Disco psychosis...                                                                                                                             Fumes, Fumaroles...  
The renowned surgeon and distinguished neurophysicist, Von James Leonitis Van Eyes, father of the positronic prosthesis, was
the seminal figure whose research on humanic x-radiated retardation led others to refine his procedures for demonic positronic
transplantations. In part, Leonitis Van Eyes was also responsible for the development of numerous cortical control mechanisms
that made possible the extravehicular programming technologies so necessary for directing and guiding the activities of subjects
who have undergone positronic prosthesis procedures.  Von James’ later experiments with illegal life forms originated with his
investigations of the neuroses and psychoses of colossi, those biologically reanimated acromegalic giants of the obsolete
untouchables castes in Bottomside who assumed leadership roles in the slave trades of the woozie uranic labor corps in Limbo in
the period 1919-1946, during the expansion phase of tunneling efforts to develop and exploit the uranium mines of the west.
However, it was his thorough research into x-radiated colossi brains that were contaminated by exposure to high levels of
radiation in bomb grade plutonium enrichment plants that led him to suspect the unlimited labor possibilities for electro-hydraulic
and electro-mechanical biological life forms.

By 1921, after a period of thoughtful study, which caused him to disavow the alternate lines of research that led to those abortive
efforts to develop lead linings for colossi brain pan shielding, Von James concentrated instead on developing organic shells (shield
bubbles) for electronically augmented storage of compacted humanic souls, the line of research which eventually culminated
(1924) in those multiply degraded brain bits which form the smallest unit of assembly in the modern positronic brain. Through
these efforts, Von James had not only solved a ticklish problem in humanic souls storage technology, but had also designed the
perfect bionic microchip.  Granted the title of Distinguished Dissident of Distrust (DDT) in 1925 at convocation ceremonies
before the Imperial Crystal Palace, Von James was showered with imperial favors, funds and honors, including the honorific title
of ‘Leonitis Van Eyes’ and lifetime membership in the arch-luminous second circle of the imperial family. By imperial directive
in early 1926, Von James Leonitis assumed command of the greater DIS Artificial Intelligence Conglomerate (AT and Toady)
responsible for the development of those technologies primarily associated with electro-mechanical androids, artificial troglodytes
(AT), and arachnid mechnoidal dynamics.

With his rise to the heights of impervious power now assured, von James embarked upon that daring and audacious phase of his
career which changed the face of Hellish society and earned him the everlasting envy of his peers. Having refined and perfected
the bionic microchip as of the spring of 1927, Von James directed key members of the staff at S.I.M.P.S. (Social Institute for
Manufacture of Positronic Systems) in the development of gizmos for linking positronic processes with external computer
controlled command functions to make it possible to program the degraded brain bits which housed the electronic counterfeit of
the humanic soul body. Other teams developed various types of organic looms and electronic linkage networks which served to
connect the programmable microchip assemblies within the positronic prosthesis to the cranial nerve terminals of demonic
subjects selected for experimental implantations.  Finally, after numerous trials and considerable numbers of fatal errors in
calculations, to the astonishment of even the most powerful and socially secure figures of the highest caste of Plutonian society,
Von James and his staff succeeded in creating the first truly versatile, functionally programmable demonic android in DIS.
Although the Mech One was a crude prototype capable of little but sterile forms of operational labor related obedience, what Von
James had accomplished laid the groundwork for an increasingly sophisticated series of experimental designs to follow. Having
adapted the positronic prosthesis to financially lucrative ends and means, the team at SIMPS was reorganized and given broad
powers within the corporate decision making structure of AT and TOADY, and Von James now turned the vast resources of the
conglomerate at his disposal to the development of a series of industrial robots to increase the efficiency of labor resources in the
lethal industrial sectors of the nation.

By 1931 the assembly lines of AT and Toady’s light industrial manufacturing subsidiaries were soon turning out hundreds (then
thousands) a day of the morphic freak classes of industrial robots  (Dis franken-faces,  mongo laddies,  kookcacazoids, afrigan
nags) which were peculiarly suited for maintenance work and security functions in the soul foods squish factories, lethals
chemicals concerns, noxious Dis-biological facilities and the farm-aceuticals industries of Sewercide. Because of his successes
with demonic positronic androids and industrial robots, Von James had also developed secret military applications for the
positronic prosthesis. And by the spring of 1931 he had succeeded in cornering a controlling interest in the stock of Disco
Psychosis, the neuropsychiatric arm of the military orders of Dis nation which, among its many other duties and functions, was
responsible for administering the psychiatric institutions for demons judged to be criminally insane according to the norms of
behavior established by the castes of demons in Dis. Having acquired a substantial source of supply for demonic brains,
numerous experimental subjects, and expanded facilities and funds for research and development, Von James initiated that series
of weapons programs and projects that not only revitalized a sagging military economy but also altered the future course of
ground-based weapons research for the next two decades.

Among the many engineering and technical accomplishments for which Von James received general acclaim (and staggering
levels of funding over budget) were the huge TRI M.A.D. android infantry forces known as the mark-mech-mobile avuncular
demons and the R.E.M.O.R.A. class of robots with big T.O.A.DY. capabilities (ranging electromechanical ordnance robot army
with thermonuclear optional android dynamics). When both of these weapon types were field tested during the final stages of the
second word war (1919-1939) along the border regions of greater Dis, most military historians of that decades-long conflict
agree they were inordinately instrumental in halting the spread of waz nazi hostilities among the civilian populations of the
Churlmanic cities of Dis. Von James’ work with robotic androidal technology came to its fullest fruition. however, with the
completion of his grandest and most terrifying military project, the  mobile and self-sustaining elementary concentration camp.
Indeed, those who have seen the enormous, hydraulic powered crawl works of a murderous architectonic mechnoidal arachnid
(M.A.M.A. as the traveling camps are called), with its arched tentacular limbs hinged to the massive black balls of the thoracic
and abdominal camp complex, all agree it is a sight dedicated to shattering the senses and devouring the imagination of the most
fervid advocate of positronic prostheses wed to polymath hydraulic and engineering accomplishment.

Diz-z-chemicals and biologicals  [Militarese] One of the soul service arms of the transmutilation technologies conglomerate in
Sewercide (Level 26, z quadrant) charged with the transporting, storage, and processing of toxic, carcinogenic chemical
substances as well as with highly radioactive atomic wastes. That branch of the military industrial complex of Hell which
administers germ and chemical warfare production facilities and storage basins in Bottomside and bomb grade plutonium and
uranium fuels storage dumps in Sewercide. The lowest order of soul concentration camps at the lowest level of Hell, where wild
and willful or retarded humanic souls are cast into oblivion. Those extermination camps in Sewercide where human souls are
submerged in vast, boiling subterranean pools of the most lethal chemically biotoxic substances and radioactive wastes known in
the universe. So radioactive are the bomb grade waste storage sites of Sewercide that souls immersed in them for a period of
three and one half days simply cease to exist. And once they have literally melted away, like Humpty Dumpty who took that last
and final fall, neither all of God’s horses nor all of God’s men can ever expect to renew them again.  [Sewer Sleaze] The term
‘Diz-z’ is known to be a rather late etymological derivative of ‘Dizzy’, meaning ‘of the soup kitchens’ or r.o.s.e. gardens
(radioactive ovens for soul extermination) of Sewercide. The earliest citation for the term occurs in a 1917 S.U.C.K.
memorandum on file in University of Dis-Paris archives.

do do  [Scatoloco] Regurgitated flesh (vomit) especially as it is dispensed as a reward for Dis-duty or Dis-service.  [Debil’s
Dribble] A pasty substance exuded from the anal aperture of a devil, often infected with specialized substances of an x-radiated
nature and used for baptismal functions in the claustrophoriums of greater Dis and Dat.

do-due  [Proppo Graffiti Jibe] Do do that is owed to another for services rendered. An hydrogenated cracker (not a low life
white Southerner) made of dehydrated do do, used as a form of exchange in the Bottomside flesh markets of Neu-Babelsburg Dis
of Pandemonium. [Donkey Crappy] An unsavory stew, said to be made of do-do, by the voodoo chiefs (concentration camp
chefs) of Sewercide.

dog-licks  [Crappo Lingo] News reports of the type found in any of the principle daily newspapers of Hell, especially the monger
dailies: the infamous Dis-dispatch, The Dis-associated Presto, Dis-x-t-bone Tribune, Schnots Claws and Clots Clarion, Dis
Mirrored Horrid, Dada Do-da Jive Gazette, and Da Lie-La Times...

dose pelican injuns  [Vox Populis and Dis Pigeon Speech] Any of those diverse groups or tribes of North American Indian
peoples deliberately exterminated or just slaughtered during the normal course of events in American history from the Colonial
period to the Shoshone uprising in 1911.

dummy soul, Dis-puppet type  [Kong Con Gone Gobble] A type of audioanimatronic automaton (an electronic, digitized, and
mechanically augmented soul) created by stripping a soul of its ethereal essence for replication in an electromechanical clone,
especially one used specifically for tutorial and instructional purposes in the experimental language laboratories and recreational
camps in Sewercide.

dump-butts  [Bigamous Hogamous] A soul required to perform the functions of a butt-ler in a public fuck pit in any of the sicko
sex cities on the nether shore of the River Styx.  [Squish Hogamous]  A section or department of a flesh garden or flesh market
reserved for the display (or dis-play) of buttocks.  Anyplace where butts are dumped or stored.  [Buro Crapese] Administrators,
officials or staff of such a dump as described above. [Hogamous Gook Squish Gobble] A form of butter made from the flesh of
buttocks and cured in the alimentary canal of the victim of a puss-fuck.

East of Dis  [Received Standard Higamous] Dis under the Potomac River. Literally, a ‘Place where tribute is brought’.  The knot
of Dis (Hell) located directly below the region of the surface surrounding the Potomac River in the Eastern United States, which
forms the boundary of West Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia and flows into Chesapeake Bay. Specifically the eastern quadrant of
Nagshima Plains (Levels 9-12) which resembles a pie in pentagram form, sometimes referred to as Dis-under da Pentagon. That
state of Dis (Pandamonotonous) wherein is located the capitol city of greater Dis proper, otherwise known as Neu-Babelsburg
Dis of Pandemonium.

Ego-gestations  [Debil’s Dribble] The development, as of a plan in the mind, for carrying the young of one’s kind in the testicles
of a similar species or race; or a similar plan for the storage of soul bodies of a dissimilar species in one’s own testicles. [Kong
Con Gone Gobble] Indulgence in and reverence for greed or cruelty, as a means of ego-expansion in Bottomside, a popular
practice among the military orders of Dis.

elk dick  [Scatoloco] Reproductive organs of elk (Alces alcis) or Wapiti, once popularly served boiled in a thick black broth in
Sewercide downside eateries. Now rare (see also ‘beaver shtick’).

epitaph architectonic piss callus [Higamous Gobble da Gook-i-pus] A short pithy remark written in piss. [Debil’s Dribble] A
saying, slogan, anecdote or lyric stamped in stone or stomped on one’s forehead through nauseating repetition. A form of thought
control, menticide, or mind rape used for purposes of achieving specialized forms of reeducation, for example, in Sewercide sex

eye of Dis  [Sadisto Sleaze] Literally, ‘ball made into eye.’ A spherical orbiting electronic surveillance satellite used by SUCK
Intelligence Services for transmission and reception of media broadcasts, as well as intelligence gathering throughout the world
topside. [Simp Sleaze] A cathode ray tube or television monitor used for similar purposes anywhere in Bottomside.
F.A.R.T.S  (Cantons) Federal Atomic Research and Testing Stations (Nagshima Plains)  [Squish Hogamous and related
Militarese dialects] The matrix of atomic weapons testing facilities, cantons, and experimental nuclear and thermonuclear
population control sites constructed by the allied woozie labor bureau during the 1920s in DIS, which are located along the 360
degree circumference of Levels 9 through 12 throughout the bowl-shaped plains of the Nagshima depression.

FARTS (STALAGS of 1848)  [Dis Spiranto] The ring shaped sites of the primary network of extermination camps and waz nazi
housing projects of Level Seven, erected during the period l854 to 1912, for the control, settlement, detention, and the eventual
suppression of quasi-legal swarms of migrant waz nazi demons whose breeding habits during the final phase of the waz nazi
breeding pogrom (1900-1919) and especially following the first word war in Limbo (1912-1915) had caused critical over
population pressures in Limbo and throughout the regions along the border with Dis proper.  The history of the primary FARTS
network of stalags is intimately tied to the rise of the waz nazi movement in Limbo, for the FARTS camps were, in every respect,
conceived as a direct response to, and the result of, that growing threat to the security of the state represented by the waz nazi
breeding movement. (For an historical account of the problem up to 1915, see ‘waz nazi movement.’)

For hundreds of years prior to 1854, the nether shores of Dis proper at Level 7 (farside of the River Styx) contained the ranches
and medieval reservations for marginally regressive humanic souls.  The region was composed of some thousands of square
miles of cavernous territory formed by the tributaries and the main channel of the River Styx and was administered by the
branches of demons who made up the cons conservative seventh slice of the adjusted gross general corpus.  Lawlessness and
barbarism were the custom among the soul cannibals who inhabited the various nooks and crannies of the region, and the
demonic population was known for its unsavory flesh thugs and hog-yours that patrolled the caravan routes of the flesh trade
through Level Seven. Although travel warnings were posted for the benefit of tourists visiting the flea posts and flesh traps
common to the area, numerous complaints of unfair trading practices, excessive customs duties and recurring political mayhem
prompted a state sponsored review of the governing policies of the region. The broad bloated blood board of review formed to
investigate the matter concluded that, although the region in many ways provided a remarkable preliminary detention arena for
orienting new arrivals to the realities, rules, manners, customs, norms, dialects, and conventions of Dis, nevertheless, the
orientation process was crudely administered, rather poorly sub-organized, inefficient in several critical respects, and hence,
overall, too costly for the state of Dis to bear. Therefore, by imperial directive late in 1854, a series of well healed, state
supported construction projects and tunneling efforts began to expand the region horizontally and vertically. Thus the archaic,
consecrated ranches and reservations were gradually condemned, converted or replaced with more modern hydraulically driven
compaction facilities, housed within thick concrete containment centers, with adjoining cellblocks and detention sites conveniently
situated nearby.  Designated as s.t.a.l.a.g.s. (Gulags in some dialects) by imperial design, each site was identified with a number,
and operated by a specially trained cadre of military personnel under the direction of an able administrative soldier commander
called a camp command-Dante (or camp co-mad Dante in the case of a gulag).

Throughout the decades of the waz nazi breeding pogrom, the stalag system was expanded to meet rising population demands for
housing those recriminate souls who qualified for crossed Styx transit, and new rings of concrete containment domes were added
to the perimeter of existing facilities to provide the clusters of residential communities for the waz nazi penal staff and their
administrative cadres who had risen to positions of power and responsibility for day to day operations of the camps. By the first
decade of the twentieth century, most of the region at Level Seven was an utterly complex sprawl of industrial parks and
suburban waz nazi breeding communities which had grown up around the network of stalags and the major Churlmanic cities of
the region, especially those cities which provided the waz nazi labor force and naval service sectors for the pig boat fleets
operating in the burgeoning soul and flesh trade across the River Styx. By the period 1915-1919 the stalag system had expanded
beyond the downside border of Level Seven, and well established clusters of the most modern and concrete fortified stalags had
begun to invade the business turf ruled by the princes of the strato-fried magma ports and penitentiaries of Level Eight. At this
critical juncture of the rise of the stalag network, a series of top secret intelligence reports prepared by agents of HISS SS (State
Security) working in conjunction with the staff at S.U.C.K. had substantiated that illegal percentages of liquefied flesh were being
siphoned from the stalag induction systems flow stream to downside Level Nine and that the infernal revenue system’s indices
for flash foods processing facilities throughout the stalag network showed an overall 141%, drop in soul food quotas for the
years 1916-1919.

When this revelation was deliberately leaked to the press and carried on the wire and media services broadcasts of Levels 9
through 14 on May 8, 1919, it precipitated a violent reaction on the part of civil service employees throughout the foods
processing sectors of Dis proper, caused a riot of immense proportions throughout the bankink and flesh commodities exchanges
of Sewercide, was responsible for major, erratic fluctuations in soul food stocks in the Bottomside shock and shark markets, and
resulted in a run on all of the flesh banks of the collective Bankink and body parts repositories of Dis nation. The resultant
economic and social consequences were of awesome dimensions and marked the beginning of a twenty-year long period of
internal turmoil and turbulence from 1919-1939 known as the grand diddle drag daddy of Dis-depressions.  Within a week of the
leak to the press, on May 20, 1919, war was declared on the waz nazi peoples of Limbo and the allied waz nazi populations of
Level Eight and Level Seven. As the details of the war are identified in other sections of this document, they will not be repeated
here. However, an historical note of some concern to students of the second war on words, as the twenty-year-long economic
conflict has come to be called, was revealed in a little known black paper on the use of acronyms for concealing the secret
political aspirations of the state. It appears, on the basis of well documented research into the naming practices of those imperial
agencies responsible for planning, construction and development of the stalag system, that the term ‘stalag’ itself was coined in
1848 by none other than Satan Lucifer VII, who employed it in his widely read treatise on political science, entitled “Projected
Course of Events Culminating in the Creation of a Modern, Neo-scientific and Technocratic State...of Mind.” And the plural
spelling of the term as Satan Lucifer employed it at the time in the published document was s.t.a.l.a.g.s.  or “stationary targets for
annihilation of latent ashcan-nazi gulag swarms.”  Speculation as to the significance of this little known and largely forgotten
historical fact should remain of a high order of importance for historians and others who have an abiding interest in understanding
the historical roots and causes of the second war on words.

fat spook cats and butts  [Dick Lingo Sleaze] Those inside members on the boards of Dis-trusts, bankink establishments and
Dis government leaders  who had advance knowledge of the impending economic crisis of 1919 (Dis dandy depression) and who
participated in the planning and initiation of events leading to that crisis by organizing a lucrative underground economy or black
market in stolen liquid flesh and flash foods commodities pilfered from the stalag systems induction flow stream to downside
Level Nine, during the years 1916-1919, for the purpose of fostering the trade in munitions during the second word war.

fiscal indices  [Burocratese] Primitive methods of accounting based on the counting of flesh and stock body parts, once used by
officials in the flesh exchange markets, financial centers, banks and trusts of Bottomside for the purpose of projecting a range of
business trends and budgetary costs, used widely throughout Hell before the advent of computerized record keeping and data
storage retrieval technologies invented as a result of the heavy and systematic investment in weapons research that followed the
first word war (1912-1915) in Limbo. [Scatoloco] Fist sized amounts of diced flesh used for accounting purposes and standard
weights and measures in the money markets of Bottomside.

flanged of strange  [Hogamous Sleaze] Outfitted with the electromechanical claws or hydraulic grapnels of a R.E.M.O.R.A.
class arachnoidal ordnance robot or a TRI M.A.D. positronic android.  [Hogamous Gook Squish Gobble] Armed for hand-to-
hand combat between android and robot. Equipped with a series of clasping and rending devices consisting of two or more
hinged, movable iron prongs or with similar iron hooks for grasping and moving heavy objects, weapons, flesh containers, or
other cargo.

flash da flesh bingos  [Kong Con Gone Gobble] That form of terrorism known as nuclear bingo, played with the civilian
populations of Hell.  The military practice of selecting targets for nuclear weapons, especially intracontinental ballistic missiles,
by drawing lots from skull pots or by assigning numbers by chance to potential targets and then using a computer’s random
number generating capability to arbitrarily determine the target number codes for ballistic missile guidance systems (see ‘FARTS
stalags of 1848’).

fo’ Dis lonesome  [Sewer Sleaze]  Something or somebody  prepared for the special delight of Satan Lucifer.  Urged to go
forward in one’s career by the loan of one’s buttocks for recreational sodomy.

free way Satana  [Crusto Sleaze] The main arterial induction tubeways linking the northern and southern sectors of Dis
Calfornix from San Pasco in the north to southern San Dago Disco. The principal tube throughway that connects the uranium
regions of Dis Magic Mountains with the subcontinental induction grid of greater Limbo.

French fries  [Scatoloco] Souls of the native born French peoples of topside. French fried souls served in the form of limp
noodles or shredded for cheese spread. Any of many spicy soul foods made from ground up French head.

Fumes, Fumaroles and Funeral Homes Down Dis
What follows is generally top-heavy information about the States of Dis, its business, commercial and industrial activity as well as
a summary concerning Dis-Government structure, general political and social disorganization and Dis-Tribulation.  Alzo I'm
gonna add a ill bit to yo’ knowledge bout society and demonic education, pussy, and what wad else comes to mind of some
interest. Dis is a pit, deep, vast and craggy.  That is what you must remember about it.  Extensive, distended and engorged as it
is, to understand DIS requires that you become familiar with its levels.  Dis has many levels stacked like concentric shells one
atop the other.  Oddly enough there are exactly twenty-six, each designated with a letter of the alphabet.  This might seem strange
to you, perhaps even simpleminded, but I assure you it is true.  Level A, as you might have guessed, is known as Topside.  That's
where you are, on the surface up there above.  You're welcome to id! Levels two through six (B through F) house all DIS
Induction Systems' Parks, Camps, parts and particles, including the central processing Camps da Komman-Dantes.  All new fish
(newly disbanded die-souls) enter Hell Proper through these levels where they are d-graded, processed, adjudicated and
consecrated for permanent storage, dependin' on Dis-Trials and Courts Tribulations, sentence period and other discriminations,
based on da soul's record of conduct topside.

Technically, this territory is formally referred to as Limbo Proper.  Although historically it amounted to little more than grazing
land for the soul cattle ranchos which operated in the territories prior to 1854. At level seven begins the portion of the bottomless
pit known as Dis-Proper.  Below seven all is signified by DIS.  The boundary between levels six and seven is formed by the River
Styx.  Soul traffic across Styx River until the third decade of the modern era was accomplished by fleets of pig boats, but these
cute ill subs were replaced for efficiency purposes with a wide-out turbo-charged Inductor Driven Tube System for speedo
freight both ways, due to population pressures and reasons of state security which don't concern us here.  Usually, these
tubeways are turgid with travelers and tourists, truckers and turkeys, waz-nazi and general woozie labor corps conscripted
workers, but that's neither here nor there.  By the way, pig boats were used extensively in Hell as early as the Civil War Topside
(1850-55), though they were crude by comparison with the sleek, atomic powered Squids of Dis-Navies modern Naval Evil.  
Level seven (CTRL-G) is ringed with the terminal Induction Ports and Portals which serve as the conduit for all Cross Styx
traffic bound, crated or packaged for Dis-Side Camps or Stalags for minimum security penitents. (Lotta sado-massa-acres of
shid be goin' down der!) Level eight contains naturally strato-fried magma ports and disposable penitentiaries for sports and
disputations revolving around the more willful forms of diabolic and atomic recreation. (Now especially reserved for topside
freeway driven assholes and all the dead auto-crazies. But not hit and run drivers and drunks who are served with a lower fare).
This level is reserved for general assholes, not specific assholes, comprende? Level nine (CTRL-Eye) is the level which formed
the terminus for Dante's historical conception of Hell.  However, extensive urban renewal projects in the mid nineteenth century
upended a vast bowl shaped depression beneath the floorscape to merge levels nine through twelve into one vast region now
known as Nag Shima Plains.

The perimeter of this extensive con-cavity is ringed with natural Stalag-tits and art-officially tall stew stacks; from lip to lip, the
bowl of Nag Shima Plains stretches some 2400 kilometers across.  Near the Eastern edge of the Plains lies the capitol city of Hell,
NeuBabelsburg Dis of Pandemonium.  The home office of most of the Dis-Co Corporations, Dis-Trusts, their research centers
and the major Flesh Banks and Flesh Markets Top Choice, Shock and Shark Stock Exchanges, and Dis-Financial establishments
are located there by Imperial decree. Around the Imperial Dark Crystal Palace, which forms the center of the capitol city, and
beyond the Palace walls, a series of concentric shells form the suburbs of the city.  Most of the crust of the upper social crust
inhibits here, including the corporate buggers, Dis-Legions Militant Komman-Dantes, Palace Bab-Luna-Boons, Income potent Bu-
Bu Boys, Big Money Moola Babies and so forth.  However, this sector of the city is con-stant kaka-phagus with waz-nazi noise
ad nauseous.  So be cautious if you visit there. Levels i3 through 26 comprise Power Sources and Resources of Dis.  Within the
subdivisions of these regions Hell has almost unlimited access to sources of coal, precious and pedestrian metals, and abundant
chemical supplies.  Steam power is no problem.  This can be tapped into in just about any region.  And some of my most capable
demons are personally in charge of administering the ebb and flow of events below Dis-Region. Levels M through Z (i3-26)
house a multitude of commercial, manufacturing and industrial concerns important, even crucial, to the means and ends of the
State of Hell incarnate.  Therefore, this vast and critical economic enterprise is tightly woven and energized with the finest
technology available under twisted eyes.  

Here the visitor will find the most efficiently run Pus Processing Plants and Flatulence Factories turning out a cornucopian snout
of atomic by-products to be distributed all about, without the slightest concern for industrial safety.  As highly integrated Major
and Minor Industrials compete with Big Pops an' Iil Mops Sweat Shops, just so does cement contribute to the garment industry.  
In fact, just about every type and kind of entrepreneurial activity is represented in the various levels, from Dis-Chemicals and
Soul Biologicals to Machine-Chops and Fondues Foundries, from piss Dis-Paints anal Plastics fo' Spastics, to Dis-Rubbers da
Cons ana Condoms, as well as new sites for Dis-Co Psychoses and Neurotics Anal Canal Neurosis and Dis Mercantile Da
Mudders, Murderers and der anal Muggers. Naturally, most of these levels also coin-secta-cide with Hell's pogrom for re-
education type, Dis-Nation's National Re-Hab Schools, Universities and Projects for slow-constant and flash flame retardation.
(Test and see how dumb you be; real dumb then send you down to Z. Den you don't learn Hell's ABC’s, then you will see mush
as disease!) As you may have suspected, level Z forms Dis Assed End o' Dis Turker's Kinda-Garden, whose pupils are piped
occasionally directly into Da King Kink's Sado-Induction Chamber in the Palace Yellow Mellow Cellars. Life after death down in
this region of Dis is deliberate madness.  You spend eight hours with your jailer and his jolly Jelly bean boys, eight hours doin'
yo’ labor, and eight hours in yo’ trailer. (Yo’ trailer is yo’ asshole, see?) If you wish to sleep, you must stick your head up your
ass to get eight hours of slow, subliminal vicious instruction from Instudents Distraction Services personnel, until your sentence
ends and you receive your die-ploma.  Then you go up-level, one degree, and you start all over again.

Special cases receive special Soul fine attention.  If you eventually graduate from Dis College of Fetters anal Arts Farty, then you
are fit to be shid da Debil, unless you join this or that association as a specialist trainee or head out to do Dis-Duty as a trustee
waz-nazi or seek work orders for the Loco Woozie Labor Corps.  From there on it's all up or down, depending on the suspenders
of your disability and anal motivations.  Couple Dis coupled thousand years of Dis-Service and you may make specialist turd
class, If you do your duty, pay dues, and do do accordingly.  After a couple of dese periods round Dis you will have eaten your
way through shid mountains all the way to the top of the pile of piss and quicksand that will be your slot in Dis Forever.  Unless
you be mighty pretty income potent type, ambitious Bush-waken' off suck pus yo’ Bosses and Colossi.  Butt dose of you dat cain-
t understand whad wad yo' be now readin' gotta finger figure an' all, remember what I said about the wad you get if you're sent
down to level Z. Dumb as you be appears to me, what's da difference I can't see! Dis is one enormous bureaucracy, you see?  
And on top is HISS, Dis Presidential Delectable Dis-Pleasure Person, Hiss selfishness Himself, Commander of Dis-Legions and
Dis-Imperial Protector, Proctor, and Director of Dis-Governments Divisions and Bureaus in all directions.  Below me, sometimes
I keep 'em in my peepee, are the members of my Congress, the Congress of Dis, including the House Broken and Sin-apes.  
Below them are the General In- spectres Spook-Taters who oversee the Haters and Mad-Hatters of Dismembered Government's
Commissions and Omissions.  Next in line of authority are the Repro-baters and the Rectal Sin-eaters of Dis and Limbo's Regions
all around and under included.  All the rest of the Government's Representatives are too far down the line of ascent to be counted;
although they may be cunted or discounted.  This Government is nothing but one big rubber stamp, you see?  In fact the purpose
of all this is simply purposelessness, for none of this is necessary at all.  It is just Id, done for the fun of it.  And so that this
influence is felt Topside.  All spooks down here known this, you betcha!
Disco psychosis and neurotics anal canal neurosis  [Sewer Sleaze] The
neuropsychiatric complex, at Level 19 in Sewercide, which administers the
formal and con-substantiated dis-criminate syndicates for psychiatric services
in Dis. That conglomerate of experimental research facilities, detention areas,
institutes and their related service sector industries historically responsible for
the investigation of aspects of demonic possession, humanic soul learning
theory, the soul related genetic, biological and biochemical foundations of
language, HISS trans-medical and trans-mendelian proto-language
implantation procedures, and those anima life principles that are associated
with the humanic souls Karma cycle regression projects. In the decade
following 1925, the neuro-psychiatric brain trust of Sewercide gained
considerable prestige among the scientific research communities of Hell for its
stunning accomplishments in the development of revolutionary forms of
artificial intelligence, especially for those research and development projects
which led to the demotic positronic brain, the cortical biomechanical
mechanism which revolutionized warfare, weapons design, and population
control measures throughout Hell in the modern period.
Portrait of Distinguished Dissident of
DIS Von James Leonitis Van Eyes,
hung in the rotunda, Diablo Tomb
Station Zeta Complex,Federal
Reformatory for the Provencial
Territories, Level 26, SEWERCIDE