gangs of da spooks                                                                                                                                Krauts-verboten
gangs of da spooks  [Sewer Sleaze]  Herding parties of bully goons (low caste demons) on torture duty in the radiation sewers
of Sewercide, especially those demons assigned to the random roundup of itiner-ant souls in the woozie slave labor corps bug,
bat and sewer-rat battalions (sewer maintenance personnel) whose breeding swarms occasionally clog induction tubeways and
obstruct those transportal systems and conduit which link the levels of Sewercide. Numerous methods for the extermination of
insect pests are employed for vector control of animals that transmit disease producing organisms; however, bully goons appear
to prefer the simple method of driving or herding the rodents or pests into the black syrup-like fluid or sludge of a high grade
atomic waste dump or fluid storage basin, because they believe this method is known to permanently obliterate the humanic souls
which have regressed to the stage of the pest host life forms.

gefel-ta fish  [Scatological Sleaze] Literally, ‘fishing with atomic weapons’.  The practice of exploding atomic weapons at sea
level or just below sea level for the purpose of destroying or contaminating schools of fish.  The concept or notion of vaporized
particles of fish, in great abundance, falling like manna from the sky.  A broth such as ‘capitandoes wrath’ that is concocted
from a mist of pulverized fish particles and served to the crew and passengers on board the pigboats of the River Styx.  Any of
the brews (liquid potables) illegally distilled from the Stygian wastewaters of Dis.

general Dis population  [Received Standard Higamous] Census data for DIS in the modern period (1854-1984) remains of such
inaccurate and marginal quality that little of significance can be gleaned from its study. As of the year 1984, all attempts to
calculate even approximate population figures for the infernal regions have proven thoroughly unsatisfactory for reasons too
numerous to mention within the limitations of this document. The last attempt at attaining accurate census figures for DIS took
place in the year 1946, at which time it was clear that, even with the most advanced computers working in tandem on the task, a
period of some five hundred years would be required to complete the computations, at which time, of course, the information
would simply be obsolete, due to the intervening arrivals and departures of souls and the prolific breeding practices of the castes
and subclasses of demons. Since 1946 when a ground zero population growth movement was sponsored by the state, measures
for the thermonuclear control of population pressures in Hell have made some marginal progress in reducing the swarming and
breeding habits of ashcan-nazi siblings and other outlawed subspecies of demons. (See ‘
FARTS (Cantons)’.)

gets begats  [Sewer Sleaze] A kind of mating game played in the sewers of Sewercide, with only one rule: ‘If you can catch it,
before you eat it you can fuck it to death.’

ghetto-progresso da Warsaw  [Crusto Sleaze] That highly prized waz nazi soul food which was collected from the corpses of
dead Jews who were butchered like cattle in the Warsaw Ghetto topside during the global conflict often referred to topside as the
Second World War.

gismo fuzzy speculations  [Squish Spiranto]  Incorrect inferences about the state of affairs or the affairs of state in Hell.  
Speculation on the course of events, the nature of plots, or the motives of persons associated with the ruling castes of Dis.  
Poorly reasoned scientific arguments, formulae, or mathematics.  Illogical inductive or deductive reasoning with respect to
tactics, strategy, or logistics in warfare.

gook hogamous sight  [Hogamous Gook Squish Gobble]  Keen or rigorous attention to the smallest detail or nuance of torture.  
[Dis Lingo Lick Waz Nazi] The sight of thermonuclear bombs detonated at night, especially of the halo or ring of light that bursts
outward rapidly from the peaking mushroom cloud of a hydrogen bomb explosion.  An instant and intuitive appreciation for the
number of cattle that can be herded from a city and rounded up with a nuclear weapon.

gooks Chin-ee  [Scatoloco] The Chinese people considered as a breed of genetically inferior cattle, because of their routinely
small stature. The chins of Chinese peoples boiled in a thin gruel or soup often with embryonic egg and ‘noodles’ (brains), a
common soul food for slave gangs of afrigan nags along the shores of the River Styx.

goon-babies  [Poster Spit] Images of well-healed demon siblings with their sewer sluts lounging beside cool, sparkling lagoons in
advertisements and billboards depicting the scenic beauty and gay, colorful lifestyle of modern housing developments (uranic
mines) and pap-ulation centers (condo-mini bombs) of Dis Magic Mountains or the sulfur deserts of Dis Calfornix, deployed on
the plains of Nagshima during phase one of the Limbo Limbo land boom, to promote population resettlement out west from 1919
to 1946.

goons da white-eye  [Squish Hogamous]  Souls of allied and axis military personnel who fell in battle during the world wide
woozie conflict topside known as the Second World War (woozie workforce number II).  Humanic souls from the broadly bred
breeding stock of prime Caucasian cattle topside. [Scatoloco] A type of sandwich spread (puree) made from the white of white

goons and gooks da Government  [Suck Face Sleaze] Low grade, nonmilitary, cibil (simp) service employees of the federal
labor agencies and bureaucracies (FLAB) of Dis nation, responsible for the daily drudgery of paper shuffling and records keeping
associated with the chilling accounts and complex affairs of the corporate police state of DIS.

goons of elision  [Simp Sleaze] Professional educators of the demagogic or dog-matic demon castes who administer language
and dialect instruction within the terratories, terror academies or class and caste rooms of the d-graded public instructional
prostitutions of Sewercide. Any of the fearless furious phonics instructors of the M.U.D. cell block-heads class, organized by the
moronic buggie school boards for the dissemination of the buggish dialects of Dis (see ‘Die-linguistic disease’).

goons of was-nazi poltroons  (also ‘goons gizz on waz nazi spoons’) [Pig Boat Sleaze] Press gangs (poltroons) of waz nazi
siblings assigned to pig boat kapitandos for security duty, maintenance functions, and the enforcement of discipline among the
crews and passengers on board a pig boat, in contrast to ‘spoons,’ waz nazi butchers who ply their trade in (are restricted to) the
slaughter chutes leading to the turbine driven disposal blades of a pig boat’s passenger section inductor snozzle.

Gothic wrath of Visigothic malice  [Proppo Graffiti Jibe] That visibly malevolent, ominous form of architecture common to
Hell’s medieval period (60,000 B.C.--1854 A.D) characterized by the use of ribbed and groined vaulting, flying buttresses,
pointed arches, steep, high towers, parapets, ramparts, palisades (large, pointed stakes set in the ground to form a perimeter
fence for defense and display of pubic spectacles) the surfaces of which are often decorated with inset or inlaid teeth, bones and
the skulls of enemies of the estate, or the state. The massive, worked stone edifices of Dis proper, such as the imperial Dark
Crystal Palace at Neu-Babelsburg Dis of Pandemonium and the far more ancient palace of Pandemonium on Nagshima Plains.

hara-kiri chink cheezed-blitzes   [Scatoloco] A highly prized, bottled, liquefied flesh beverage, with high alcoholic content,
made from the flesh of pilots in the Imperial Japanese Air Forces who flew Kamikaze missions in the Pacific during the Second
World War, topside, sometimes called ‘Naga-saki’. [Crusto Sleaze] Souls of the Japanese people who died during the war,
consigned to service as common coolies in the uranic Plutonium processing plants in Limbo or the uranium mines of Dis
Calfornix, to fill the uranic labor forces slave labor quotas during the forties. [Sadisto Sleaze] Soul victims of the two breeds of
Japanese cattle rounded up during nuclear weapons experiments conducted in Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6th and 9th of
1945. For additional information concerning the secret military objectives of these two atomic (seismic shooting) tests, see the
entry under ‘Dis oceans of madness’. [Dis Lingo Lick Waz Nazi] A kind of cheese spread scraped from the bowels of a young
waz nazi sibling who has been subjected to the rigors of a gang pus-fuck during a tour of duty in any of Dis navy’s imperial pig
boat fleets.

hang-rape   [Bigamous Hogamous] One of many forms of demonic necrophilia, the practice common to the death camps
(stalags or gulags) throughout the regions of Bottomside (all levels) of suspending a campmate by impalement with fish hooks
through the flesh of the cheeks or neck for the purpose of sexually molesting the hapless, naked victim as the victim jerks
through the stages and spasms of a soul-death-rebirth sequence.

hang rope  [Bigamous Hogamous] Any of various types of chains, tethers, manacles, shackles, impaling hooks etc. which adorn
the walls and ceilings of a recreation center within the confines of a concentration camp, stalag, or death camp in DIS or Limbo,
used by the penal administrative staff and disciplinary cadre for engaging in idle forms of recreational torture during off duty

H*B Militarese [Alpha Code] A hydrogen bomb storage complex located along its target grid, particularly where two tectonic
plates meet along a fault or subduction zone.

Head Dick’s Imperial Crystal Palace  [Suck Face Sleaze] The breeding quarters and burial chambers of the imperial family,
located at Level 11, in the bowels of the ancient Pandemonium Palace, sometimes referred to as the central flesh repository of the
bankink conglomerate known in DIS as Fetish and Flesh Top Choice. Those biochemically sustained organ banks, nutrient vats
and breeding stumps of the tit and twat harems or seraglios of the imperial family’s breeding pogrom in Dis.

Heartman Towers  [Burocratese] That Dis government bureau in Neu-Babelsburg Dis of Pandemonium charged with the task of
corrupting the old verities of the human heart. The humanic heart institute of Dis, responsible for the development of various
forms of artificial hearts, valves, tubes etc.

Hell big an’ cocko-sicko  [Suck Schlemmo Sleaze] Of the cluster of dysfunctional sexual ideations and behaviors within the
types generally classified, practiced or known as the sado (often pseudo) malfunctions.

Hell’s ABC’s  (A-bomb, B-bomb, C-bomb) [Kong Con Gone Gobble] That attitude prevalent among the moronic educational
boards of Dis proper during the 1940’s that all sectors of the soul populations in the pubic schools and behavioral institutions of
higher learning in Hell should receive a thorough, experience-based understanding and personal awareness of the destructive
power and devastating potential of thermonuclear weapons.

Hells on the headlands of madness  [Militarese] A coded reference for all of the principal battlefield targets in Limbo during the
Second Word War (1919-1939) where nuclear weapons were tested for the control of population, civil disobedience, and
nonconformist political behavior. [Bigamous Hogamous] That cluster of military ideations and sexual dysfunctions revolving
around the use of atomic pricked nuclear missiles as a means of achieving the political, social, and asexual aims of the state.
[Sadisto Sleaze] The development, deployment or use of atomic weapons as a means of expressing the sexual potency or sexual
energy of the political leaders in the ruling castes of a Plutonian state.

Hiss deca-pubes  [Crusto Sleaze] Any electromechanical simulo-dildo with fang-tipped appendages, such as the ten neoprene
tubes leading through the simulo-dildo of a HISS SS or SUCK Central intelligence interrogation android. Any of such devices
used for the injection of poisons, nerve agents, drugs or sexual stimulants during the process of interrogation for collection of
intelligence data.  A kind of lie detector system housed within an android designed to interrogate political prisoners confined for
state security reasons or to shakedown a mark (victim) in a confidence scam in Hell.

Hiss sign mark  [Debil’s Dribble] Insignia of the Historic Imperial Secret Service, the sign of a spider spinning its web, worn on
the cloak or outer garments of agents or branded between the eyes of high ranking officers of the elite HISS SS (State Security)
corps or forces. Such a mark electronically implanted in binary code within the RAM memory of a positronic prosthesis, as a
command to initiate various subroutines in a prescribed sequence for purposes of reconnaissance, data collection, ordnance
arming and targeting, simulated potential for sexual reward expectancy of high voltage, and launching of nuclear weapons.

Hiss new plan fo’fiv’decades a decadence  [Hogamous Sleaze] See ‘Dis missiles of distraction and dis-truction’.

Hisssssssssss   [Dick Spitters Dribble] An attempt to approximate the pronunciation of ‘his imperial selflessness’ as ‘Satan
Lucifer’ is pronounced, usually in the dialect known as [Dick Spitters Dribble] but in other dialects as well.

Hiss voodoo da Debil’s babble  [Educatese] The language of conjure formulas for obligatory Satanic rituals.  [Burocratese]
Invocations or prayers uttered at a shrine of the Dark Design or in any of the insect ministries in the webbed brotherhood of the
Sacrificial Fly Boys in Sewercide. [Simp Sleaze]  The smooth, oily or slippery sounds characteristic of oral sex with a superior

Hiss testo-snozzles   [Sadis Sleaze] Electronic and biomechanically augmented arach-mechnoidal sexual appendages for the
administering of pain or torture, prior to the extermination of a victim. The tentacular feeding and gratification mandibles of a
MAMA (murderous architectonic mechnoidal arachnid) which gather victims for delivery to the suction intake inductors squish
hopper ports.

histo-cinematic assemblage of sleaze  [Bigamous Hogamous] That form of cinematic art in DIS concerned with promoting the
social means and political ends of the state. The use of media forms for the propagation of lies (news), propaganda (lies), or
historical mistruth (truth) as a means of controlling or molding public opinion, often in the form of exposure to dramatic eye
witness accounts of terror, violence, rape, torture or doom. That art form which attempts to approximate, through fiction, the
present, actual realities of the state of HELL to its citizens.

histo-cinematic tragedies inc. (Cf. ‘squids of tele-tentacular pie’)  [Bigamous Hogamous] The motion picture and media
production conglomerate in Hell which designs, engineers, funds and produces obscenely pornographic spectacles of terror for
the educational system in Sewercide (see also ‘Dis-peckers an’ puds da loons’).

hit on Dis  [Crusto Sleaze] An attempt to launch a nuclear missile against the territory held by the imperial family of DIS, such as
that attempt made by misguided waz nazi military leaders during the Second Word War in 1926. [Bigamous Hogamous] To try to
piss on the memory or image of DIS or such a maneuver made unsuccessfully and thereby causing an acquired murderous reflex.

hung-rians  [Scatoloco] A squished metric ton of the Austro- or Hungarian breeds of cattle. [Pig Boat Sleaze] The radar ranging
sights tied to a pigboat’s communications console, used for the detection and identification of cattle herds along the shoreline of
Limbo. Specifically, the electronic, computer controlled targeting systems of a guided missile designed for first stage squish
processing (a weapon used prior to the vacuuming up of powdered particles of flesh for storage in a pig boat cargo bay.)
Id  [Kong Con Gone Gobble] That predilection (program) within the read only memory banks of a positronic prosthesis (an
electro-organic brain) designed to simulate the thought processes and behavior patterns of a homicidal killer, especially such a
program implanted by either medical, genetic or electronic means within the cadre and military staff of a concentration camp or
death camp in Hell.

ikons of economy  [Burocratese] The scripture (stock) issued by the soul cattle and flesh combine in Bottomside, equivalent to
standardized cuts of human flesh, which comprise the units of exchange on the currency  exchanges and body parts markets of
DIS  (see ‘mega-butts’ and ‘Dis-dollies’). [Suck Face Sleaze] Corporate currency used for computing trends and projections of
growth in G.N.P. (Gross National Pork barrel) or flash securities in the money markets of Dis nation. [Simp Sleaze] Those cuts
of flesh which serve as measures of the units of change when dividing up flesh after computations of interest rates in the decimal
exchange system favored by Dis-bankink or financial establishments.

in dis-tinguished  [Simp Sleaze] Extinguished in Dis, and then reanimated (or implanted) via a Dork Ejector systems transporter
into a lesser specie’s organic form. Given a prolonged period of punishment for failing a specific training program in any of the
instructional facilities in Sewercide. Processed as animal fodder through a terra-tory or assigned, through the auspices of K.A.L.
TECH, to inhabit the form of a steer or cow in any of the cattle herds of Limbo’s territories.

institute a Dis-seismic disturbance  [Burocratese] That branch of the scientific community of HELL primarily concerned with
the study and investigation of geophysical and seismic phenomena, ocean floor cartography associated with the structure and
function of plate tectonics, volcanic activity zone networks, and the study of earthquakes, as a means of understanding the
composition and structure of the earth. [Suck Face Sleaze] The seismic research and development complex of the University of
DIS at Dis-Paris, organized under the direction of the atomic whiz kids Geophysical Studies Lab, for the monitoring of nuclear
weapons deployed in seismic shooting tests in the central and western Pacific (see ‘
Dis new Limbo project’ and ‘Dis oceans a

Institute da Friggan Fricatives ana Zwollen Affricates  [Simp Sleaze] The SS school for spiders. [Militarese] The institutional
training arm (diabolic dialects branch) of the military linguistic academy (MLA) at the University of Dis at Neu-Babelsburg Dis
of Pandemonium, which is currently responsible for language training and dialect instruction of the HISS ss (soul spiders) and
the HISS sla (pronounced ‘asss-l’) soul leach agents of the secret service forces of S.U.C.K. Central.

jam a Germans  [Scatoloco] The grisly spatter which forms by attempts to splatter the atoms of cattle brains with atomic
particles in a cyclotron or tevatron in Dis, during studies of the atomic structure of degradable bio-organic matter.

jugs Jakarta  [Hogamous Sleaze] Jury-rigged udders or similar bionic or biomechanical appendages associated with development
of the Jakarta cattle breed in Limbo during the 1940’s.

Junkers and juggernauts  [Vox Populis] The team of atomic physicists and mathematicians at the University of Dimbo in
Limbo, whose series of experiments with radium during the first decade of the twentieth century led to the controlled fission of
uranium in a nuclear pile reactor) at Friedham’s Diablo II Doom Squish flow compaction chamber, in Dimbo, on December 7,
1913.  The research and development complex at Dimbo (Disco Institute of Mathematics for Bomb Ordnance and Orientation)
funded by ARCO (Atomic Waste Radiation Corp Cash and Carry Out) was instrumental in the design and development of nuclear
weapons for the waz nazi city states of Limbo during the First Word War from 1912-1915. The bomb grade plutonium fuel dump
at Frenchman’s Cowlick, in Canton Crayon country north of Dimbo, was the site chosen for testing of the Dumbo One, as the
first 25 megaton bombs for seismic shooting and chamber excavation were apellated.

jumpin’ Jehosaphat blues (sometimes ‘blues atomic flu’)  [Squish Hogamous] The peculiar spin-dizzy dance of a soul body
about to be subjected to the release of high amounts of radiation associated with the detonation of a nuclear bomb, during a stage
I population alert in Bottomside. [Hogamous Gook Squish Gobble] That clinical category designating a host of behavioral and
reproductive disorders experienced by those victimized by overexposure to radiation.

Ka  boomer  [Pig Boat Sleaze] Nuclear weapons of the ash rock class, each with five hundred megatons of nuclear explosives in
a mirved warhead system for multiple targeting of twenty-five separate twenty megaton bomb subsystems, launched from a
single pig boat.

kama dizzies   [Dis Lingo Lick Waz Nazi] Fanatical waz nazi assassins of the nipono ashkan ninja caste who prey on the souls
of topside martial arts advocates and their x-film stars for aficionados and officers of the military pastimes in DIS.

King Kink’s sado-induction chamber  [Bigamous Hogamous] Satan Lucifer VII’s personal concentration camp for the literary
farts at Level 25 in Asstralomania, land of the midnight suns. [Simp Sleaze] Any pig ranch in Sewercide where recreations are
arranged for the guests of HISS. [Debil’s Dribble] Any of the private, elite torture chambers operated by the imperial family but
especially the Purb Palace of Nats-Precious D-light, near Bodacious Gracie’s Sadomacious Suburbs Dusted for Fright.

Kinks die-chiefs  [Kong Con Gone Gobble] Holy Hell’s war words department, the Joint Chiefs of Stiff and Bent, the highest
ranking officers of the demonic military forces of Dis. [Sadis Sleaze] Any of the members of Hell’s imperial warmonger trust
who sit on the boards of the flash foods and fleish markets of DIS, especially those flesh moguls and bankink financiers who
support and promote the military atomic industrial complex of Dis nation.

kinks  [Stupor Pud Talk] Acronymic spelling for  ‘Kong Instincts Negative Kicks Sequence,’ a program implanted within the
positronic prosthesis of a K.O.N.G. (Kink of Ninja Grade). Simply a KONG android without K.I.C.K.S. programming (kong
intelligence cyber knowledge systems), hence without the ability to repair itself and limited in other respects due to electronic
inhibitions built into its peripheral intelligence sensors and transponderous guidance systems. [Bigamous Hogamous] A socialite
who moves in the highest castes of the banking and financial circles of HELL. [Dis Lingo Lick Waz Nazi] A type of vicious
disciplinary android of mastiff size used to herd sheep into the shearing chute of a pigboat’s starboard induction portal.

Krauts-verboten  [Scatoloco] The single rule within the CC and R’s (concentration camp rules and regulations) which forbids
the use of radiation induced oblivion as a punishment for souls with star status (*) certified by a Disco agent in any of the
extermination gulags or stalags of Hell. [Suck Face Sleaze] The taboo against grossing out with an official SS flunky of Disco.
[Dis Lingo Lick Waz-Nazi] The command to ‘come in order’ before the Komman-Dante of a death camp in Limbo or Dis proper,
before being forced to enter the “camp holocaust ordnance playground” (CHOP) for incineration in an atomic oven, as part of a
series of biomedical studies, scientific tests, and investigations of thermal pain thresholds among humanic soul populations.