palace atomic piles da boiler room                                                                                                             pussy peoples
palace atomic piles da boiler room  [Simp Sleaze] A breeder reactor at Level 12, three levels below the Imperial Crystal Palace
in Neu-Babelsburg Dis of Pandemonium, which provides the source of electricity required to illuminate the estates of the imperial

palace of Hiss Dis imperial majesty  [Bigamous Hogamous] The Gothic Pleasure Chamber of Satan Lucifer VII at Level 12
within the Imperial Crystal Palace, in CHAPS Lip Land Nips Po Crania, summer home of the imperial family.

palace Yellow Mello Cellars  [Sewer Sleaze] The inverted cone shaped quadrant, crisscrossing Levels 13 to 26, which lies
under the Imperial Crystal Palace in Neu-Babelsburg. Specifically, Level 26, in the deepest reaches of the caverns below the
Crystal Palace. The Palace slave quarters with its belly goony recreation rooms. Any of the sado seduction chambers within the

Pandemonium  [Burocratese] Term whose origin is dated to circa 200,000 B.C. for the site in ancient Hell where the palace of
Satan Lucifer I once stood. The first and foremost principal city of Hell, founded in 200,000 B.C. following the cessation of
hostilities in the 9000 Year Galactic War of the Angels.

Pandemonium des pelicans Dis-re-publickers  [Stupor Pud Talk] Archaic, the magma portal penitentiary at Level Seven, once
reserved for diseased members of the American Republican Party, but converted in 1941 to a compaction center for the
criminally insane assholes who drive the freeways of topside.

Pearl’s body  [Simp Sleaze] The Hawaiian Islands, topside. Specifically, the harbor at Pearl, on the Island of Oahu, in the
Hawaiian Islands, prior to December 7, 1941.

peasants an’ croissants Managua da Samosa  [Scatoloco] A spicy, rich-bodied soul food staple supplied by the cattle barons
of Central and South America, topside.

Pelicans  [Hogamous Gook Squish Gobble] The collective class of those souls, once citizens of the United States of America,
who form the most commonly occurring herds of cattle in eastern Limbo.

Philo-pine-Nuts  [Scatological Sleaze] Testicles in general, but especially those of Philippine peoples.

pig boat  [Burocratese] A submarine...stupid. Since 1921, a nuclear powered submarine.

pig boat kapitandos  [Literally, pig-headed boat men] [Hogamous Sleaze] The class of elite demons who command the crews of
the kapitando merchant marine, but especially the commanders of those nuclear submarines who ferry souls and cargo across the
Stygian wastes of the River Styx. Those who transmutilate souls across the border from Limbo to Dis proper.

pin-balls  [Bigamous Hogamous] Little steel balls or bullets which serve as drunk tanks for the compacted souls of drunken
drivers. Itty bitty little bullets of up to 150 caliber, used in the spectacular, architectronic computer games of nineteen fifties style
death camps such as Disco*Dump*da*Skulls. Specially designed munitions for arcade vogue concentration camps such as
additional data, see the following article from the Dis-Dispatch for June 12, 1954.)

                                        "Dis-Visions of Hiss from a Distance"
By Foggy Wide Clicks (encrypted with adjustments for hiss units of distance)
Dateline:  Dis Calfornix, Limbo Camp Skulls:

All DIS lit up was Disco*Dump*da*Skulls so like a pisser dat I be doin' quaint licks on dis fo' some time to come.  Whad be da
gist of dis?  Come see, come saw, you bet!  It be da grandest yet.  From a dis-tance the stink was bliss of puke and piss dat
floated ‘cross da desert crust.  And ouda dis rose Disco mist distilled abominous! But through dis mist rose something kissed by
Hiss Satanic fist.  Its shape was mushroom Mecca-ton, Dis-therm da nuke die bomb, flattened and distended ona face Limbo
ground.  Dis Magic Mountains glowed radiant wid radiation ina distance, and far off to da west could be seen Free Way Satana,
now chock full of dose die souls dat been ordered to go da distance.

I arrived at 10:00, promptly you bet. Inside, da place was pinball madness.  Musta been ten billion souls drummed tight ina
swarming den formin' lines dat streamed through da entrance turnstiles.  It was a scene swarmin' waz nazi nauseous.  Over the
entrance was a ray glow sign dat read: "Add-Mission at Midway." Zeros overhead strafed the spooks lined up to pay da price
admission.  Big Pol Pot spectacle sat beside his enormous stew pot, cookin' what he got from da mud moist mouth of this
gigantic slippery dick distended an' open ended as an entrance portal.  Admission per spook fuss was one thumb or any two
fingers.  Put 'em in Pol's Pot while he gloated an' slug rot through you.Upstream a short distance be da usual Sewercide eateries
featuring Disco deluxe tidbits.  Business was brisk.  Best joints serving tits and t-wats in dis area so named Spandai Gestapo
Punch Bowl, an dat d-light filled wid little oil, Was-Nazis da Warsaw, and Ghetto-Klans Destined Diners where specialties da
house be ordered disoriented, naturally.  I tried the fried Vichy Scallions wid Dis necro-fried nigs.  Butt don't pass up a cup of
Prussians wid prawns Shussians Stalin graded.  Although da price was somewhat inflated.  And if you have a spare eye or two to
contribute to da stew price, you might enjoy the buffet style servings of Ghetto Progresso da Warsaw, as sauce on yo’ delicate
Auschwitz sandwiches an' Buchenburgers, or the Spooks da French Fries wid Malted Melted Fashista da Spanishe.  Four stars
**** be Dis service! Best known spectator spectral attractions at Dis tip of the park without a dubious doubt let me short punch
out Master Bastions of Moscow.  See twenty million Shussian souls jerked off befo' yo' berry eyes, balled and battered
Bolsheviks an' Menshes de-brained and bespattered, den ball blasted and spooned out daily to da spectators fo' da mission price a
one liver, topside die baby.Lil mo' upstream Main Street dis piss alley an' you kum to stretcher land da Philippine Jungle
Bushwhack.  Admission two nuts, Philippine type.  Real trip out was dis.  Gunboats go back across real time jungle with creepers
and Jap chaps displayed dissected.  Spooks thrill as gunboat crews and gunners enjoy one big gawking hunt for geeks and
gooks.  Mechano-spit guns are issued to each spook-tator.  Try dis; you like it. If this is your thing, go cruise Midway and
display dose specter attractions in Chinks Garden Electro-Groupies.  There are four in a row named Zeros add Pearl, Guts and
Balls in Guam, Gook Cooks Guadalcanal Pinball, and Chinks Bataan Back-stabbin'.  Nearby you will find the grisly attraction
called Starvation in Old Stalingrad, but this ride’s rather slim on service and your pride.  I don't recommend it for the poor and
the disposable. Beyond the Midway and near Chinks Gardens Eateries you will find the delightful sight of Dizzy Famoso's
Chocked-up Chop Sticks, and the frightening restaurant chain gang known as Pink Chink Cheeks in Peking and the celebrated
Chap-Lords o' da Solomon’s.  If you like rice dishes served with race and winos go dere.  But not after dark, you dig?  Unless
you dig that sort of thing. From this point lookout across to the south, you see east with one eye, south with the other.  You see
Dis-Subs Loco Land East, and So Bigs' Monte Casino Messerschmitt Madness south, one of the most incredible spectacles of
spackle fried spook splendid you will find this side of Infanticide.  Take the boardwalk on your right and follow the sightless
signs through the archetypal archway.  Sign over the arch reads, "Waz-Nazi et Nauseous!" The admission price is four Caucasian
die-souls bottled butt id be worth it.  Just pass through the anus aperture and you will find the ghastly-tractions dispelled Arcades
Hogamous da Deutschland.  Play all the games in this establishment with double bets.  My personal preference was Cunt-Stukas
in Stuttgart, butt try also Kraut Bingo Blitzkrieg London and the colossal Bulges-Battles-Armies-Ardennes.  For spoil sport
suckers I recommend Panzers in Dis-Paris or Breast Bombers uber Berlin, but don't forget to pull the pin before you plow right
in. If you have worked up an appetite for tit, I recommend turn left at Chews Famous Ashes add Auschwitz and try the pie at
Krakow Scarecrows.  The view will be chilling and certainly thrilling to you. Central da park you find two attractions hic-named
Limbo Lamentations O'er Dis-oceans da Stews.  Take da ride ona Pig Boats Caribbean and exit via Pirates Torpedo.  Then enjoy
the breeze as you fly Sorties of Sleaze over Coral Seas.  But rent the boots and hoods for sale before you enter the pigboats.
(Take my word for it.)  And don't eat the chews (dey be poison).  If you slide down Yankin' Yank Subs 'Round Yokohama, you
will pass by (be discharged) long by by you pay one leg each to see Dis Rat Ride right up to da door before Dis Uni-varsity
Studios 'Lectronic Extravaganza His-Tronic Dis Games da Cosa Nostra.  If your forte is lust, this is a must for you!  And check
out the porn eatery there known as Nude Necrophiles in Naples.  The riff raff from da spiffy porn flickers sucker off all spook
pud souls at dinner, so don't say I didn't warn you.  Proppo-graffiti Jibe on this say, "Re-assemble body parts of the wappo-gals
dissected as Waz-Nazi victims.  Then hack them back to pieces while you ravage them again and again.  Millions of
Interchangeable body parts let you create and recreate with the dis-doll of your dreams.  With your sadisto-mistress you seduce
and despoil until you are sated and saggy.  Try wid sauce of boys." Unless you've seen it, here's a lil bite of the best stuffing for
speech, each of dese pitchforks fo’ pitiless profit taking.

                                                   Zeros At Pearl
Lead an attack squadron of zeros on Pearl's body.  Destroy with sadis-faction the whole Melican fleet at anchor between Pearl's
white satin thighs.  See the good guys beat up while you get beat off!  Aromatic Pelican stew is served drag in disposable, throw-
away containers as a freebee.  Id ain’t ancient, bud it’s a sight ta see.

                                            Starvation in Stalingrad
Starve a topsider city to death while you sack and burn the surrounding countryside!  Rout all civilian survivors, then round them
up and exterminate at will.  Chews are divided equally among the highest scoring contestants.  Let your appetite be your guide as
you starve the suffering and unarmed multitudes to death.  Butt remember to catch your breath, you be breathless unless.

                                    Bulges, Battles, Armies, Ardennes
Recreate all the sad scenarios of flames and fan-famous battles of World War II.  Sock it to the enemy until there is nothing left
of the surface but a crusty film of sterile dust.  This is a must for those of you who get off on mustard gas.  Admission requires
six verified topsider heart attacks.

                                     Master-Mind Bastions in Moscow
After witnessing the death of 20,000,000 Shussian piss poor peasants, pick off the desperate populations of the Northern
European allied nations, and sack natural resources of same, while you subdue and rape all the helpless.  Admission: one liver
from a dead cow baby.

                                             Panzers in Dis-Paris
Participate in a recreation of the sack of Paris topside.  Pus-rape Parisian peasants, piss on important art works, and shid on all
civil populations indiscriminately.  Dis-robe whosoever, disembowel at will, dis-frock and disfigure all wid your personal Panzer
tank, cock of the walk cocksure of your self-importance!  Chews served throughout are certain to be distinguished.

                                         Kraut Bingo Blitzes London
Launch your own V-2 rockets and relive the thrills and chills in old London of the Blitzkrieg.  Massacre thousands and thousands
of British lifers and lambs.  The chews are exceptionally juicy, especially if those freeze-dried die-chaps have been getting to you.

                                       Leopard Tanks Crack Warsaw Ghetto
Pound the Warsaw Ghetto chews to bits for Borsht and cheese blitzes with your armored vehicles and artillery pieces.  Command
your own armored division against helpless women and children.  All Leopard tanks are equipped with 88 mm Howitzers.  This is
bingo heaven for those who demand accuracy and realism when they’re shooting' up!  Drugs supplied on demand for special
effects.  Try if you be disagreeable... This will string you up!

                                            Spandau Gestapo Punch-bowl
Bowl over your enemies young and old, sick and feeble, weak and defenseless, in this exciting new distraction from the camp
concentration series.  Torture, tear, and terrify to your heartless contents of countless comeuppance.

                                                   Krakow Scarecrows
Cook up concentration camp concoctions that you personally spoon-feed to the cripple cut inmates.  Count calories in this novel
torture game, a must for the criminally insane and all crazed nutritionist fanatics.  Take bets to see who lives the longest.  
Participants are piped to Ashes at Auschwitz for refreshments...

                                               Dis-Bombers Blitz Berlin
Feel the thrills and enjoy the swill and spectacle of the destruction of Hitler's capitol city topside!  Be sly and drop every load of
shit from the sky.  Say by by to the flies below, before you blow all the mother fuckers to Hell.  All these soul bogies to be
sentenced to the pit right below the spot where a Daddy Debil takes a shid, daily.  Put some ids in your crawdads.  Try it!

                                                Dis-Stukas At Stuttgart
Dive you own personal Stuka right into the cunt of your enemy's country.  Extra stew points for taking out Spitfires and hospital
ships in yo’ enemies' sea lanes.  Bingo points for hits on Liberty Ships.  Special maximum payoff points convertible for two day
vacations laid back and dick slappy at the Dis-Co rest home of your choice for perfect scores on your opponents' armaments
                                             The shape of stings to come:
Be wise guys waitin' for these nuke coming attractions.  Rumors round dis town say DIS bingo daddy's going to open a whole
range of playful degradese at the park up-rectums soon.  Apparently, it's going to be like Grumman’s at Gremlins Chinese, so
special will the banquet be.  Hot items are rumored to include big loads of Biafra Biscuits in Salvadorian sauce, Peasants and
Croissants Managua de Samosa, Uganda Hoagies Deep Dish wid Nag Stew Balls, and more Chopped-up Chopsticks passed off
with a new name, V-Kong da Mekong Fritters in Salsa USA.  Also look forward to a slew of Cambodian cupcakes, served with
Hmong stomach and Tai thighs (ain't got no mo' Mau Mau) and three items that this correspond-ant can't quite figure out.  What
do you make out of these?  Afrigan Sand Nigs Bonsai in Oil Saudi-Ahab... Argentine Beaners Belgrando da Melicans wid Brutish
Lion livers and Chippies Lips ... Afghan-Gorilla Dogs Stuffed up Shussian Buns and Buttocks in a Crust ordered Mustard Gas ...
That's id.  Asp this remains the swill news on Camp Skulls, butt stay tuned, puddle heads, 'cause there's more to tell!

piss-schmuchy  [Suck Face Sleaze] Marked with urine for identification purposes. Typed as identified for disposal in a M.A.O.
‘mobile atomic oven’

pledge da legions dis-allied  [Militarese]
                                 Smash ‘em up, smash ‘em up, kick ‘em ina face:
                                 Bash ‘em up, bash ‘em up, fuck ‘um any place:
                                 Crush ‘em up, crush ‘em up, Stomp ‘um inta pus:
                                 Mush it up, hush it up, butt just donut make a fuss.

pole-oxen  [Scatoloco] The Polish people considered as the stupidest of cattle.

pole-Ox chews  [Vox Populis] Souls of the Polish people that have been converted to chewing gum.

pole-oxen da Shussians  [Scatoloco] Any of the Polish people who died in Russian held Poland.

ponderous as ponderoso  [Burocratese] Immensely heavy, disproportionate in thought or deed.

pops  [Sewer Sleaze] See ‘mops and pops’.

pops and mops da nations topside  [Burocratese] Any of the historical breeding units in the cattle breeds of topside.

porn-flicks  [Bigamous Hogamous] Feature length (24 hour long) pornographic movies shot on board vessels in the pig boat
fleets operating in the slave trade and soul traffic across the River Styx, especially such movies as are concerned with themes of
suction and friction.

porn-sub * section, sucto da fiction  (vulgate division)  [Hogamous Sleaze] The section of a pig boat reserved for the crew’s
quarters and entertainment (see above).  

POWER SOURCES and RESOURCES of DIS  [Burocratese] The grid of atomic reactors which supply the energy needs of
Hell, as well as the related industrial and manufacturing centers linked by intake induction tubeways to their respective mines and
mineral resources at Level 13 in Sewercide. The heavy industrial sector of DIS, with its power plants, minerals, chemical
processing, and light manufacturing facilities.

pox of sin  [Sewer Sleaze] A reference to super special food supplies such as the radiation cancers of Sewercide. A unit of
cancerous flesh such as a slice off a slab of tumor turkey.

preggies da piggies  [Sadis Sleaze] A pregnant pig (a Caucasian sow) or a brood family of such piglets.

proto-tuberances  [Squids Squished da Hogamous] An intricate, experimental breeding machine’s mechanical implant apparatus
with waldos for clasping and positioning of the victim, prior to the injection of its ovipositor for implanting of demonic eggs.

Prussians wid prawns Shussians Stalin-graded  [Scatoloco] A common, demonic military, soul food hash, made from the
flesh of Poles and Russians who passed away during the rain of terror in Russia under the visionary Joseph V. Stalin.

pseudo-poded  [Squish Hogamous] Literally, ‘equipped with false feet’. Consigned to the memory banks of a positronic
prosthesis. [Crappo Lingo] Implanted in a life form below the level of multicellular animals.

pud-dunk  [Kong Con Gone Gobble] To be compacted into one of the fuel assembly cells of an atomic reactor.  Literally, ‘one
who has ridden the atomic wind’ of a thermonuclear explosion. The state of being incinerated, as from within a fuel cell of an
atomic bomb, to experience the explosion first hand.

puds da loons  [Hogamous Gook Squish Gobble] Flunkies or puds who serve high ranking officers (loons) in charge of the
squish flesh compaction vaults of the imperial treasury of Dis.

pukie piss purple  [Crusto Sleaze] A mixture of puke and purple piss, with a head on it, squeezed from the filth and debris on
the floor of a satanic slaughter house.

pus-purple snoz-magma  [Squish Hogamous] The nasal discharge and minor discomfort associated with snorting molten
magma. The genital disorder suffered by those forced to squat in hot lava or what’s left after sex with molten steel.

pus-rectally  [Sadis Sleaze] Relocated (mutilated) or partly rearranged so as to have one’s ears sewn to one’s asshole. [Suck
Face Sleaze]  Said with one’s fingers stuck up one’s asshole, fiddling with oneself in front of one’s superiors, as a means of
gaining attention for sexual favors.

puss fuck  [Bigamous Hogamous] To suffer the consequences of a demonic orgasm. [Scatoloco] To be turned into cheese.
[Sadis Sleaze] To be fucked until there is nothing left of you but a putz, with some pus in it.

pus slobberous  [Sadis Sleaze and Bigamous Hogamous] A reference to a class of various speech disorders associated with
sucking too much slobber or pus from a mechanical orifice.

pus-turkey  [Scatoloco] A bail of ground meat, one foot in diameter, made from the flesh of ground up cattle fed only on soul

pussy peoples  [Suck Schlemmo Sleaze] Mankind considered as an expendable sexual object.
Portrait of Foggy Wide, seen
open  eyed and now mainly
clarified... as it hangs on the
wall of the officers recreation
room at   Camp*Skulls in