wappos                                                                                                              z-bomb bon, dat bundle da final boodle
wappos  [Bigamous Hogamous] Any of the stationary warheads of a subcontinental tectonic plate subduction zone, set to be
triggered by remote control. (To understand the significance of this array of nuclear weapons, see ‘Dis-solution’.)

wappo swopper swatter  [Kong Con Gone Gobble] A compact, portable nuclear weapon preferred by terrorist units and hit
squads engaged in mob protection and extortion rackets among the core subsidiaries of the Disco corporations in Bottomside.

waps da Cosa Nostra  [Die Camps Logo a la Gogo] Members of the criminal syndicates of Sewercide assigned as instructors
and spiritual advisors to low graded souls remanded to the custody of  the bat wardens penitentiaries at Level  21,  Disco
rehabilitation schools and projects.  Any of the
W.A.P.S  (Warmongers Automated Punishment Systems) operated by the dark
Cosa (
Cons on Sadism Assignment) Nostra (Nuclear Ordnance Systems Terror Research Administration) at Level 20 in

was nausie stew da blubba-da-whale  [Dis Lingo Lick Waz Nazi] A stew of whale blubber once served with annoying
regularity in the diet of Bottomside. Now rare.

water-rot way  [Pig Boat Sleaze] The way of life on a pig boat operating in crossed Styx immigration traffic.
waz nazies  [Dis Lingo Lick Waz Nazi] Demonic siblings of the Medieval arch ashcan nazi clans who rose to power during the
First and Second Word Wars in Limbo and Dis proper, the offspring of a series of state supported breeding experiments begun
in 1854.

                             Brief History of the Waz-nazi Movement topside

The roots of Waz-nazism stretch back across eight hundred years of recorded human history to the dawn of the thirteenth
century topside, when, in 1233, Pope Gregory IX (Black Pops Regnans the Second) commissioned the monks of the
Dominican Order to suppress alleged heresy among the Albigenses religious sect that flourished in the south of France. For the
general tribunal of judicial inquiry established by the pope within the Roman Catholic Church for the discovery, punishment
and suppression of heretics, dissidents and nonconformists was the first topside instance of an establishment (state) sponsored
extortion racket to operate on a scale that transcended national boundaries. As a result, its effects were to be felt for centuries
to come. Upon his death in 1241, Pope Gregory’s soul body arrived in medieval Limbo where he was acclaimed a con-secular
national hero, a state holiday was designated in his honor, and his soul was inducted into the college for charnel knowledge,
where he resided in agonizing penance for the next several hundred years, holding the chair for con-spicuous confidence
games. Topside, the church state affiliated confidence racket he was responsible for creating was the historical model for the
far more ambitiously designed confidence scam known as the Spanish Inquisition, which was established by Ferdinand the
Fifth and his bride, Isabella, in 1478.  Under Tomas de Torquemada (1420-1498) who Ferdinand commissioned as inquisitor in
1482 and Inquisitor General of Castile and Aragon a year later, the Spanish Inquisition became the finest, most efficient
extortion machine for lining the coffers of the state treasury  the civilized world had ever seen. From its inception in 1478 until
1820, when the Spanish Mafia absorbed the legal machinery of the Spanish Inquisition, no less than 2.5 billion dollars (by
present currency standards) were legally extorted from largely innocent victims, many of whom were rich Jews, by religious
officials laboring under the protection of the Spanish Crown. Indeed, so enterprising was this novel method for enhancing the
lucrative forms of legal taxation that Spanish Royalty consistently favored it for centuries. No less a regal potentate than Philip
II of Spain is rumored to have financed the abortive invasion of England in 1588 by this method, no small feat at the time, as
the Spanish Armada, as Philip’s invasion fleet was called at the time, consisted of 130 ships including transports and
merchantmen, and carried a fighting force in excess of 30,000 men.The six hundred year period from the establishment of the
Medieval Inquisition to the time of the absorption of the Spanish Inquisition by the Spanish Mafia (1820) was characterized by
so perfidious an example of human greed, to which the Roman Catholic Church was no stranger, that proto-intelligence forces
of vast and disquietingly alien form could not fail to have taken notice. Although primitive by the norms of Limbo, and
essentially amusing, even laughable by the standards of Dis, nevertheless, this model perfected by the church, based upon the
notion of a state supporting, and enforcing the operation of a ‘legalized’ extortion racket characterized by legitimized illegal
incarceration, confiscation of a citizen’s lands and estates--including jewels, gold, silver, stock and material possessions--and
enforced by torture and capitol punishment (burning at the stake) for the uncooperative victim (mark for the scam) was a
notion naturally designed to titillate the finer sensibilities of even the most jaded and ill-informed members of the ruling caste
of Hell. [Expletives deleted and portions of the tape erased at this point.] Surely it is a truth of 50 megaton proportions that the
Holy Church of Rome itself originated the experimental model for a government controlled and semi religious extortion racket
that established the pattern for an international police state, and, therefore, the Medieval Inquisition would lead ineluctably and
relentlessly to the German corporate police state (modeled on historical antecedents) that evolved under the guiding hand of
Adolph Hitler. [More tape erasures.] Everyone knows that people die; that is the truth.  Everyone agrees that the souls of the
wicked go to Hell upon their death. That is also the truth.  Furthermore, a soul is capable of remembering its past life, deeds,
and thoughts, and is capable, under certain circumstances, of communicating with other souls or with those who are the
keepers and consumers of soul bodies. That is a truth.  Therefore, it follows that souls in Hell may be interrogated by their
keepers. Unfortunately for souls, that is also the truth.  During that period known topside as the medieval ages, the population
growth rate in Bottomside experienced a significant surge of abundance as the yearly harvest of souls streamed across the
border from Limbo to Dis proper. The six hundred year period from the thirteenth to the eighteenth century was marked by an
average increase of the g.n.p. (gross national pork barrel)  in  Bottomside of from 14 to 21 percent,  a substantial  increase by
Plutonian standards.  (Text deleted.)

Unfortunately the consumption of so many willful souls led to a lowering of demonic morals among the clans of the medieval
arch ashcan-nazi demons, whose miscegenous affairs resulted in a spawn of half-breed siblings somewhat incorrectly referred
to as the latent Satano (sado) Nazites. During the rigor mortis years of the medieval ages, these aberrant demons multiplied
because they were successful, ambitious, ruthlessly intolerant of other demon castes,  and because they were cruel and
accomplished breeders. Naturally, they also bred with the wickedest and wildest of the soul bodies that entered Limbo during
the medieval period. [Long section of tape deleted at this point.]  By 1854-55, the year of the age of enlightenment in Dis,
Black Pops Regnans the Turd (III) had ascended to power within the imperial family of Dis at Pandemonium. And by the
following year he had assumed the mantle of Satan Lucifer VII as well, with all the pomp and circumstance to which he was
then legally entitled. On the occasion of his coronation, in May of 1854, he published the remarkable document which was to
astound even the most cunning members of the imperial banking and financial establishments of Dis. Shortly thereafter, his
notorious one hundred year plan for the modernization of Hell was an instant best seller, and he began to set in motion the chain
of events which culminated in the Summa Kum Lordy, Reich Titanian Councils Codices of Bent, and the published
“Proclamation of Procrustean and Cephalic Intent.” This formidable document, a synthesis of his earlier historical work, called
for a period of grand purgation and reorganization. In effect, what Black Pops Regnans proposed was a new economic order
that rested on a foundation of historical precedents.  First, the breeding habits of the bastardized arch ashcan-nazi caste were to
be encouraged and supported by the state. But, directed to a new end. Second, the demonic siblings of the now legal breeding
program were to be bred with the souls of the Churlmanic peoples of Limbo, the soul-font source of the Aryan races topside.  
Third, the agency for Karma cycle resurfacing would be reorganized along more scientific and technical lines to allow for
pinpoint accuracy in effecting the procedures for allowing transmigration of souls from Bottomside to topside. As crazy as it
seemed, what Black Pops Regnans proposed was nothing short of the creation of a new type of cattle ranch to be operated
topside for the production of soul food supplies on a scale hitherto believed impossible of management by the banking
establishment of Dis. Among Black Pops Regnans other pronouncements were the propositions contained in his formal treatise
on political science, entitled  “Projected Course of Events Culminating in the Creation of a Modern, Scientific and Technocratic
State...of Mind.”   So provocative and chillingly logical were his mathematical arguments, so powerful were the forces and
resources at his beckon call, and so cleverly evil were his designs for the implementation of this, his pet project, that…it came
to pass. What do you suppose would happen if…? The Aryan (Caucasian) peoples are a prolific race. Topside population data
for the 18th and 19th centuries bear out this observation. Now, consider that each birth of a child offers an opportunity for the
transmigration of a soul, and these souls, under specific circumstances and subject to indeterminate restrictions, may be issued
from Hell. Now suppose we explore the indeterminate nature of the restrictions imposed on the processes of the Karma cycle.
If it were possible to circumvent this historic bottleneck, through a program of scientific research and development (see dork
ejector systems transporter), it would then become possible to create a system for recycling souls from Bottomside to topside
on a hitherto undreamed of scale...as a means of fine tuning the flesh economies of the Bottomside flesh trade and flash market
in body parts... [portions of text deleted]. The profit projections were staggering, enormous, and awesome. It was a vision of a
bonanza so incredible as to strain the collective calculating capacities of the entire mathematical community within the ruling
imperial family. And the souls of mathematicians are a dime a dozen in Dis. The rest was easy. Raise and slaughter the cattle
above, import (induct) the soul bodies below, and continue to fine-tune the breeding program. After all, it wouldn’t take many
souls released from [expletive deleted] incarceration below to influence the course of events topside. Just a few key souls here
and there.  One Chengis Khan is capable of influencing a million lesser men. It was all quite tidy and simple really. Thus was
begun that period in Hell known as the Plutonian neoscientific era along with its attendant technocratic Waz-nazi movement.
Study of the historical antecedents of Waz-nazism offers the student of Hellish historiography dazzling and instructive insights
into the threads of cause and effect that gave rise to the Waz-nazi movement.  As a viable political prospect, the movement is
generally considered, by most authorities, to have begun in the year 1854 with the passage of legislation in Limbo for the
legalization of the prohibited breeding practices among the medieval arch ashcan-nazi clans.

                              History of the State Supported Breeding Pogrom

In the first three and a half decades that followed the year 1854, the bastard ashcan-nazi siblings (simps) were both produced
and had themselves reproduced in such numbers that an enormous leap was seen in demographic indices for quantification of
population growth.  So great was the groundswell of action, reaction and impregnation by the late 1880s that real estate prices
in Limbo’s principal cities rose on average an impressive 12 percent per annum for the next thirty years.  Soaring population
pressures created substantial demands for housing, roads, transportation and public services, and these pressures as well as
occasional soul food riots caused some degree of uncertain consternation among the establishment order of demons who now
were forced to compete for the rewards and services provided by the state, as the ever increasing and aggressive swarms of
their ambitious ashcan-nazi siblings grew daily more antagonistic in the competitive struggle for survival. Cut from the purse
strings of their parents due to their half-breed status, and shunned for positions of authority and power in the market place and
the political arena, the ashcan-nazi siblings turned, as any group would, to those strong, promising and ruthless leaders among
them who offered solace and action rather than scorn, puke and rebuke. As the breeding continued unabated in Limbo, towns
became cities, cities became super cities, new suburbs formed, and new towns rose to become cities themselves, until Limbo
was one vast sprawl of urban metropolitan regions punctuated here and there by the complex of recreation camps and tourist
attractions for the unwary and bountiful supply of newly arriving topsider souls.  Ripe for the picking by 1889, thirty-five years
after the experimental breeding pogrom had begun, the Wazi-nazi political party in Limbo, formed earlier that year, seized
control of the reins of government in Dimbo by means of the usual election fraud, extortion, political assassination and just
plain murder, and a sizable population of Waz-nazi had succeeded in streaming across the river Styx to the nether shore region
of Dis proper, where they began to assimilate the Churlmanic peoples who had historically controlled the region.  By the turn
off of the century, they had established a significant and competitive voice for themselves among the ruling classes of the
traditional political parties of Level 7 and had engendered sizable centers of population among the principal cities of the region
including Dis-berlingam, Lipspig, Frankfarter, Hamburgher and Numbberg. All indications, indices, indicators, fiscal data,
crime trends and interest rates showed that the program Black Pops had earlier proposed was right on target, according to the
mathematical formulae he had enumerated so masterfully in his earlier treatise, and topside population figures for central
western European states showed substantial population increases as well. Far from Dis and as remote as Limbo was, the
successes of the state supported breeding pogrom received scant attention among the journalistic combines of the period in
Pandemonium, caught as they were in their endlessly repetitive ‘paper wars.’ Yet, occasional news concerning ‘pogroms on
the border’ did manage to reach the general public in the regions of greater Dis. Naturally, the pud climate of opinion among
the financial interests and banking centers of Pandemonium was one of restrained optimism as fat spook cats waxed their
alabaster sluts and butts before the banks of idealized idolatry.  Between 1895 and 1905, crossed Styx immigration quotas had
begun to place unacceptable strains upon the cargo capacity of the older, technologically inferior pigboats of the cattle fleets
engaged commercially in the transport of soul bodies, human flesh and other consumer goods across the River Styx, even
though a crush submarine construction program was begun earlier, in 1888. As newer, larger and more powerful versions of
the sleek black squids slid from the sprawl of heavy industry and boat works along the nether shore of Level 7 (farside),
economic, financial and commercial opportunities in both Limbo and Dis-region relieved the economic burden created by the
pace of unrelenting local population growth, as upwardly mobile Waz-nazi siblings found the primary rewards they so justly
deserved among the construction crews, woozie labor pools and developing industries of the region. Many, of course, found
gain, reward, recreation, and employment, and later rose to positions of power great and small in the pig boats themselves and
among the merchant seaman guilds which trained the crews of the kapitando merchant marine. By the turn of the century and
in response to the predictable population growth pressures, the Waz-Nazi siblings (Demons) were becoming a force to be
reckoned with, not only politically but also economically and socially as well. According to custom and plan, the political
center of Waz-nazi power remained in Dimbo (declared the capitol city in 1892) where the party had continued to gag, and
consolidate its stranglehold on the political process. Although fellowship in the party never exceeded 3.9 million hard-core gang
members in the government of the period (at this stage of the experiment) nevertheless, there grew sufficient numbers of
militant hangers on to provide an unlimited source of recruits for the hit squads organized by the cadres of hardened and gang-
tempered party members.

                   Waz-nazi defeat armies of dis-euro-pee-pee states and principalities:
                                Limbo con solidated under one banner, one party

The first phase of the popular Waz-nazi movement in Limbo came to a culmination during the years 1912-1915 as a result of
the outbreak of hostilities known locally as the first word war. Since the history of the war, the toil in property damage, lives,
political fortunes, and general mayhem has been told elsewhere in voluminous detail by numerous historians, and continues to
be portrayed in endlessly repeated cinematic spectacles on the tube and sliver screen, no attempt will be made here to
summarize the basic outlines of the war plot, or to paint with a broad brush the foreseeable consequences for the participants.
Suffice is to say the war produced the intended result of new advances in science, technology and weapons research, which
Black Pops Regnans had outlined in his visionary publication some sixty-one years before. You see, Limbo was no longer a
rough and tumble territory carved up into mutually exclusive provinces and extra-hostile principalities.  Nor was it swarming at
all levels and ruled by the warmongering houses of outcast x-loyalist families, disorganized gangs of thuggish demons, and
other petty tyrants too numerous to mention. And neither was the flow of flesh top choice from topside encumbered by heavy
toils and taxation at every crossroads and customs tent along the way from Level two to Level 7, for all such disincentives to
the orderly flow of goods and services to the borders of Dis proper were eliminated,  assimilated or neutralized by the Waz-
nazi  (with services, supplies and weapons provided by Dis) as a consequence of the war. Indeed, even the breeding pogrom
was enhanced by the hostilities, for a little known fact of the war effort concerned a token force of 200,000 gook and goon
mercenaries from Dis, under the command of Generalissimo Heinrigor Spangles, which invaded the principality of Prance in
Limbo in order to indulge in the rape of numerous mindless civilian souls due to the relaxed breeding policies of the local
regime. For the offspring produced by this profligate encounter with the population of Prance resulted in injecting fresh blood
into the flagging war ravaged ashcan-nazi sibling clans. Clearly, the imperial family of the house of Satan Lucifer VII had
achieved a stunning political and economic victory over its age old enemies...in Limbo.  It had consolidated the fragmented and
quarrel-ridden political picture in Dimbo by appealing to the political aspirations of the Waz-nazi siblings who, in turn, had
turned on their parents in an aggressive display of disaffection.  It had improved the balance of trade between Dis and Limbo
while amassing a gargantuan fund of flesh as its percentage of the war’s profits agreements act. It had eliminated trade barriers
and unacceptable bottlenecks in the soul food supply lines to Dis, thus quadrupling the rate and tripling the tonnage of the flesh
and body parts trade in Bottomside, producing a 35000 percent return on the original investment for the Limbo breeding
project. It  had been responsible for the creation of a technologically superior and scientifically oriented  infrastructure and
economy in Dis proper;  it had fashioned a new society, a new culture, and had taken credit for the doubling of DIS and its
expansion into Levels 13 through 26.   It had provided the funding for over 7000 scientific research projects concerned with
research and development of electrical counting machines (computers) for intelligence and surveillance applications, as well as
for the development of radar, sonar, telecommunications systems, nuclear energy and weapons design, to name but a few. And
it had succeeded in promoting great strides forward in inductor physics, h-bomb grade fuels enrichment and the discovery of
those physical laws which lead to the development of the dork ejector systems projector, which revolutionized the control
functions governing augmentation and fine-tuning of the processes of the Karma cycle.  Thus all was Hiss of silver bliss(ters),
and gist according to plan.

white stiffies    [Suck Schlemmo Sleaze] The Caucasian peoples considered as a superior breed of cattle, due to the smooth
texture and rich taste of their white breast meat.

whole unholy pogrom  [Debil’s Dribble] Literally, ‘The unholy program or plot. That Satanic project employing Karma cycle
technology designed to subvert the biological foundations of topsider languages which evolved from primordial Ur-Spiranto by
the systematic and automatic transplantation of (*) demonic subject souls or concepts into the lowest part of the brain stem or
medulla oblongata of infants, in order to promote the means and ends of imperial Hell upon the surface. The formal process,
known as profile axis brainstorming, transfers the essence of a demonic soul, through a dork ejector systems transponder, into
the ‘pons’ or bridge connecting the humanic midbrain with the hindbrain, where access is then possible to the medulla
oblongata. The midbrain, pons, and medulla form a stalk-like structure leading down from the cerebrum, which rests on these
lower portions like a piece of fruit balanced on its stem, hence the term ‘brain stem’. Attached to the brain stem, behind and
above, is the cerebellum, which originated in primitive vertebrates. Like the cerebrum, the cerebellum is divided by a
longitudinal fissure forming two hemispheres. A thin connecting structure, segmented and elongated between the two
hemispheres, ties the two together. Known as the ‘vermis’ or worm’ in Latin, it is this structure which eventually houses the
demonic subject soul (sla-V soul leech). From this secret locus it becomes a relatively simple task for the transpotted
homunculus to program and control the host subject’s mortal processes.

wide-out wise ass  [Simp Sleaze] Literally, “With no thing as sacred”;  without reservation.

widout wiseass  [Simp Sleaze] With reservation; carefully and precisely, without sass.

willies wow  [Suck Face Sleaze]  ‘Gee willikers. Isn’t that just the damndest thing!’

wot?   [Pig Boat Sleaze] Literally, ‘What the mo’fuggin shid did yo’ id say?’

yank ribs  [Scatoloco] The command ordering the ribs of a victim yanked from his still living breast, in order to saw them into
cross sections at existing rates of currency exchange in Dis.

yeclepen  [Medieval Engfishie] ‘So named’.

years of fears and atrocities of Mammon’s mummy world [Perceived Standard Higamous] The final one hundred years of
the decline and fall of Western education and culture, before the educational reforms of the twenty-first century, when it came
to pass that computers made better students than their creators.

yellow rags  [Burocratese] Those historic news sources topside which circulated heroic and patriotic propaganda designed to
influence the civilian populations of highly industrialized nations, their government leaders and military figures, in order to
control the course of events leading to the First and Second World Wars. Any source of news which promotes or specializes in
the use or sale of inflammatory descriptive material concerning heinous human behavior or social atrocities in order to increase
its readership or listening audience...for financial gain.

Z-Palace Yellow Mello Cellars  [Debil’s Dribble] The private sanitarium (bomb shelter) at Level 26 in Sewercide where the
corporeal form of HISS Imperial Majesty, Satan Lucifer VII, resides in a quasi-dormant state of mind while his positronic
prostheses are otherwise implanted into hiss Ur-demonic arachnoidal forms.

Z-bomb bon, dat bundle da final boodle  [Kong Con Gone Gobble] Artificial Reading Code-Nym for the Mad Hatter  
(Manhattan) Project, in conjunction with  its Z-bomb weapons research installation in Sewercide. A historic squash court at
Level Z in Sewercide, housing the first soul-lidified antimatter compactor  (SAC),  a primitive terminal receptor for souls
severely contaminated with radiation poisoning. An oblique reference to the I.M.P. 21 (the 21st imploded matter project) said
to be concerned with  structural  irregularities in the Mohorovicic discontinuity, the irregular dividing line separating the earth’s
crust from its underlying mantle, situated about 22 miles below the continents and six miles below the deep sea bottom (see
‘Dis solution’, ‘Dis sado induction chamber’, ‘Dis-radiated stain, wid Drano’, and the 1964 Appended Memorandum to the
1963 Addendum: University of Dis-Paris Archives, under ‘Dis Oceans of madness’).