legions of knuckleheads                                                                                             Oz Czar Daws (Zard Oz) Waz-Nazi
legions of knuckleheads  [Hogamous Sleaze] The ephemeral, federal labor swarms, those quasi slave laborers recruited from
the woozie uranic labor corporation, who were severely brutalized with assorted and distorted language dysfluencies or
dysfunctions induced through the attachment of a sadomacious profile-axis card to their positronic prosthesis, and which were
then assigned to ‘cow bully’ duty while patrolling the hard herds of the buffalo chips cattle breeds of Limbo and Dis proper.
[Suck Face Sleaze] Those poorly educated (lingually mutilated) labor leaders who stalk the ranks of workers at all levels of the
woozie uranic regions labor camps in the amalgamated slave labor industrial and commercial trusts of Bottomside.

lepers drippins  [Scatoloco] A type of Mickey Finn (a concoction of deadly chemicals) administered in a drinking potion for the
purpose of exciting the destructive reproductive behaviors of demons or a similar concoction used to lace the water supply of a
region, especially a region responsible for the consequences of failure to meet important local overpopulation quotas. A form of
population control in Sewercide.

Level 812 refuse and reusables screening squad  [Sewer Sleaze] A sludge impaction sump crew trained to enter an induction
systems pumps and pipe ways for maintenance of the system and monitoring of the telltales for a mark mechnoidal death camp’s
cloaca waste disposal ports for retrieval of useful mineral substances, such as dental gold...etc.  A member of such a squad,
referred to as a simple s.i.m.o.n. (a suction induction maintenance operations nerd).

lick-clitty  [Sadis Sleaze] The act of forcing something to perform oral sex upon a kind of large, fanged cattle cat of the family
Smilodont Buford Kisikisicus, in a gator-sex gladiatorial arena or sadomacious entertainment theater of Sewercide.

lick-shit da bebil  [Suck Face Sleaze] An order issued to a butt strumpet or sewer slut in a dysfunctional seduction chamber to
prepare for lingual duty among Sewercide government circles.

lifers  [Archaic Dis-Spiranto] Those largely forgotten dark angels of The Fall, from the order ‘primal odor demons’ (PODS),
who participated in the prophylactic campaigns of the 9000 year Galactic War of the Angels (210,000 to 201,000 B.C.), the
remains of whose mobile electromechanical simulacra can be found in the historic districts of Dis of Pandemonium, where their
creeping, rusty hulks still attract hordes of tourists and those interested in the origins and entomologies of ancient DIS.

lil bats ina belfry  [Symbol Syphilis] The tele-pathetic sensors of a Suck sla-v agent’ used for monitoring interrogation, mind
control, or any of the transmutilation, mentacide and terror tactics employed by the SUCK and HISS SS intelligence agencies.

Limbo  [Burocratese] Literally, “Land grants for imperial management’s Bimbo operations.’ That region of Hell from the bottom
of topside to the top of Dis proper, composed of Levels two through six, extending down to the nearside shore boundary of the
River Styx.  Any of the land and grant franchises for the operations of state supported private utilities issued by the breeding
trusts of BIMBO (Banks of Incorporated Management’s Breeding Oligopolies) called for in article 27 of the ‘Codices of Bent’
issued (ordered) by authority of the Reich Titanian Council in May of 1854. [Crusto Sleaze] The breeding farms or soul fine
ranchos’ of Limbo, circa 1856-1890. [Proppo-graffiti Jive] The breeding baskets of Hell, the pig farms and cattle ranches of
Limbo proper, Levels three through five in central and western Limbo, such as ‘Circle Jerk Six Pack’, Cons-Hisstoria, Tyrano-
Turks Limited, or the Bulldykes and Bull Pens along the wide vermin shores regions of the River Styx through levels six and

Limbo lingo (rusty)  [Vox Populis] A reference to the principal dialects, including d-graded Dis-Spiranto, spoken by the demonic
populations of Limbo (see ‘Economic, Geo-Political and Social Dialects of Dis’).

Logo da Suck Central insignia [typically $ on the arms of a swastika]  [Suck Face Sleaze] The rectilinear and oblique, stylized
claw in the shape of a Swastika, or the four bent-armed figure of the Swastika, slightly rotated, on the twisted sleeves of which is
stitched the symbol of the dollar sign ($), worn on the golden collars of Suck Central Intelligence agency personnel of officer
rank, as an emblem of membership in the Club 200, an erotic organization for privileged demons who have acquired 200 years of
experience in the Sadistic Imperial Service (SIS). Or, a lavaliere or pendant worn around the neck with the figure of a leach
pinned to a black cross, the insignia of a SLA-V agent of SUCK Central SS (State Security Scum Suckers) the Sacred Coven for
Uxoric Murder whose security units are chosen for knavery, ruthlessness, and sadism.

Luz-a-tania  [Received Standard Higamous] Literally, ‘The attainment of enlightenment’ or ‘contrary to the orders of darkness’
(not to be confused with ‘Booze-atania’, the alcoholic trust controlling the means of production and distribution of liquefied
potables in’ Bottomside). [Suck Face Sleaze]  Corrected spelling of  ‘Lusitania’, which  occurred  in an  important  SUCK
communications memo issued from the Office of Wars and Weapons Research Projects on May 1, 1915 to waz nazi agents of
DIS in Limbo, ordering the destruction of ‘Luz-a-tania.’ Instead, the British steamship ‘Lusitania’ was torpedoed and sunk by a
German submarine on May 7, 1915. The passenger liner, under British registration, was sunk without warning off the Irish coast
with a loss of 1195 lives of which 128 were American citizens. A warning to Americans against taking passage on British vessels,
signed by the Imperial German Embassy, appeared in the morning papers on the day the vessel was scheduled to sail, but too late
to accomplish its purpose. The Lusitania was unarmed, though the Germans made a point of the fact that it carried munitions for
the allies. The considerable sympathy for Germany, which had previously existed in the United States to a large degree,
disappeared following the sinking, and there was demand from many quarters for an immediate declaration of war against
Germany. However, President Woodrow Wilson chose the course of diplomacy, and after prolonged negotiations Germany finally
conceded responsibility for the sinking and agreed to make reparations and to discontinue sinking passenger liners without
warning. The immediate crisis passed, but the incident contributed to the rise of American sentiment to enter the war. Ironically,
the waz nazi interpretation of the term as it occurred in the original War Department Memo, which was sent to identify military
targets to be dispatched by the chain of command in Limbo during the First Word War, confused ‘Luz-a-tania’ (the Atomic
reactor complex in Limbo for processing of bomb grade fuels for the Dumbo One series of 25 megaton atomic weapons) with
‘Lusitania’, the name of the British passenger liner. And, as a consequence of the resulting confusion caused by this disastrous
error in translation, which was directly contradictory to the dark designs of Dis, American military forces eventually entered the
war (First World War, topside) on the side of the Allies rather than as intended, as a corporate partner of the Axis Powers.

machine chops and fondus da foundries  [Crusto Sleaze] The recreations cartel in Sewercide whose member corporations
specialize in the invention and promotion of exotic arcadian electronic torture chambers for the recreational death camps popular
among the demonic youth of Limbo Dis Calfornix. [Sewer Sleaze] Any of the CHOPS corporations of Sewercide, located at
Level 17, which manufacture the mobile atomic furnaces or ‘BIG MACS’, the efficient ‘biodegradable Industrial gulags’ with
‘mobile antimatter compaction and sorting’ capacities, one of several types of toy ovens available within a CHOP, or ‘Camp
Holocaust Ordnance Playground’.

Mag8niffy (sometimes Mag$nifty) [Suck Schlemmo Sleaze] The concurrence of opinion fixed at 8 on a 10 point scale for rating
the destructive spectacle of an atomic or thermonuclear explosion viewed from within the protected confines of a CHOP SHOP
(shielded headquarters for operations personnel) in any of the more modern and mechanized death camps of Limbo.

maniacally idol  [Sadisto Sleaze] Idol worship of the type associated with whips, chains and flails.  One of those
electromechanical idols (architectonic simulacra or artificial troglodyte series) which house all that remains of the urform dark
angels of the fall, whose diminished cognitive processes were replicated (by Von James Leonitis Van Eyes) into the electronic
storage banks of early experimental versions of Von James’s well known positronic brains.   [Simp Sleaze] Any of the extra-v-
grant animatronic rides and stationary attractions for idol recreations found in the parks and playgrounds of Bottomside.

manure-scribed  [Dis-Pidgin Speech] Written in S.H.I.T. code (secret hieroglyphic intelligence telltale) as a means of translation
between buggish and demonic dialects. [Sewer Sleaze] The application of haruspex to Dis dialect studies.

meat (flash) da dead [Scatoloco]  Tons of meat or flesh in general.  An exchange unit equal to 10 metric tons of humanic flesh,
a type of currency certificate, bought, held, and sold for investment purposes, in the money markets of DIS.

mega boom-booms  [Dick Lingo Sleaze] Periods marked by sly urges, but especially great surges of trading in the stock markets
of Bottomside, such as those that occurred following the news of the formal declaration of hostilities known as the Second Word
War (1919-1939) fought between Dis and Limbo. A measure of the total stock of assets listed on an exchange, following an
August 1945 series of surges.  The overall reaction to the consequent rise in interest rates has been compared to the waves of a
Richter class 8 earthquake felt above the locus of the quake focus, topside.

mega-bucks  [Squids Squished da Hogamous] The highest currency denomination of DIS, a fraction of the flesh profits realized
by use of a 100 megaton thermonuclear weapon, that is to say, equal to $10,000,000.

mega-butts  [Dick Lingo Sleaze] The number of useful butts potentially recoverable from a 100 megaton thermonuclear
explosion considered as the second largest currency exchange unit in Dis, and equal to approximately 150,000 human buttocks or

mega-phonic moronic  [Dis Dribblins da Dildo Dribble]  In the sly monotone and monotonous manner of an electronically
programmed media broadcast for pro-pa-gizmo (propaganda).  Communicated through the speech sensors or speaker phones of
a mechanical dildo (an advanced model) attached to an A.B.M. (artificial breeding machine.)  Spoken as if with a descending
colon’s fragrant, egressive air stream mechanism, e.g. eructant, like a belch.

Mekong delta bong  [Hogamous Gook Squish Gobble] A command in a code known as the ‘f.a.r.t.s. Cipher’ used by SUCK SS
intelligence agents on business occasions, as a means of conducting private conversations between agents on duty in public. [Not
to be confused with the farting that goes on around a C.H.O.P. (see also ‘Mekong delta banger).

Melicans da sucked-off queen  [Debil’s Dribble] Any of the soul brothers from allied military expeditionary forces topside
whose livers were sacrificed on the altar of national ego, as pawns of corporate nationalist expansionist creed for CRAP (Crown
Colony Regional Acquisitions Policies) for the implementation of extra territorial ambitions. (See article by Charlie lil White Lie
of Gookmonger, ‘Cons of Great Burdens on Pale White Hopes’.

Memo da Mammon sewer service, nosy bulletin  [Burocratese] A subtopical newsletter composted in Bigamous Hogamous by
the propaganda arm of the Cancer Desserts Institute of Dis for public display (in this instance on a billboard at level 12.12,  
Bottomside, on August 1, 1944).

                                                     Listen up Dis-tended Shinheads

Dose Nevada tests we be doin' goin' take lil mo' time puta fix in.  But dere's a plot ta put two toenails ina tutu coming up.  Yo,
you betta be ready, not here but topside, neither hear nor dere yo' no say nuttin' back o’ yo'll be diggin' yo' face outa yo' ass
whole! Poop ana dope ona pop got it dat goin' be two big weenie roasts, one ona Bikini ana other ona Eniwetok.  Both goin' be
wappo swopper swatters.  We goin' make one topside garden spot look lika rock, an' see we can do-fizzle drop clear da udder.  
Gonna bring it fright down ina Dis oceans a madness, make Hiss sPacific real red, you dig? Tele-tentacular Sky boys had 'em put
in a new eye system ona lotta dem islands back in ‘36, in order all DIS could watch hiss action, yo'll tune in yo' see a two truely
blue dazzle fish fry.  Now, jus' how big yo' say we need dese B-bombs ta be?  In order to pollute da tit ouda dat topside
atmosphere during da testing period? [Piss plutonium goin' fallout radiation ona sPacific islander peanuts and puds dey be testin'
demselves ta death.  Rich ain't it!]  Lil Bats ina belfrey say, "Dat big musty rat, alla time he be runnin' down Hiss games, makin'
all us po' spooks take dis and dat kinda test, no rest!  All through time just test, test, test.  Whad da Hell kinda test he be makin'
up dis time?"  "Shut up!  You goddam little dummies!"  Now, you shid quick tree be askin' tellin' dis question.  Alzo, at yo' end
Dis-induction port [Bottomside] boud 0800 on August 5, 1945, get set: you be receivin' dose experimental test subjects yo'
requested.  Yo' requested 600, but yo' bogie be 60,000 die-souls 'less I see better boogies ouda you boys!  Induction gang's goin'
be routing down [at dat time up said] a full load a prime shima-turkey, dose topside butter balls wid die-soul bodies intact.  Infect
and reject wid da standard slopehead soap an dope procedure.  "Get back!  Pud yo' sac on yo' back, slime lick yo' crack, an' ged
crackin' yo' fingers on Dis, instantly!  Say no?  Yo' be do schlemmo, wid grease my toe toxin!" Affixed with the sign and seal of
Satan on this day and date, etc. Manu-scribed by Hiss secret-fairy and put ina box got Pandora an’ Pander's head on it.  [She say
no due schlemmo, so he puss her face!  Legend says, Dis-box contains dose poisoned pen letters boud allah an’ Hiss polluted

Memo-eye  [Suck Face Sleaze] A communications device for reading electronic signals, codes, telltales etc., and printing out
messages or the ‘eyes’ (secondaries) of an electronic androidal secretary designed to route surveillance data to the memory banks
of an onboard positronic computer for weapons targeting and missile guidance systems.

Mexes da Texas  [Donkey Crappy] A concentration camp terminal enclave below the state of Texas, topside, for major
offenders of CC and R’s (Concentration Camp Rules and Regulations), noted for the spicy diet recipes preferred by the its Simps
(SUCK Intelligence Municipal Personnel) assigned to crass duty (as cadre recreations animal services staff).

moose-balls  [Scatoloco] A soul food certified to contain various types of inorganic substances such as pulverized granite and
vaporized concrete, a type of Hoosier delicacy in Dis.

mops and pops  [Squish Hogamous] Cyborgs used as inductor parts. Those terminal porters whose transporter pods are
governed by a L.A.S.S.O. ‘Logistical Attack Systems Sight Optics Laser’. The mobile arms of an induction systems transportal
nexus, known as the R.A.W. S.L.O.P. network, for ‘Regional Atomic Waste Systems Leasehold Outfit Pipelines. Mops and pops
are designed primarily for radiation retrieval and flash mop up operations. Four such two part mobile units serve as the arms that
feed what they retrieve to a M.A.O. (Mobile Atomic Oven). The mobile unit POPS is equipped with a Positronic Orderly
Programming Sequence which is designed (modified) to control his prehensile maws. What Pops’ maws pick up is then delivered
to Mops, the Mobile Operations Pumping Station. Mops is inductor equipped for S.U.C.T.I.O.N. and or general suction, which
she provides to Pops. (The two units are joined with neoprene plassteel flexion tubing.) Through her L.O.P.S. or ‘Leasehold
Outfit Pipelines’, Mops delivers the inducted C.R.O.P.S. (from Cattle Ranches of Purgatory: Soulcattle) which Pops has picked
out (by sight laser) and later scooped up through his maws. And all the crops that Pops can find, Mops passes on through her
pipelines to M.A.O.’s mobile atomic ovens. (For references to M.A.O.’s purpose, see ‘mushroom Mecca-ton Dis-therm da nuke
die-bomb’.) Pops is a ponderous unit of some 200 tons, fully assembled. Yet his spider like leg assemblies of hydraulic flexion
design provide Pops with speed and mobility expressed in a smooth easy glide. In spite of his weight and size, Pops is capable of
speeds of up to 36 miles per hour, quite an accomplishment for a cyborg with onboard positronic robots. With Mops attached,
however, Pops’ speed is programmed by Mops’ program.  Pops is armed with 25-megaton nuclear missiles and has positronic
subsystems programming to handle targeting, arming and guidance telemetry. Basically, Pops mission in life is simple. His entire
existence revolves around the delivery of soul food to Mops, his mobile cyborg vacuum packaging service.   Mops, on the other
hand, is complex with contorted complications, although her task is equally simple. With an awesome throttle, her induction
systems JAWS suck in the soul food through Pops prehensile maws, which she through oedipal complex tubes then dutifully
delivers to M.A.O. (For a description of the T.R.I.P. from M.A.O. to M.E.C.C.A., see also ‘mushroom Mecca-ton Dis-therm da
nuke die-bomb’.)

mo’ speed  [Sewer Sleaze] The order for commanding an increase in the rate or speed of labor in a slave labor camp in

muck-rakers  [Crusto Sleaze] Professional journalists, news writers, editors or the like, assigned to rake out the ashes of an
atomic furnace or M.A.O. (Mobile Atomic Oven) in a C.H.O.P. (a camp holocaust ordnance playground). Anyone assigned to
field radiation reconnaissance and decontamination duty in Limbo.

muck topside  [Donkey Crappy] The journalistic arts as they are practiced topside,

mud mouf  [Sewer Sleaze] The anal aperture of a demon, modified with a sphincter vox box capable of transmitting the high
pitched sounds and signals of a buggish dialect or dialect code. [Pig Boat Sleaze] An incision made in an enemy’s throat or groin
in order to enjoin him with a mechanical defrocking device, to lead him through that series of motions and maneuvers dictated by
the rhythmic beat of a jock hammer, a mechanical simulodildo.

mumbo-grammar  [Simp Sleaze] Artificial reading code NYM for ‘multilayered, universal memory banks organizer: gulag
records of animal and mammalian mutilations.’ A complex program (data base) for storing and recalling binary record codes of
files for classes of inmate populations subjected to various forms of advanced mutilation technologies, used as a means of
identifying recriminate souls following processing and consignment to lower levels of life form for a period of indeterminate
Karma sentencing.

mushroom Mecca-ton Dis-therm da nuke die-bomb  [Squish Hogamous] Artificial reading code NYM for a (SAC) Secret
Atomic Complex at Level Z, Sewercide, created in 1927, for theoretical and technical research on the antimatter implosion bomb.
For additional references, see ‘IMP’ for imploded matter projects, ‘TON’ on technology of neutrons, and ‘TRIP’ for references
concerning Thermonuclear Research in Implosion Particles. The THERM division of DIS (Division of Implosion Science)
concerned with the study and application of T.H.E.R.M.S. or Theoretical Hot Energy Releasing Mechanisms associated with the
NUKE (negative Uranic element) of deadly implosion energies (d.i.s.). Any of the systems or subsystems of the Mecca Grid in
Sewercide, such as its Mush Rooms (Mass Underground Storage Hostels, Routes of Operations for Ordnance Movement) and
Meccas (Mutilated Energy Collection Coil Assemblies) for assembling implosion grade bombs. (See ‘Bomb’ for more on ‘Blast
Byproducts of Monster Bomb’.) [Sadisto Sleaze] That sequence or chain of installations in a bomb assembly complex between a
M.A.O. (Mobile Atomic Oven) and a M.E.C.C.A., a Matter-Energy Collection Coil Assembly. Between each M.A.O. and its
M.E.C.C.A. are one or more M.O.P.S. (Mobile Operations Pumping Stations) equipped with THERM Units and a TON
Assembler designed to deliver THERM particles to a SIS, (Souped up Inductor System). SIS deflects THERMS to MUSH (Mass
Underground Storage Hostels) or routes them to ROOMS (Route Operations for Ordnance Movement) where they are sent on
TRIPS (Thermonuclear Research in Implosion Particles) or to IMPS (Imploded Matter Projects) for testing of DIE (deadly
implosion energies) BOMBS (Basic Blast Ordnance for Monster Bombs). For more details on the trip from Mao to Mecca, see
SUCK Memo on Ordnance (SMOO) Z4022 issue, titled ‘Procedures for a S.C.A.M.’ soul conversion to antimatter: Fueling the

Nagshima Plain  [Debil’s Dribble] Rising gradually from Level 12 to Level 9, the scarred and crater-strewn central plains of Dis
proper in cavern Hades bounded by the Nagshima depression. The elevated, tiered levels of Dis proper (9-12) which form the
vast bowl-shaped cavity known as the Nagshima Depression.

necro-fried  [Suck Face Sleaze] Converted to antimatter and splattered or shattered in a graviton particle accelerator (cf. ‘magma

nether shore  [Pig Boat Sleaze] The Farside shore (downside) of the world wide heavy water cooled circulating system of the
River Styx. The political boundary of Dis nation at Level Seven.

Neu-Bablesburg (Dis) of Pandemonium  [Debil’s Dribble] The glorious capitol city of Dis nation’s indivisible hag, with
anarchy and arachnoidal justice for all. [The capitol of DIS imperial slave trades] The business and banking district of greater
DIS at Levels 9 through 12.  The awesome, extensive soul food industrial sector surrounding the government complex situated at
Level Nine on Nagshima Plains. That 3000 mile wide regional megatropolis, known as Greater DIS, dotted with compaction
parks, playgrounds and concentration camps, which rises before the imperial Crystal Palace and stretches generally about 1500
miles out to the rim of the Nagshima Depression.

new empire of bags  [Proppo Graffiti Jibe] The quality of worthlessness considered as an inherent characteristic of words.
[Simp Sleaze] Any nation of mindless consumers befuddled by language dysfunctions.

news a da progress(o) a sleaze  [Stupor Pud Talk] Editorials, news reports, media broadcasts, and the like, designed to conceal
an accurate  picture of the educational system of Sewercide

news-sign  [Vox Populis] The sign of a bovine skull resting on crossed bones, designating the news, media or wire services of

nigs-Nairobi  [Scatoloco] Nongraded, hairless quarter sections of beef with bone intact. Raw flesh that has not been sectioned
into currency units for monetary exchange,’ sometimes known as raw dollies wid scents.

nip-neoprene (hoses)  [Hogamous Gook Squish Gobble] Plasma bearing plassteel flexion tubing for containment and routing of
chemical and atomic waste, principal construction material of the tube way systems of Bottomside.

numbers in da flesh market down Bottomside  [Engfish] Con games or numbers rackets played by stock manipulators who
control sales, prices, broker fees and interest rates in the Bottomside flesh trades, flash exchanges, and liquid commodities
markets of  Dis.

old lag  [Donkey Crappy] A soul that has survived a minimum of 10,000 years of penance in the penal system of Hell. An old
and forgotten sinner who has achieved a measure of freedom through obscurity; a trusty on secret duty for HISS.

Old Mex (Low Blow) Alamogordo  [Crusto Sleaze] The region of Greater Limbo that lies below Southern Texas, parts of
Arizona, and both Old and New Mexico. [Donkey Crappy] A series of radiation caverns below White Sands in south central New
Mexico, west of Alamogordo, in the uninhabited desert region where, on July 16, 1945, the first American atomic bomb was
detonated. Generally, the region below the United States Atomic Weapons Station at White Sands, New Mexico (Low Blow). A
radiation oven of early design, formed (constructed) by the explosion of an atomic weapon from inside a construction shaft
located five miles within a thick basaltic rock formation.

Oz Czar Daws (Zard Oz) Waz-Nazi  [Debil’s Dribble] A number of pressing inquiries have been made over the years into this
elusive character who is known to have traveled widely in the infernal regions. Rumor has it that this agent of HISS appears in the
form of a spider, a large black spider in fact. It is even suspected that this Oz person may have a set or two of claws and a
MAWS (Multiple Atomic Weapons System) attachment or two. Now, what would you say if I said it were true? Would that
make even the slightest bit of difference to you?