babble da debil                                                                                                                                                  busz off
babble da debil  [Kong Con Gone Gobble] A reference to Devil’s Dribble or any of the communication forms associated with
demonic excrement or other body fluids such as the related Dis dialect known as Sadis Sleaze.  

bab-luna boon  [Suck Face Sleaze] The highest class of souls in Dis asocial society, whose membership includes former kings,
princes, diplomats and those politicians who acquired power and influence topside through service to Dis. Said of those
reanimated with geek silver spoons attached to their cropped limbs,  who are assigned to ladle out Dis tribute (liquefied flesh
quotas) to the collective population of Hell on ceremonial occasions; [Bigamous Hogamous] Public slaves, waiters and waitresses
remanded to trustee status for an indefinite period in the performance of pubic service.  

baby chews  [Scatological Sleaze] Flesh of the newborn or of the unborn, especially of Jews whose mothers were victims of nazi
extermination camps topside. [Scatoloco] The bellies or entrails of children (especially war orphans) who have suffered death by
starvation (considered a Dis delicacy). [Squish Hogamous] A gruel made of ears, noses and facial tissue exposed to uranium by-
products, mixed with extract of grave-y, spooned periodically to the souls of common Word War I cannon fodder on Nagshima
Plains from the period 1917 forward.

balto turkey furies  [Sadisto Sleaze] Flesh of the Baltic peoples processed into a hot sauce and served with Turk crush
compacted to the form of a turkey. [Imperial Militarese] The divine madness associated with the sexual need to maim, crush and
then devour one’s enemies’ genitals.  

bamboozled  [Debil’s Dribble] The recreational process of blowing things to bits and then converting the remains to booze.  

banks of idealized idolatry  [Burocratese] The carnal top choice collective banking and financial establishments in Hell,
otherwise known as the flesh trade and body parts markets, which regulate the vast soul food processing industries and
commercial interests responsible for the storage and distribution of soul food and related bio-organically derived soul sustaining
substances. [Scatoloco] The public flesh pots of Dis of Pandemonium, capital city of Hell. [Crusto Sleaze] A local community
storage locker for soul food sold on a cellblock black market.

bat faces   [Dick Lingo Sleaze] Bat guano mixed with straw and a glue made from crushed fingernails and smeared on sporty
spook faces in the flesh pots of Sewercide.  As the sticky mixture hardens, it is shaped (like clay) to form a mask to resemble
any of several species of bats.  Such a batty mask worn for special Satanic rituals, palace festivities or celebrated athletic events.
[Kong Con Gone Gobble] The practice, common to the die camps Komman Dante, of bashing in the faces of victims with bats, a
form of entertainment indulged in by bully staff members during off hours to relieve the tedium of concentration camp guard duty.

Bat face S  [Suck Schlemmo Sleaze] A  S.U.C.K. (security personnel) insignia worn by HISS SS (Historical Imperial Secret
Service) personnel of lunatic kernal rank in Bottomside.  [Suck Face Sleaze] A kind of brown or black grease stain or mark used
to identify the otherwise unidentifiable bloated bodies of reanimated hillbilly goons and bully spooks (self-employed wardens)
assigned to crowd control engineering in public detention service in Sewercide.

bat-rakian  [Squish Hogamous] Characterized by a coarse resemblance to bats, their appearance, eating or mating habits;
enamored of bats or things batty. [Donkey Crappy] Frog faced; having the head or body parts of a frog; composed of frogs
squished into a paste with bat rays. [Vox Populis] A pile of raked up cave bats, collected to be torched, eaten, regurgitated and
then eaten again and so on...a mobile starvation diet in the death camps of Limbo.  

bat rakings  [Dick Lingo Sleaze] Sonar, radar or related electronic surveillance and intelligence detection systems developed for
SUCK usage during the period 1919-1940 down Dis. [Scatoloco] Biologically generated by-products of the television and Dis
media industry character and personality researches executed in Bottomside during the nineteen thirties porn revolutions.   

beaver shtick  [Archaic Hogamous Sleaze] A seventeenth century financial development sponsored by Satan Lucifer VI to affect
the soul food supply in Dis by increasing the death rate among the beaver populations topside. The Hellishly inspired vogue for
beaver skin hats fashionable from the 17th to 19th centuries largely responsible for the extermination of the beaver in both Europe
and North (Nurd) America. The enormous success of this crude business venture produced a rash of similar enterprises that
decimated the ranks of other mammalian species such as the American bison, otter, fur seal, and numerous species of whale
during the same historical period. (For additional environmentally sensitive information, see “The Cons Tender T-bones: A
Tinderbox of Con Games, and a  Dictionary of the Cons Encyclopedic of Dis Nation,” or “Dis Bio-Graphic Annals: Al's
Bituminous Sketches of the Sadistic Miser Cons of Dis.”)  

Benefecal of Dis  [Burocratese and Proppo Graffiti Jive] An important Dis bankink and commercial interest influential in the cunt
flesh trade in Bottomside.  

be was nazi  [Dis Dribbling da Dildo Dribble] Influential members of the waz nazi party in Dis and Limbo, particularly those
who came to power due to a rash of insider trading schemes coupled with the clandestine production of (or a phony reduction in)
cross Styx immigration quotas during the nineteen thirties.

be was waz nazi  [Hogamous Gook Squish Gobble] Nazi souls recycled for a period of additional training and reeducation (see
‘dis-migrate and ‘Dis new deal’).  Those who fall from favor are remanded to Sewercide for permanent assignment in specialized
penal service. Waz-nazi bigwigs who served in the Nazi political movement in Germany during the first five decades of the
twentieth century often received extra-special and extralegal consideration for their many contributions to the economy of the
infernal regions, and considerable interest and competition was generated among the penal communities of Dis and Limbo in
order to act as host to the returning deportees. Tens of thousands of highly trained SUCK agents (one of many state security
organizations) were assigned exclusively to tracking, training, counseling, and record keeping for this particular group of inmates.
A few repeat offenders (rank recidivists) achieved almost mythic status due to the attention paid to their particular careers in
service. The case of one Adolph H. Shicklgruber will serve to make the point.  
                                        S.U.C.K. dis BOSS COMMUNIQUE

To all S.U.C.K. bimbos (wimps, pimps) and simps in HISS intelligence service, levels D-1 to M-9.
Novum 12, 1944 Orders to all camp komman-dantes, Dis and limbo-side, Kiss alzo Dis-induction centers both sides Dis, piss dis
on Styx as well, dose pig-boat kapitandos da kapitalists, kum-unists, faschistas, socialistas, maoistas, taoistas, buddaheads etc

                       Attention: Crow fleas sluggin' yo' sleaze-bred slopeheads,

Notify me smartly [immediately, widout wiseass] yo' be whorin' [if you hear about, suspect or detect] arrival die-spook topside
yclepen [named] Adolph Hitler.  Dis die-spook toe goin' be given spectacle action (a.k.a. dis-honorable mention, wid emotion
extended through his detention).  Hiss be takin' a dispassionate interest his bottomside career in disservice.  He be goin' do a slice
longa slippery surface, slow, an' excruciating re-education!  Denn  yo-yo be findin' im, bring'im Dis-palace speedo-freight firs'
class, and desliver slab da detention section, S.U.C.K. [Security Underground Coordinating Knot], agent Profumo Dis-claws [Rat
fink dat hick named santa].  Be notified dis hick Hitler assigned to re-education team camp skulls, dis-special crew wreck-
creation spotted be Eye thinkin’ boud crankin' up.

                      Special Instructions fo’ team Captain Gerbles gaga Goering

Take da die-spook dis-named [renamed by Hiss] ‘fickle frickin' hit mantapus’ [goin' be new fish roun' here] an' rip off da bottom
half a his sour body.  Stick dis-part on a spit an’ fry well in south bottomside da palace atomic piles by fry cooks in knats data
boiler room.  Dis-radiate at 20,000 degrees den dispose topside per S.O.P. Mop up da top half dis hicks soul body and process
for dummy soul, dis-puppet type 33, placee in charge de affairs dis new Camp Skulls as command-rand Dis-Co komman-dante, .
gonna be a new type of camp-komman-dante da dudes dangling. Take dis-pud [put da pud's pud ina boiler too] an hang'im by da
hair over the commandant's office desk, he to be kept danglin' by hangrope any parson stop by.  I pop by [or check in by Eye] I
wanna see Dis-freak do da dance hang-baby.  Any spook call he be hangin' too (see you can paper dat ugly wall).  Then initiate
(wid a fax) the itinerary of his re-education.  Alzo, add to process for dummy soul packaging, dis-voice an’ voder him.  Pop in
modular vox box wid micro detector phones and speaker.  Slow stick eyes fulla holes, see lil drip, and puddle his desk.  Put pud
in topside full German general uniform, bottomless notch broaded. [Dis be nice touch, no?] Notify all teams on Dis new Limbo
project to provide widout delay to Dis-pleasurable person symbolized wid latest updates an' reports discerning progress
concerning Dis-co Camp*da*Skulls.  Projected opening date to be December 25, 1944. Long live yo' service to DIS in distribute,
Sign of Boss (Double Hot Dogs), Private Secretary to Hisss Imperial Majesty, Satan Lucifer VII

                                    S.U.C.K.  Dat Remora-ndum
From Arnheim District, Limbo, Office da Camp Komman-Dante
Arnheim chief puss da gestapo, Dis-named Buggers da Burger-chef
To Hiss Dis-imperial disturbance da turd pits
Hiss-selfless Masterful a Dis-nation,
Defender da fenders ana suspenders of  Dis,
Be dis a pussie missile Dis-patched.,  May 1, 1945

Dire Boss,

In voice (vice no.) ticket NA-917,849-ZI  has arrived.  Dis trip da drip topside bag of po' trash calls himself Adolph Hitler yo'
want tit fo' special assignment, re. yo' SUCK central communiqué dis-dated November 12, 1944.  Creep gota lista crimes coded
ina data dated I-D geneo-plant bouta mile long, depot status ‘be-waz-nazi’ three karma cycles, jumped ship last trip1889, sojourn
potted re-born Upper Austria, as per yo' karma schtick. A partial recapitulation his bio-data chip follows: Founder and leader-
figure of National Socialism, resurfaced 1889 Austria.  Moved to Vienna, in 1907 ... failed admission exam for local academy of
arts.  Returned to Munich (1913) where earlier art courses taken.  First World War: joined Bavarian Army--rose to rank of
Corporal--received Iron Cross First Class after gassed and wounded.  Blamed German defeat on Jews and Bolsheviks (as per
encoded instructions).  Mastermind and participant "Beer Hall Putsch" held November 8, 1923.  Created concept Nazi-Militia
Storm Troopers (typical bully goon).  Sentenced to five years in Landsberg Fortress (served nine months).  Used dis-bughouse
free trip to dictate turgid "Mein Kampf" [My Struggle] to Rudolf Hess, sidekick of his Nazi schtick.  Fought in German
Presidential elections of 1932 but lost, no significant cost since rat copped Chancellorship on January 30, 1933.  Initiated
obligatory form of cult greeting "Heil Hitler"; by 1934 cult of hero worship propagation complete.  Control of German war
machine successful by 1938.  Responsible for extermination of between 6-13 million Jews ($) during period 1939-1945,
numerous others in slave labor corps and concentration camps throughout Europe.  Principal camps Jewish extermination brief
listing for local color dis-report inclusive: Majdanek, Treblinka, Auschwitz, achieved soul-bogey quota of 6,000,000 men, women
and children, mostly chews.  Other bingo contenders include Buchenwald, Dachau and Belsen.  H. responsible for German attack
upon Austria ($), 1938; Czechoslovakia ($), 1939.  Signed non-aggression pact with Russian Stalin, 1939, in order to invade
Poland ($).  Then attacked Russia in June, 1941 [typical backstab].  Took personal command [December 1941] of war strategy
and is credited with causing German military disaster at Stalingrad ($).  Survived attempted assassination in July 1944 bomb
blast.  Following collapse of Germany [April 1945] married his long time mistress, Eva Braun (suggests schlemmo service) , and
both committed sui-cide on April 30 (she goon rot now in custody).  Appeared Arnheim induction portal on date dis-document...
You wan' put hold on dis pussy, his fizzled pud [da soul body be stinking a kerosene], til' yo' be ready tidy dis-erected da new
dump Dis-Co camp da Skulls, yo' neo project?  Or no, nein, nicht?  You say shid, I be doin' id. Puss-erectally, Buggers da
Burger-chef, head crook Dis-dump 'lil cooking camp.

Biafra biscuits in Salvadorian sauce  [Scatoloco] A soul food dumpling made popular in Dis during the period 1967-1970,
following the genocidal war in Biafra during which millions of innocent Africans starved to death or were slaughtered as an idle
consequence of  the “war for independence.”

big Cosmo muskrat  [Sadis Sleaze] A vague notion or sense of the concept of a ‘god.’  

big fish  [Burocratese] Influential, well healed citizens of Dis regions bureaucracy in government service;  the middle class of the
vast range of classes in Hell’s system of recriminate education.  

bimbos bombs  [Simp Sleaze] An oblique reference to the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (August 6 and 9,
1945) the first of such bombs ever to be used in warfare. [Sadis Sleaze] Such bombs in particular, for example, conceived of as
a means of obtaining the souls of adequate numbers of oriental prostitutes for the flesh pots of Dis.  

bingo spectral tentacular  [Sadisto sleaze] Bingo as played by a demon, i.e. the haphazard and random swatting, mashing or
crushing of spook souls before ingestion; the spectacle of Satan in the act of feeding  [Debil’s Dribble] The notion of ‘the
accumulated aroma of all this’ or of a special ceremony, ritual or celebration.  

blamo plan  [Militarese] A strategy or military maneuver employing atomic weapons for the purpose of testing their efficiency in
the eradication of civilian populations and for the concurrent use of such weapons for the permanent extermination of souls in
general in Bottomside.  

blubba da whale  [Sewer Sleaze] A unit of measurement or legal tender [$] equal to a large tub of whale blubber.

blues atomic flu  [Hogamous Sleaze] A malady of the soul produced by exposure of the soul body to severe atomic radiation, a
contagious lung or gastric condition prevalent on Nagshima Plains, first identified in the 1930s down Dis, but known to have
spread over vast areas in Limbo as early as 1919 (see ‘Dis radiated stain, wid drano’).

boobies da Brussels  [Scatological Sleaze] A soul food popular among the racy demons of  Bottomside, consisting of brussel
sprouts (young tender muscles) and mammary glands ground up into a kind of squishy paste or made into a sauce for pasta.

book of the dead  [Donkey Crappy] A reference to Canto IX.  

Bottomside  [Burocratese] A general reference to Hell’s Levels 2 through 26: Bottomside is demarcated into sub-regions the
principal of which are Limbo, Levels 2-6; Dis proper, Levels 7-12; Nagshima Plains, Levels 9-12; Sewercide, Levels 13-26.

boulevards  [Hogamous Sleaze] Principal transportation routes (slaveways) connecting the regions and levels of Dis proper but
especially those concentrated on Nagshima Plains.

bubu die babies  [Suck Face Sleaze] The notorious, infamous scientific community of Hell.  

budder ball a bloody blister [Scatoloco] A concoction made from scabs, pus, blood and blisters scraped from the wounds of
atomic holocaust victims. [Sadisto Sleaze]  Bloodied and blistered organs (ball butter) mashed and prepared to a devil’s taste
(Allah dis) and served as Dis tribute to the highest echelons of Dis society.  

bud eye [Sadisto Sleaze] A stalk eye emanating from the anterior region of a devil’s mouth parts, employed during feeding for
the purpose of savoring the terror of a victim. [Suck Face Sleaze] An electronic, computer assisted data sifter, espionage
monitoring and intelligence gathering system first developed in Hell during the 1930s. [Pro Motors Jargon]  Any of numerous
kinds of orbiting satellite as part of an otherwise enormous electronic surveillance system.

bugger boy goods [Stupor Pud Talk] A homosexual soul in Hell; bad little boys’ souls turned into buggers for rump riders. [Pig
Boat Sleaze] One who has been marked as an inferior by anal sexual contact, often a preliminary step to a gang pus fuck.

buggy a boogie woogie  [Debil’s Dribble] A specially built, mobile, induction unit equipped with testo-snozzles for rapid
retrieval of organic atomic waste over vast geographic areas; a kind of moping up system first used on Nagshima Plains in 1944,
following a series of atomic tests (see ‘Dis kinda test’) conducted to determine population density death rate vectors for various
biological and demographic studies. [Proppo Graffiti Jibe] An idea filled with great importance and significance or a mobile
conveyance or a place where soul food is processed and spare body parts are collected and crushed for storage.  

bully goon  [Squish Hogamous] A trustee or star class (*) trusty granted special privileges (usually in Sewercide) in making the
existence of other subordinate souls’ lives keenly intolerable by any means at his disposal. A homicidal soul in prison service in
any of the cons penitentiaries of Sewercide.  

bunnies  [Bigamous Hogamous] Souls of former Playboy bunnies consigned to asocial sexual service in the public flesh pots
(and certain other pits) of Bottomside.  

busz off  [Dis Dribblins da Dildo Dribble] To be forced to masturbate with a buzz saw, a form of punishment for recidivistic or
clitical antisocial behavior in Dis.  
Buggers da Burger-chef as puss da gestapo
Portrait photo
of Buggers
courtesy of the
Nats Gallery at
Eniwetok, 1948
babble da debil                                                                                                                                                     busz off