

Dis-climax  [Sadisto Sleaze] The exhilaration or stimulation experienced by one who is a victim of a gang pus-fuck or a similar
act such as stimulating one’s testicles with an ax.

dis-clipped  [Squish Hogamous] Cut or sliced up and sent down one level in Dis; cheated in a bargain or deal involving the
exchange of flesh in Bottomside.  The practice of clipping off the lips of talkative souls in Dis, a procedure that exposes the teeth
and results in permanent drooling and a sardonic grin.

Disco Komman-Dantes concentration camps  [Burocratese] Post Word War I recreational housing projects, parks and soul
playgrounds created by Dis governments social band aids and services bureaucracies for indigent and displaced POWs down Dis.
Any of many vast collective agribusiness farms and projects for the production, storage and processing of the soul food staples
of Dis nation.  [Sadis Sleaze] The vast collective of interlocking systems and their sub-systems, components and camps of Hell’s
system of redistributed retribution which evolved from the comparatively primitive state of Dis conditions, social reform
practices, Dis government procedures and retributive social punishments described by visitors to Dis infernal regions in earlier
periods of a-social organization.  

Disco deluxe tidbits [Squids Squished da Hogamous] Tits (mammary glands) as a staple in the diet of the plutocrats of Dis. The
largest unit in the monetary exchange system of Dis, equal to a ton of the finest of tits. [Sadisto Sleaze] The lowliest, oldest, and
moldiest of soul foods available in Dis, the common udder, fodder, mudder, or brudder and sister in Sewercide.

Disco dizzy news cast (or caskets) [Proppo Graffiti Jibe] Dis-company (Disco) news programs featured daily on television is
Hell. Especially the daily dosage or crud quota of atrocities, plots, heinous activities, barbarous acts and disgusting non-events
reported by down Dis news bureaus and media freak-o peepers as entertainment for the paunchiest of Dis pops ana’ mops in der
Sewercide hovels and flop houses. [Sadis Sleaze] Programming and news broadcasts on the Z-channel depicting current events
and sleazy conditions at Level Z, Dis-kinda Garden ana Palace Yellow Mellow Cellars.  
Dis                                                                                                                                                  Disco dizzy news cast