Ta'acronyms of Hell                                                                                     vassals of Dis an' Limbo's banks and rusts
Ta' acronyms of HELL                artificial code talking or reading nyms (a brief sample)

A.B.M.                        artificial breeding machine

a.i.m.s.                        Artificial Intelligence Manufacturing Systems

A.I.M.S.                      atomic industry’s military strategy

A.M.C.                       auto-matic cattle

A.N.T.S.                     Agency for Nuclear and Thermonuclear Studies

A.P.P.L.E.S.                applied particle physics labs engineering section

M.A.C.                        microminiaturized artillery computers

A.T. and                     Artificial Troglodytes and
T.O.A.DY                   Thermonuclear Ordnance and Android Dynamics

b.a.n.k.                        bottled ashcan-nazi nukie: krauts sector

B.A.N.K.S.                  Bottomside Amalgamated National Kryonic Systems

B.I.M.B.O.                   banks for incorporated management’s breeding oligopolies

B.O.M.B.                     blast byproducts of monster bomb

B.U.F.F.                      bilingual universal fragrant fricative (a specialized Farts District)

C.A.C.K.L.E.               citizens against confiscations of Komman-Dante’s legitimate estates

C.A.T.                        codes and articles of terror

CC and R’s                  concentration camp rules and regulations

C.C.o.                         command communication optics

C.H.O.P.                     Camp Holocaust Ordnance Playground

C.L.A.P.                      corporate labor assignment policies

Cobra Index                 cost of breeding retarded angels

C.P.A.P.                      convict research and punishment

C.R.I.P.                      convicts resurfaced for intelligence projects

C.R.O.C.                     Criminal Robotics Officers Corps

C.P.O.P.                     Cattle Ranches of Purgatory (Limbo)

C.P.U.D.                     complex realities under description

C.R.U.D.E.                  communications redundancies under descriptive euphemism

CTRL-M                     critical trainloads of radiation laden materials

DAM                          Department of Applied Mutations

D.A.T.                        Directorate for Atomic Testing

A.B.C.ick                     atomic bomb controls, instrument calibration komplex

D.I.E.                          deadly implosion energies

D.I.S.                          Division of Implosion Science

D.O.R.K.                     Doppelganger’s Oscillating Reanimating Karmic Kinetoscope

E.G.G. S.A.C               Energy gravitron gismo: soulidified anti-matter compactor

EYE 2 C.B.S.               Command Broadcast Stations Controls for Ballistic Missiles

Face                            Fanatics Argot Commands Encrypted

F.A.R.T.S.                   Federal Atomic Research and Testing Stations

farts                            fricatious anal retroflex trill sequence

F.L.A.B.                      federal labor agencies and bureaucracies

F.L.E.A.S.                   federally funded lethal edible android

F.L.I.E.S.                    Farm Labor Insect Espionage Service

F.O.P.                         unctionally optimized personality

G.O.A.L.S.                  Gulag Operations Analysis and Logistic Systems

G.U.R.L.A.G.               Gulag University Research Labs for Applied Geriatrics.

G.M.C.                        General Mutations Corporation

HISS   NBCIck            Historic Imperial Secret Service
                               Naval Battle Command Centers: Imperial Cricket Korps

I.C.E.                          implosion cluster energy

I.N.P.                          imploded matter projects

IRS                             infernal revenue systems   
K.A.L. TECH               Karmic animal labs transporter energistics and crossover heuristics

K.I.C.K.S.                   kong instincts cyber knowledge systems

K.I.N.K.S.                   Kong Instincts Negative k.i.c.k.s. Sequence

K.I.T.                         krauts in transit

K.O.N.G.                    kink of ninja grade

L.A.S.S.O.                  Logistical Attack Systems Sight Optics Laser

L-DOPA                      legendary department of Plutonium atomics

L.I.M.B.O.                  land for imperial managements B.I.M.B.O. operations

L.O.P.S.                      leasehold outfit pipelines

M.A.                           muon accelerator

M.A.M.A.                    Murderous Architectonic Mechnoidal Arachnid

M.A.R.S.                     mammalian archives research section

MAO                          Mobile Atomic Oven

M.A.P.A.                    matter antimatter particle accelerator

M.A.W.S.                   multiple atomic weapons systems

M.E.C.C.A.                 mutilated energy collection coil assemblies

N.E.G.A.                     matter energy gravitron accelerators

M.E.S.S.(KIT)             mission egress security shakedown

MIT                            mutilations in transit

M.O.P.S.                     mobile operations pumping stations

MUD                           masses of uranic duds (or demons)

M.U.S.H.                    mass underground storage hostels

M.U.T.A.N.T.S.           Mutilations Unlimited: Testing Agency for Nucleonics, Thermal Studies

N.U.K.E.                     negative uranic krypton elements

NIT Wit                      Nuclear Intelligence Testing Without Intelligence Training

Ovum                         ovulating vectors urogenital marker

P.A.                            particle accelerator

P.A.C.K.                      positronic android cancel kit

P.I.P.2.                       planetary implosion: prospectus on prospects

P.O.P.S.                      Positronic Ordnance Programming System

R.A.C.K.                     Research Android Computer Console

R.A.D.S.                     Rigid Android Device S  (Waldos)
                               Research and Development Subsystems: Regional Atomic Directorate

R.A.N.D.                     Robotics and Nucleonics Division: Regional Atomic Nuclear Directorate

R.A.W.   S.L.O.P.        Regional Atomic Waste Systems Linear Operations Pipeline

R.E.C.O.R.D.               Ranks of Egressed Conspirators on Research Duty

R.E.M.O.R.A.              Ranging Electro Mechanical Ordnance Robot Army (or Armor)

RIOT                          Royal Imperium’s Orgasmic Tribunal

R.O.O.M.                    route operations for ordnance movement

S.A.D.O.                     Satanic antimatter: director of operations

S.C.A.M.                     soul conversion to anti-matter

ScSS                          Sewercide SS (scum suckers)

S.C.U.M.                     Sacred Coven for Uxoric Murder

S.C.U.Z.                      Society for Curtailment of Union Zombies

S.H.I.T.                      secret hieroglyphic intelligence telltale

S.H.U.C.S.                   Socialized Hells Utopian Community of Souls

SIMPS                        Social Institute for Manufacture of Positronic Systems

S.I.S.                          souped up inductor system

SPERM                       Special Particle Energy Releasing Mechanisms

S.U.C.K.                     Security Underground Coordinating Knot

.U.C.K.E.R.S.              security units chosen for knavery, energy, ruthlessness, sadism     
S.U.C.T.I.O.N.S.         sections under construction: tubeways infernal operations negative status   
S.O.A.P.I.                   side affects of atomic projects: isotopes

S.O.B.                        sexual organ bank

S.O.U.L. C.A.T.T.L.E.        sexual object for unorthodox lust
                                cropping android for training transubstantiated life energy

S.P.A.S.T.I.C.             special procedures for allied souls taken in combat    
S.T.A.L.A.G.S.            stationary targets for annihilation of latent ashcan-nazi gulag swarms   
t.e.r.r.o.r.                    thermonuclear energies for radiation research in outer regions

T.E.R.R.O.R.               Tribunal Ecclesiasticus for Rigorous Revenue Organized Rip-offs  
T.H.E.R.M.                 theoretical hot energy releasing mechanisms

T.O.D.                        thermonuclear ordnance drone

T.O.N.                        technology of neutrons

3M.A.D.                     Mark Mech Mobile Avuncular Demon (Pig Uncle)

T.R.I.P.                      thermonuclear research in implosion particles  

URANIC                     Uranic Regions Agency for Nations in Conflict
                              Unlimited Resource Agency for Nuclear Industrial Conscripts (Convicts)

VAP PUDD                  visionary atomic physics professor, University of Dis at Dis-Paris

WOOZIE                     world order of Zombie indigent employees  

talkin’ himsely  [Sewer Sleaze] To talk insanely to oneself as a means of distorting reality for reasons of personal survival.  

techno mechanical turgidities  [Stupor Pud Talk] Great trudging cyborg fortresses, with self-sustaining energy resources,
weapons systems, and teams of maintenance robots, designed to maneuver slowly in random directions while leveling all
obstacles in their path. Archaic vintage ‘steam rollers’ once used for implementing the policies of progress prevalent among city
planners during the 1920’s in Limbo.

testo-radishes  [Sewer Sleaze] Molten marbles used for instructional purposes in the demonic classrooms of an imperial military
university in Hell. [Scatoloco] Poisoned or x-radiated animal or vegetable matter procured from the cratered ash gardens of
Sewercide. [Sadis Sleaze] Atomic tests conducted on civilian populations to conceal financial irregularities in those procurement
practices that fostered the development of atomic weapons in the first place.

testo-tentacles hiss deca-pubes  [Sadisto Sleaze] The slimy, pronged, torsion powered tentacles of a mechnoidal android’s
recreation module, mounted on the forward carapace of one of its torture facets.

test-tuba da versities  [Sadis Sleaze] Any of Hell’s primary university research  labs engaged in the study of atomic physics
during the first two decades of the twentieth century.

topside  [Donkey Crappy] The superficial surface, soil and waters of the planet earth with their attendant life forms, brought
below, blow by blow.

topsider Dis-allied  [Vox Populis] An agent of DIS  on temporary duty topside, said to be ‘our eyes’ or ‘all eyes’ depending
upon voice inflection.

touches  [Scatoloco] Crosscut sections (coins) of any donut shaped organ, used as small change in DIS.

touches da French fries  [Bigamous Hogamous] Any of the cropped buttocks or butt oxen enslaved in the sex rackets, stocks,
or stock markets of a cattle kingdom in Limbo.

touches wid dicks fro’ Denmark  [Suck Face Sleaze] Exotic varieties of soul food imported from topside.

tribe of  da shidhouse scribe    [Proppo Graffiti Jibe]  The consecrated collection of professional writers (freelance) within the
writers’ guild of HELL; any of the graffiti felons of Sewercide.

tribes of the goons of Dis government’s gook legions  [Sewer Sleaze] The terrorist political parties of DIS, those who wage
war for a price or a political purpose.

two toe nails ina tutu  [Hogamous Gook Squish Gobble] The act of nailing feet to buttocks prior to sexual contact.  [Kong Con
Gone Gobble] The notion of two atomic weapons detonated on two virginal islands in a tropical sea…

typhoons of screechy speech  [Suck Face Sleaze] Propaganda wars between opposing forces during any of the business or
commercial wars in Bottomside following the turn of the century. [Sadisto Sleaze] The grunts, moans, cries, and curses of the
dying multitudes and the wails uttered by the temporary survivors of an atomic instructional sequence in a movie theater within a
Waz-nazi death camp in Hell.

tyrant of screens  [Burocratese] One of three types of telepathic visualizer (TV) worn by SUCK agents (especially Sla-V
‘Thought Police’) assigned to monitor the thoughts, compulsions and mentations of citizens of demonic society.  A type of VCP
(visual cortex recorder) employed by SUCK intelligence forces for identification of social misfits, nonconformists and wayward
youth groups in DIS.

uber alles  [Pig Boat Sleaze] Literally, ‘Above all else!’ or ‘Above all or else!) The imperial injunction to consider the state above
oneself, in any currency exchange or arrangement in Hell.

Uganda hoagies deep-dish wid nag stew balls  [Scatoloco] A succulent soul food soufflé consisting of Vichy scallions wid Dis-
necro-fried Nigs served in V-cong da Mekong fritters and salsa USA.

vassals of Dis an’ Limbo’s banks and rusts  [Suck Schlemmo Sleaze] Employees of low status, rank, or grade who labor
within the financial communities, banking establishments, or commercial sectors of DIS, especially those taken for a ride in the
flesh trade of Sewercide, during the twenties and thirties in Hell