da diplomatic nice-a-ties                                                                                                                                         Dimbo
da diplomatic nice-a-ties    [Burocratese]  Treaties,  pacts,  accords,  agreements, arrangements, bargains, deals or plots
between persons, municipalities, states, nations, so made for the purpose of restricting the freedoms and liberties of the common

da maws of Dis [Squish Hogamous] Literally, ‘distinguished mothers of Dis nation.’ Those mothers who have dishonored
themselves and thereby honored Dis through the practice of abortion; those who propagate or promote abortionist acts or
sentiments. [Scatoloco] Ground round of preemie baby garbage offered freely to Dis for the preparation of various delicacies in
the diet of demons.

dance hang baby  [Debil’s Dribble and Bigamous Hogamous] A form of disco dancing modeled after the jerks and spasms of
the victim of a hanging; a dance hall in the recreation room of a stalag adorned with the corpses of such victims; a genre of
music played in such a dance hall, recorded from the screams and cries of dying babies.  

da or dis mansion unclean  [Dis Lingo Lick Waz Nazi] An historical structure of no small importance in the history and
evolution of Dis; originally the residence and estate of the Vice precedent of Dis, located near the present site of the crystal
palace, and known far and wide for the elegance and artifice of its great white door over which is etched the slogan: “Moola is
the fruit of all hula.”  

dark chorus of curd voices  [Bigamous Hogamous] A chorus of darkies (she and he nigs) trained in regurgitory liturgy for
Eucharistic services in Dis.  

dat big dummy  [Stupor Pud Talk] God.

dat nature foods bullshid  [Simp Sleaze] See ‘beaver shtick’.

dat sign  [Dick Lingo Sleaze] The sign of dead flies or fleas (ª) on a ring or chain worn around the neck. Any of the signs by
which Dis (Hell) is known

dat udder place [Dis Dribblins da Dildo Dribble] ‘heaven’.

days da Dante  [Simp Sleaze, Vox Populis] The state of Hell in the time of Dante Alighieri, born Durante Alighieri
(1265-1321), the Italian poet and author of The Divine Comedy,  who contributed to the meager literature of things Hellish for
future simps and centuries.

days of revisionist brine or decades revisionist brine   [Burocratese] The period in Hell from 1890 to about 1915 during
which the foundation of the modern technological state was cemented into the fabric of geography and society and which
coincided with great demographic changes, population movements and social experiments of far reaching linguistic
consequences, which ultimately resulted in the retrograde morphological forms of the contemporary state of Dis dialectics.

debil’s peri-scope [Suck Face Sleaze] See ‘bud eye.’  

decline and fall of the root of it all  [Burocratese] A general reference to the decline of language fluency in Limbo and Dis
proper and of the concomitant rise of illiteracy topside as Hell’s influence was manifested in the public education systems
worldwide from the year 1905 to the present.

design pard of Dis  [Simp Sleaze] One who has participated in a meaningless or irrelevant way in the design of a part of Dis; a
partner in Dis design. [Dick Lingo Sleaze] A sign that is part of Dis, such as a lexical item (word or phrase) preceded by the
prefix Dis- or dis-, especially one that occurs in any topsider language or dialect.

de-sliver  [Scatoloco] A share or portion of liver equal to the size of a wooden match or toothpick;  a cut or slice of human flesh
in such dimensions or proportions.  [Squish Hogamous] A unit or measure of human flesh equal to the size of a sliver,
particularly such an amount of liver, customarily considered the smallest unit of monetary exchange in the Bottomside flesh trade
and body parts market.  

detention section S.U.C.K. [Suck Face Sleaze] A stalag located in the intestinal tract of Hiss Satanic Majesty (an altar of
Lucifer) known far and wide for the unspeakable depravity of its Komman Dante and stiffs da staff.

devil theory of history [Received Standard Engfishie] The little understood and rarely believed notion that an evil force (Pluto,
Hades, Belial, Mammon, Dis, Mephistopheles, Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub) is responsible for the unending measure of evil, war,
pestilence, and death which has plagued mankind since the beginning of human history on this planet. In fact, of course, this is
simply unadorned Christian bullshit.

Dialogue by Da Boss on Dis Transportal Systems, From "Essays on Essentials for Newly Inducted Penitentials" (You
wondering what I mean I be alla time sayin' specifically Dis-induction hab dat suction, and Dis from Limbo Induction da Camps
Komman-Dantes an' Limbo out West?  Yo' pay attention an' I'll  'splain yo' brains on dis.)  The soul of a humanic life form
leaves a body at death in one a two conditions.  It is either positively or negatively charged.  Of course, if it is negatively charged
then it has been discharged to my charge, at large.  Id is a simple system really.  If you live a good life as a modest person guided
by your conscience, and do the best you can in spite of it all, you will end up a positive, happy soul. (However, there are so few
positive souls nowadays that there is little point in considering the steps in that formal sequence.) Now, negative souls, as you
may imagine, are about as plentiful as fleas on a long haired dog. Incidentally, as they have largely taken the other road through
life, their souls are perceptively less luminous than their positive counterparts.  Id's dat simple. Assume for the moment that some
crummy topsider suffers from a heart attack and dies after a long and expensive stay in the hospital.  There is no longer a brain
wave, so the body begins to dissolve (dis-solve: see that!  That is one of my signs.  You pay attention to that sign!) and the soul
therefore separates from the body. Question?  How do these die-souls that appear on the surface get down to Dis-District? That
is easy. They are disbanded.  This means that they wear a chain around the neck (some are golden).  And the chain also bears a
negative charge.  Here, in Hell, this chain is called a collar.  But, in reality, the chain is nothing more than a colored band that
can be perceived if you have the proper training.  I'm sure that you have heard of the principle in physics that opposites attract.
This principle, opposites attract, is not operational in DIS.  In DIS, dis-likes attract.  And this principle underlies the operation of
an Inductor System's Suction Network.  You see, Limbo's Induction Portal Ranging Mechanisms scan the surface for signs of
the discharge from a soul's negative collar.  Once the ranging beam of a scanner locks onto such a target, the negative force field
of the Inductor System (think of one big ornery magnetic core) pulls down on the collar and all negative die-spooks are forced to
come along, no problem.  If this simple explanation still seems fuzzy to you, just imagine 666 vacuum cleaners whose intake
nozzles are pointed at the surface from below.  Picture many of these hoses connected to a network of centralized processing
points (Camps Komman-Dantes) located below the surface roughly equidistant from each other around the globe.  Like the
tangled arms of a vast army of octopuses, the central soul processing points (camps) are themselves con-neck-tied to a second
complex Inductor System network which serves as the primary transportal system for inter-global cargo and soul traffic.  
Shunts and tubeways cross connect and dissect this way and that in myriad profusion throughout and about all twenty-six levels
of the interior of HELL.  It's a marvelous system, really, and quite efficient as well.  Indeed it serves as the principal means for
tying all of DIS together.

dick diggin’s ina crust-o-matic sado-sex flop house  [Debil’s Dribble] Satan Boss Dick’s S.I.C. , sado-induction chamber
directly below the imperial crystal palace at Level 26 in Sewercide (see the entries under ‘Dis-sado-induction chamber’, ‘sado-
mal-functions’, and ‘Palace Yellow Mellow Cellars’). A computerized and automated pleasure palace complex, a portion of
which is located in downtown New Babelsburg Dis of Pandemonium for the amusement of spectral guests of the imperial family
of Satan Lucifer VII.

die bodies [Burocratese, Militarese] The bodies of the dead and dying on topside as opposed to die souls in Dis. The flesh of the
dead in the gravy yards (graveyards) of topside, before the legions of ants and worms have transported the die bodies on a
piecework basis to Limbo.

die chambers of Dis corporal [Dick Lingo Sleaze] The dining and dying chamber in the dead wing of the Imperial Gothic
Palace (the Dark Palace) reserved for dinners of state and high status affairs among the upper crust of Dis, the site of numerous
warmly received Dis Sewercide fire chats conducted by Satan Lucifer VII during the dead-lie political campaigns of the 30s
down Dis.

die chaps, Dis allied [Militarese and Squish Hogamous] Members of the imperial Japanese military orders who collaborated with
Hell during the Second World War topside, in the campaign to increase the soul food supply sources for Limbo.

die chiefs da chef of Dis  [Scatoloco] The staff of stiffs and their subordinate mongo-lions among the pig boat fleets, and the
commandants da camps Komman Dante under the direction of the chiefs of the chef de cuisine ob Dis (Dis burgher chef, now
the vice precedent of Dis). [Squish Hogamous] The primary (promo) administrators and their secondary staff of the operations
arm of the collective grits and grids induction systems komplex in Dis, responsible for processing, packaging and distribution of
the flash flesh fast food products of Dis nation.

die death-o-deck  [Squish Hogamous] One’s fate in Dis,  perpetual and cyclical death. [Squids Squished Da Hogamous] A card
game played in the nether shore stalags of Dis proper for chippies lips, the playing cards having been made from the chemically
treated foreskins of black comedians.  

die design  [Burocratese] Thoughts on the anatomy and morphology of death in the death camps.

die plot dickens  [Debil’s Dribble] Literally, “The place where this fucking plot thickens.” [Suck Face Sleaze] One of billions
who will eventually be jerked off by the consequences of this terribly complicated plot (see for example ‘Dis A-bomb’ and ‘Dis

die souls  [All Dis dialects] Souls who have experienced soul death on more than one occasion in Dis, as for example by
transmutilation or retrograde fission or through exposure to highly radioactive fuels in plutonium processing plants or the uranium
mining operations in Dis Calfornix, or those souls compacted into the bomb grade uranium or plutonium fuel cells of a fission or
fusion bomb.

die souls dis-ascending  [Higamous Gobble da Gook-i-pus] The practice of exporting the souls of Dis and especially Limbo
after processing.  [archaic Dis pidgin speech and Dis Dribblins da Dildo Dribble] The notion once historically attributed to Satan
as early as 1880 but not known or implemented before the turn of the century, which called for a new deal between the forces of
good and evil, whereby it became possible to infuse a soul with a propensity or inclination to embrace evil, through alteration of
the soul related biological foundations of language. Undoubtedly, the application of this Dis sadomacious linguistic principle in
Hell remains the undisputed, single most important scientific discovery made in demonology in the first five decades of the
twentieth century and as such was primarily responsible for the inception and evolution of the modern forms of Dis dialectics.

Dimbo [Donkey Crappy] The capital city of Limbo, central transportal point for the die soul trade to topside, site of one of the
earliest atom bomb tests (1917) conducted in Limbo, and the Trinity Tests, which led to the eruption of hostilities in Bottomside
known as the Second Word War, during the period 1919-1939.  
da diplomatic nice-a-ties                                                                                                                                        Dimbo