reb rednecks                                                                                                                                      synono nauseous
reb rednecks  [Scatoloco] Yankee and Confederate soldiers who lost their lives during the American Civil War (1860-1865).
Bottled and bonded liquefied flesh, aged for over one hundred years, used as a source of B.R.I.B.E.S. (e.g., Barbecued Ribs,
Imported, Bottled, and Endorsed for Safety).

re-education team camp skulls  [Simp Sleaze] Souls and demonic subjects consigned to the concentration camps of Dis
Calfornix, particularly to the architectonic death camps in the Radiation Deserts of Western Limbo, e.g. to a camp where exotic
forms of torture are created through applied engineering, hydraulics, architecture, electronics, and positronic robotics.

resto-loco-revocation  [Debil’s Dribble] Any of many forms of temporary torture chambers along a route for soul traffic (a
slave way) through an induction systems punishment sequence.  A squish compaction chamber designated as a holding tank for
storage of soul mush, anywhere within the nexus of an induction system between two or more major attraction terminals,
especially such a chamber used for grading, sorting, compacting and rerouting of soul bodies.  

River Lethe  [Burocratese] The river of forgetfulness whose headwaters rise from the Mountains of Gloom. Lethe meanders
across Nagshima Plain for most of its length, where it passes below the older Pandemonium Palace through an ancient sewer
system, and eventually empties into the Chesapeake Bay in Eastern North America. The River once thought to be the route for
expelling souls to topside for temporary duty in celestial reassignment.

River Styx  [Received Standard Higamous] The world wide confluence of water tables below the surface of the earth. The
principal river system of HELL whose headwaters thunder down from the Magic Mountains of Dis Calfornix and the sub-
terranean mountain chains west of Mt. Nix Olympus of Styx.  Any of the arteries or tributaries of the Styx River, which circulate
through the huge underground cavern systems within the earth’s mantle. A part of the heavy water coolant system of Dis.

sado-mal-functions  [Sadisto Sleaze] Design errors in various positronic systems involving a breakdown of the cruelty centers in
positronic robots. Programmed glitches in the n-dimensional arrays and variables governing the random malice patterns’ ROM
storage banks in a positronic prosthesis.

sagging agrarian industrials  [Stupor Pud Talk] The utter trials and terrible tribulations of those who played (preyed) on the
stock market in Hell from 1919-1939. The forms and final consequences of currency pollution (soul food contamination) which
characterized the demonic Z-depression phase of the Second Word War, when the currency reforms and charges acts (CRACA)
were applied to all financial transactions in the flesh trades of Bottomside, as a means of providing the funding for war armaments
powers projects (WAPPs). A series of disastrous fluctuations in the value of units in the monetary systems of Hell produced by
the practice of random profit taking by big players on the stock exchanges of DIS. The sag in your neighbor’s leg, apparent after
he has paid the price for protecting his business interests, Hell style.

Satan eyes  [Suck Face Sleaze] Technically, ‘The eyes of Satan Lucifer’. All of the myriad forms of electronic surveillance and
gadgetry for violating the personal privacy of a soul body. A highly sophisticated system for electronic espionage, data, and
intelligence gathering, in effect a network of communications satellites, computers, mech-video monitors, bugs and other forms
of observation, used for crowd and population control as well as security and management purposes in Hell.

saw horse of the atomic chorus  [Debil’s Dribble] The specter of an atomic weapon conceived of as a kind of crude, four
legged Trojan horse or the thought of nuclear energy as if it were a type of great white elephant around the necks of consumers.

schlemm-do-baby  [Bigamous Hogamous] The act of inserting a rotating, slimy, sucker-sweetened tentacle into any of the
orifices of the humanic body, for purposes of recreational sex or demonic reproduction.

schlemmo-master  [Dis Dribblins da Dildo Dribble] One who instructs demons in the arts of torture and the acts of terror that
are associated with the practice of ‘Deep Schlemmo’. A kind of homicidal sex slave who instructs others in the rituals of soul
bondage for purposes of pleasing some monster or a master, in an imperial slave harem.

Second War on Words  [Militarese] That war on words which followed upon the heels of the ‘First War on Words’...stupid.
Specifically, the period from 1919 to 1939, during which all the atomic forces of Plutonian society were brought to bear upon the
task of reorganizing the complex systems of graft and government corruption which had historically characterized the business
and financial practices of Hell, in order to form a more democratic form of economy...That period in Hell sometimes referred to
as the ‘Glasnost Era.’

sewers of sleaze  [Crusto Sleaze] The sewers of Bottomside or the educational system of Sewercide. [Suck Face Sleaze] The
memory banks of a positronic robot, containing the binary code for lexical forms or memory functions associated with a sleaze
dialect. Any of the terror talk programming subroutines for the random memory banks of a babbling positronic robot.

shag-nastys topside  [Bigamous Hogamous] Corrupt bureaucrats and politicians among the governments of nations or states
topside. Any nasty, two legged creature with shag between its legs.

she goons  [Sewer Sleaze] A low grade worker on assignment in a soup kitchen middens in Sewercide or a reanimated creature
that is similar to a female baboon assigned to clerical duties in a goon squad for disciplinary activities in a training facility
anywhere in Sewercide.

she-nigs Biafra squished  [Scatoloco] The descendants of Lucy squished or compacted, or the African peoples considered as
second class cattle.

shima turkeys  [Scatoloco] The souls of Turks and Oriental jerks, converted to a highly concentrated beef jerky shaped in the
form of a scorched turkey.

shock and shark markets  [Burocratese] The portion of a business district reserved for the sale and exchange of human flesh,
commodities (stocks and bondage) and for the collection of charges or cuts rendered for services by those agencies charged with
administering and admonishing the diverse business clientele of Disco.

shrimp bimbo pissins  [Simp Sleaze] A type of inflatable toy blimp, capable of floating through the air and of dropping things
on what is below. [Militarese] A somewhat diffuse mentation revolving around dangerous objects floating around in outer space.

Shussian muddle-heads  [Squish Hogamous] Russian soldiers who died during the Second World War topside.  [Sewer Sleaze}  
Extinguished members of the communist party in Russia.

sign of Dis (Himself) Hiss face of skulls  [Burocratese] One of many minor signs or insignia, such as the SD (Satanic Demon) or
SS (Satanic Service), stitched to the foreheads of fans in the military orders of DIS. [Sadis Sleaze]A sheath ring worn by high
grade SUCK agents, consisting of a golden band with ornamental skulls, often used as a French tickler for interrogation purposes.

signo-synono-nauseous  [Dis Lingo Lick Waz Nazi] Known or characterized by language nausea. That form of mental illness
which follows from too close an association with negative sights and signs.

sign of the times  [Squish Hogamous] The logo of an atomic mushroom cloud seen far off, beyond the horizon, lingering in its
glide up into the atmosphere. [Burocratese] A business promotional gimmick for selling interest in a state supported extortion

silver spoons  [Scatoloco] Ceremonial dippers used by state reanimated bab-luna boons to ladle out liquefied soul food to
celebrants and spectators on ceremonial occasions in Dis. Those imperial court heralds whose arms have been surgically removed
and replaced with large prosthetic spoons, used as units for the measurement of liquids dispensed on holidays or during state
sponsored political events when the dole bowl’s contents are to be divided up among the guests.

Simp-idiolectal (dis-claimed)  [Suck Face Sleaze] Uttered or otherwise expressed in any of the simp dialects, such as Simp
Sleaze, Crusto Sleaze, Sewer Sleaze, etc.

slashed red da posse dose Frenchie lip livers  [Scatoloco] An cognition revolving around the mangled remains of large
numbers of persons of French extraction, especially their lips and livers, with an unspecified amount of blood and pubic matter
thrown in.

smash da flesh  [Scatoloco] To subject flesh to pressure and energy in order to convert flesh and bone to a paste for processing
or dispensing purposes.

southern Cal-sucker service edi-son  [Burocratese] The branch of SUCK Intelligence in Western Limbo’s Dis Calfornix
responsible for counter intelligence and surveillance activities in the western regions of Hell. [Crusto Sleaze] The atomic power
grid for Western Limbo, which supplies electrical power to the automated atomic death camps of the far west.

Specific  [Crusto Sleaze] Of the Pacific Ocean in every particular.  [Crappo Lingo] Characterized by a menacing vagueness.

spec-taters  [Suck Face Sleaze] Those chosen to be implanted (regressed) into the form of a potato in a soul regression
experiment for study and refinement of the laws and principles of Karma and the Karma cycle.

speedo-freight (firs’ class)  [Crusto Sleaze] A designation of travel permit authorizing the immediate shipment of goods via an
induction system’s tubeways for cross Styx transit, allowing for several class-eight fright excursions along the way.

spicks on spigot  [Scatoloco] An automated food dispensing systems selector switch set to dispense a liquid potable made from
the soul bodies of Spanish speaking peoples.  Occasionally, a variety of Spanish hot sauces on tap.

spla-gink-oee  [Squish Hogamous]  Tragically and profoundly misguided.   Functionally retarded as well as mentally unhinged.  
[Sewer Sleaze] Given to fits of violence as a means of obtaining sexual gratification.  [Debil’s Dribble] Warped and degraded as
if bent by the will of another.

spooker spooks  [SS da Hogamous] The class of professional torturers in Dis.  HiSS SS Agents assigned to administer pain and
mutilation for infractions of the top secret service codes of Dis-conduct (see also ‘bully goons’).

spook induction centers  [Donkey Crappy] Any of a multitude of central processing points (usually somewhere in Limbo)
where the soul bodies of the newly departed appear suddenly on the transporter pads of a Karma converter, shortly after their
death. Those reanimation chambers in general, located throughout Hell, where the diffused particles of a soul body subjected to
transmutilation punishments are collected and reassembled into unique new life forces and experimental forms.

spook da French fries wid malted melted faschista da Spanishe  [Scatoloco] A hodgepodge of assorted flavors of soul food
first melted then mixed in a turbine powered blender (often on board a pig boat) and stored in a chilled liquefied form or deep
frozen in a cryonics amalgamated bankinks vault anywhere in DIS. [Pig Boat Sleaze] The command given by a kapitando (a
capitalista pig boat commander) ordering the crew to herd the freshest of souls into the slaughter chutes leading to the sub’s
inductor turbine ports for liquid processing prior to packaging.

squids  [Militarese]  A unit of exchange in the mega-butts range, used for specifying costs in weapons development and military
projects, equal to about $5,000,000 1984 dollars.  The largest class of nuclear submarine in the infernal navies pig boat fleets,
especially one that is self-sustaining and fully equipped with K.I.C.K.S. (Kong Instincts Cyber Knowledge Systems) a perpetual
motion concentration camp afloat.

squids of the tele-tentacular pie in the sky  [Proppo Graffiti Jive] Those con artists who comprise the highest echelons of the
television advertising and media industries of Bottomside whose far reaching activities include selling anything from terrorism to
teapots.   T.V. journalists, columnists, sportscasters, newspersons and others who make a career of reporting on the misery and
agony of others.

Squids Squished (1937)  [Squish Hogamous] Title of the longest running and most lucrative docudrama ever to appear on the
soapy airways of Hell, the award winning western adventure thriller concerned with the Second World War topside, in which
over one hundred million topsider cattle were rounded up and delivered to the squirrelly gates of Hell. Spanning the years 1937-
1945, and running almost continuously twenty-four hours a day for over fifty-nine years, the televised accounts of actual battles
and campaigns of the period have long remained one of the favorite entertainment spectacles of Dis-society.

squish  [Scatoloco] Nuclear fusion, the thermonuclear reaction which is the source of the sun’s energy, and is employed in the
hydrogen bomb. In nuclear fusion, the temperatures of millions of degrees required for the fusion are obtained by using atomic
fission bombs as detonators. A fusion bomb consists of a core containing the hydrogen isotopes deuterium and tritium
surrounded by a shell of U-235 and an outer shell of lithium deuteride. Heat from the fission of U-235 forces the hydrogen
isotopes to join with the release of neutrons and energy. Bombarded by neutrons the lithium nuclei are changed to helium and
tritium, thus creating a thermonuclear chain reaction.

squish factories  [Burocratese] The nuclear fusion reactor powered experimental food processing and packaging industries of
Hell, particularly those flash foods processing facilities located among the dense urban population centers on Nagshima Plains
from Level nine to Level twelve.

squishie headed  [Simp Sleaze]  Confused or misdirected by an uncritical use of language. Self-deluded or deceived by a chronic
failure to investigate the meaning of words.  Shaped and degraded, as well as controlled and directed, by those who deliberately
and maliciously misuse language for personal ends. Programmed or influenced in subtle ways by lexical constituents residing
below the level of conscious awareness. Caused to be a participant in an experimental fictive dream of lifelong proportions, in
which the script is hidden below the range of conscious awareness.

stage of Dis * depression  [Proppo Graffiti Jibe] The period of Hellish cinematography, from 1919 to 1939, during which
frontal depressionism rather than rectal projection was the dominant motif of the silver screen. Major motion pictures of the
period emphasized bold, starkly direct atomic approaches and tight camera angles to capture unique perspectives on the politics of
demonic terror, the cost economics of daily survival, and the psychic effects of continued existence under the perpetual threat of
sly counter throat cutting, with eventual, wholly predictable, prophylactic holocaust to follow. The period is perhaps best
remembered for the prolific practice called ‘outdoor theater,’ the notion that ‘delaying a production’ during a blast sequence was
no longer necessary, and that simply pointing the camera in any direction, at any location, on almost any occasion was as inspired
and as effective a method of capturing the sordid complacency and unrivaled complexity of Hellish society as was any other

stage of the sadistic tsunamis of sadness  [Hogamous Sleaze] Any of the tentactacular (a blend of tentacles and spectacular)
pinball atrocity attractions programmed by computer for the enlightenment of new arrivals to a state security death camp in
Limbo. [Simp Sleaze] The spectacular recreational and entertainment possibilities available to concentration camp staff and
administrative personnel under the auspices of SS State Security, during the period 1937-1945 in Hell. [Sadisto Sleaze] A high
order abstraction linking the collective agony of mankind during the Second World War to a grand and glorious play on words, as
to suggest that words themselves are the root cause of war, and that war could not exist were it not for the deliberate misuse and
conniving abuse of simple words...

stew  (da schmechen makt) [Scatoloco] Acronymic for ‘systems thermonuclear energy waste-basin’. Any subterranean pool of
‘boiling’ atomic waste, somewhat humorously referred to. Such a waste storage facility used for bathing purposes by the inmate
populations of Sewercide.

suck-a-bunch (report)  [SS da Hogamous] An order demanding a very detailed, thorough investigation of a subject, project, or
topic, with severe pain implied as a consequence for success or failure, given to an entire division of agents in any security
branch of a federal Suck intelligence agency.

suck-a-lollipop  [Bigamous Hogamous] A SUCK state security kangaroo interrogation technique whereby a victim is led to
believe that he is about to be fed a meal, but gradually comes to learn the object of preparations underway is to eat the victim
instead. The procedure usually begins after the victim has been thoroughly intimidated, stripped, and made to perform sexually
for the amusement of a crowd of onlookers. Then, with refined cruelty, the victim is made to choose one from among several
seemingly innocuous alternatives. For example, if he replies ‘yes’ to the question: ‘Do you want to suck-a-lollipop?’ then
preparations for the cannibal feast are begun.

S.U.C.K. Central  [Suck Schlemmo Sleaze] The Central Intelligence System of Hell, consisting of the SS Slut Service or Slut
Polis, HISS, RICTAS, and SUCK Central SS as well as any of the severed arms of the federated bureau of infernal thought police
in topside service (see ‘whole unholy pogrom’). Earliest of the intelligence gathering agencies in the service of the state, the
Historic Imperial Secret Service (HISS) was the division of S.U.C.K. Central Intelligence responsible for control, command, and
operations of the military weapons conglomerates in Dis. Historically, HISS was created for supervision of currency reforms and
monetary systems initiated early in the dark ages, but across the millennia HISS agents gradually assumed control over a range of
financial institutions ordered to accumulate funding for those research institutes charged with investigation of the properties of
transuranic elements, for purposes of weapons, and other science development projects. Following a series of disastrous atomic
and economic crises during the period 1915-1919 (Dis minor depression) prior to which HISS agency personnel had leaked
sensitive, confidential insider information on the value of stocks issued to fund a black market project in pilfered liquefied flesh
from the Limbo stalag systems inductor flow stream to downside (see
FARTS Stalags of 1848) the entire HISS agency was
crushed and crash reorganized in 1942, under the auspices of  B.I.M.B.O., Banks  for  Incorporated Management’s Breeding
Oligopolies. As of the present, the agency no longer plays a significant role in command, operations or decision-making processes
in DIS. The SS Slut Service or Slut Polis (the Sordid Service of DIS) remains that division of SUCK Central that traditionally
controlls the entertainment and educational sectors of Hell, hence is responsible for shaping much of the cultural aspects of
asocial society. Slut agent provocateurs simplify all broadcast and print media for purposes of the primary and secondary
education of the silent majority of demons. As the propaganda arm of the state, slut agencies policies (SAP) run the gauntlet of
flog-televidio and porn-musk motion picture production services, as well as all commercial punk-news, radio and mech-eunuch
televangelism, vigilance committee advertising scams, and vigilante mega-zany service ripe publications instrumental in the
suppression of attitudes or ideas held to be hostile to, or in disrepute by, the federal bureaucracies of the state. SAP squads for
suppression, apprehension and formal penitention of souls also police the centers for marginal conformity in Sewercide, at all
levels of asocial organization. RICTAS (RAND Intelligence Center Training Aides and Systems), incorporates the military
intelligence academies of DIS, which train and condition agents for the intelligence arms of R.A.N.D. (Regional Atomic Nuclear
Directorate) and those Disco agencies charged with the supervision of the major corporations on the Fortunate 5000 Hit List, the
core corporations of Dis industries, commercial, trade and manufacturing districts organized under the umbrella of the MUD
conglomerate. As such, RICTAS agents observe and supervise all aspects of day-to-day operations in an enormous array of state
supported scientific and technological projects. Most of the RICTAS academies’ efforts of late have been directed toward the
conditioning and motivation of key scientific personnel working in state of the art weapons research and development projects
within r.a.n.d. (Robotics and Nucleonics Division), A.N.T.S.  (Agency for Nuclear or Thermonuclear Science) and L-DOPA
(Legendary Department of Plutonium Atomics). The RICTAS system was created in 1919 by imperial decree, in response to a
breakdown in H.I.S.S. discipline and a perversion of the currency of the state by agents of the Historic Imperial Secret Service
who had defected to Limbo during the Waz-nazi uprisings that lead to the Second War on Words (l919-1939). Since 1942,
RICTAS agents have assumed control over most of the weapons conglomerates in Dis.

                                  SUCK CENTRAL SS (State Security Systems Service)

The primary intelligence organ of DIS, Suck Central SS remains the most powerful and ruthless revenue generating, information
gathering and population control agency in the history of the modern police state. At the pinnacle of the gluttonous military power
structure of Hell, The SUCK Directorate serves as the central enforcement arm for the left arm of R.I.O.T., the judicial branch of
Disco charged with adjudication of bankruptcy claims in HELL, and the right arm of T.E.R.R.O.R., the tribunal ecclesiasticus for
rigorous revenue and organized rip-offs. Formed in 1854 as an agency for the preservation of Ur-demonic morale and moral
values, according to article 22 of the Summa Kum Lordly Reich Titanian Councils Codices of Bent (published as the
Proclamation for Reclamation of Procrustean and Cephalic Intent) the agencies under the umbrella of the SUCK Directorate were
later granted huge tracts of land (C.R.O.P.s) in the primal territories of Limbo (Levels 2-6) as a means of extending the criminal
and financial prerogatives of the state. During a series of SUCK sponsored, clandestine business wars fought for control of
lucrative trade routes through the Limbo territories, SUCK agents organized, funded and directed an official Waz-nazi breeding
pogrom (see Brief History of the Waz-nazi) in Limbo, for the purpose of consolidating political control under one banner and one
party, in order to domesticate and eventually dominate the willful and barbarous demonic subjects of the region. Part and parcel
of the domestication policies entered into by SUCK operatives in the region was the construction, modification and fine tuning of
a stunning system of regionally administered concentration camps designed to house the hordes of new citizens propagated by the
wholesale and retail breeding practices of the ashcan nazi siblings (offspring of the Waz-nazi breeding pogrom). Due to the
crushing success of this early intelligence venture, SUCK agencies eventually succeeded in amassing financial control over all of
the formal death camps (gulags and stalags) of HELL. Imbued with the power to extort payments on a scale hitherto undreamed
of by the state, supported by the inclination to distribute justice with impersonal malice, and backed by the deliberate and
premeditated use of atomic weapons as a means of compelling the recantation and achieving financial remuneration from wealthy
victims, SUCK Central remains the principle revenue generating organ of the infernal regions.

sump  [Sewer Sleaze] A chemical storage dump, usually deep below a gulag or death camp, or several such sumps linked
together by induction tubeways below a region of dense population, as a part of the sewer system of Sewercide. [Suck Face
Sleaze] Any of the moxie organic processing sumps (mops) within a M.O.P.S. (Mobile Operations Pumping Station), especially
such a device for the separation and reclamation of chemicals or substances shattered into their constituent elements by
thermonuclear implosion.

surplus gore  [Burocratese] An excess of ground or roasted entrails, shaped in dehydrated, burger sized currency units, to be
held in storage until the market price for flesh can be adjusted or manipulated upward for maximum profit.

swag ana cargo Hitler  [Pig Boat Sleaze] Regurgitated pastes or other biodegradable byproducts of the flesh trades, such as S.W.
A.G. ‘served within a gulag’, C.A.R.G.O ‘cut and refrigerated grave organs’, and H.I.T.L.E.R. ‘health foods imported from
topside: legs, ears, ribs’. Any of the liquefied soul foods products dispensed in vending machines throughout Bottomside by the
amalgamated squish industry of Sewercide known as Hymies Import Trust: Let ‘r Ripe.

synono nauseous  [Debil’s Dribble] Characterized by the ta' acronymic sign language used by SUCK Intelligence agencies and
Imperial Hiss Militant Forces for secret, coded communications, a simple, representative list of which follows: (see next