dis-solution                                                                                                                                       Dis-wreck-create
dis-solution  [Symbol Syphilis]  Literally, ‘The final, or the ultimate solution’ proposed for the population explosion in Hell.  A
form of planetary suicide, colloquially, the offing of a celestial body.  The total and utter destruction, as by fusion implosion
from within, of an entire planetary mass, especially one with an approximate diameter of 7,927 miles.  The conception of terra
consumed by a thermonuclear fusion chain reaction, employing tens of thousands of nuclear weapons, each of 40 megatons,
located at equidistant intervals along the subterranean grid formed by the conjunction of the earth’s tectonic plates, all
simultaneously detonated and resulting in complete and total destruction of the planet. The first stage of a plot to unleash
sufficient quantities of energy to cause the formation of a black hole in that portion of the galaxy known locally as the Milky

dis-souls  [Dick Spitters Dribble]  Those uncounted numbers of souls interred within any of the alimentary or urogenital
concentration camps of a mech-avuncular demon of the type known as an archi-tectonic mechnoidal arachnid.  [Scatoloco] The
personal diet of Oz Czar Daws War Saws Waz-Nazi.  High society, high-energy soul food of a dense and compact quality,
consumed only by members of Dis-society above the class of demons.  

dis-spastic  [Suck Schlemmo Sleaze] The condition of temporary euphoria and paralysis, associated with intermittent spasms,
that characterizes the last stage of a demonic orgasm. The temporary state of immobilization during reproduction in which a
demon is incapable of attacking and consuming its victim.  

dis-special  [Scatoloco] Grisly and abominable according to the norms of DIS. [Sadisto Sleaze] Heinous, atrocious, as sinister in
degree as blasphemous in content.  

dis-spectral spook-tacular  [Squids Squished da Hogamous] An enormous spectacle of momentous import for the course of
future events; an event-happening of singular importance, especially one designed and carried out by the force of Dis in order to
effect a change in the fate of billions of souls.  

dis-spell  [Debil’s Dribble] To cast a potent, powerful spell of dork-evil design, in order to call up the archetypal form of evil
incarnate (M.A.M.A.) from her ghastly chamber in the deepest, darkest of sin pens.  

dis-spelled  [Simp Sleaze] Spelled as in the dialects of Dis, hence typically misspelled; spelled with its attendant Hellish
disclaimer (dis-) attached as a prefix.  

dis-spirited  [Debil’s Dribble] Spiritless; rendered devoid of a mortal soul.  Deprived of hope; cock-confronted with relentless
and unremitting despair. [Sadisto Sleaze] Transfixed, punctured, stabbed or impaled by sharp, pointed objects in a rite of pain or
pierced during a ritual of organ sacrifice in a religious service in Dis.

dis-squishie  [Squids Squished] Compacted organic matter flash frozen, dried, homogenized, smoked, or dehydrated for long
term storage in a flesh bank. Liquefied flesh and bone selectively graded and priced on the basis of the consistency of its
ingredients, bartered on the flash foods liquid commodities exchange, in the flesh and body parts markets of Bottomside. [Simp
Sleaze] A bland, primarily protoplasmic-based paste issued as a soul sustaining substance, which serves as the common fodder
of the working class in Sewercide, sometimes referred to as basic quarters and paste, or pasta.  

dis-stack  [Vox Populis] Matter to be dismantled. [Crusto Sleaze] The act of chopping off limbs or otherwise cropping the soul
body of an itinerant worker or traveler in order to fit the stiff within the limited space of a cubicle in one of the rail-liners of
Limbo’s transportation network. [Pig Boat Sleaze] The practice, common to the crews of pig boat fleets assigned to cross Styx
immigration and transport duty, of tacking or stitching shut the eyelids of Limbo side souls remanded to the custody of Dis,
before shunting them into the turbine driven blades of the sub’s intake compactor snozzle for suction driven induction into the
sub’s ballast bladders, as a means of increasing the capacity of cargo storage during the trip across the River Styx.  

Dis stalag 222  [Militarese, all dialects] One of thousands of trans-Styx emigrant detention centers for housing, processing,
classification, adjudication, and custody of new fishie grunion (newly inducted souls) remanded to confinement in Dis proper. A
detention site (concentration camp) with wide-out crossed Styx induction drive facilities as well as pig boat offloading induction
portals, located near the nether shore Churlman city known as Pack Men-Hymie, about 142 kilometers north and slightly west of
the present capitol of Churlmania, Dis Ber-Lingam. Stalag 222 achieved a marginal degree of notoriety, during the second waz
nazi uprising in Limbo in the period 1939-1947, as a safe house and clandestine base of operations for waz nazi sympathizers
known to have been operating illegally within the provincial territory of Dis proper. Dis-stalag 222 was annihilated with a 100-
megaton hydrogen bomb (a type ‘A’ bomb) on March 5, 1947, and rebuilt three years later, by convict labor (see ‘waz nazi

Dis-stinker fried nerve gas da FARTS  [Hogamous Gook Squish Gobble] Item requires top*secret classification access code.  
Access to this material is restricted, except for those who have passed rigid security checks with the proper clearance authorized
by a Level A(ngel) RAND agency security chief. For information concerning this entry (issued on a need to know basis only)
route all requests, in writing, to Offices of Head Mangler of Dis, Dark Palace Counterinsurgency Forces, in care of Rasputin
Turks Tigerchief, RAND Intelligence Center Systems Nexus, Level 11, Neu-Babelsburg Dis of Pandemonium.  

dis-sucker-fied dis-tubies  [Bigamous Hogamous] Item access is restricted by order of Historic Imperial Secret Service
Directive, service code MOJO 02071B, dated April 15, 1931. Route requests for access codes to HISS SS (State Security)
Intelligence Corps, Office of Wars and Weapons Research Projects, Level 12, Neu-Babelsburg Dis of Pandemonium (See
instead, ‘Dis Missile’).  

dis-sucker tried dis-tubies  [Sewer Sleaze] Literally, ‘The subway ride to Sewercide.’ Any of the induction portals dispersed
throughout Levels 9-12 on Nagshima Plains, which provide official immediate access to Level 13, power sources and resources
of Dis.  

dis-squishie da sewers of Dis  [Scatoloco] Anyone who couldn’t  possibly be interested in this topic. Those who have visited
the offices of public psychiatric service agencies in Dis (see ‘dis-squishie).  

dis-taken  [Squish Hogamous] Taken in such a way as to be made to awaken to the realities of imperial Hell.  [Dick Lingo
Sleaze] Cheated out of one’s rightful share of chocolate cricket or chicklet (dark meat of prick sliced into fillet).  

di-stake-n  [Bigamous Hogamous] The punishment for incompetent and garrulous writers, especially encyclopedists and staff,
who pander the facts to appeal to popular taste: to be impaled, nose first, on a sharp stake. The act of lifting a soul body up by
the feet and lowering it, throat first, onto an impaling stake (or pole) so as to cause the pointed end of the stake to pierce the
victim’s soul body through the throat and out the anus.  

dis-tended  [Debil’s Dribble, all forms] Said to be inclined to accept a daily ration of the violent rape of  eyes, noses and

dis-tentacled  [Crusto Sleaze]  Of or related to the crud finger code of communication in Dis.  Finger fucked with a slimy
tentacle.  [Sadis Sleaze] Sucked into some terrible thing by rows of automated suction tubes.  

dis-therm  [Militarese] A unit of heat equal to that released from the detonation of a 10 megaton hydrogen bomb. Such a unit of
measurement for a thermostat designed to register and monitor temperature for study of climactic temperature variations during
the course of weapons research testing in any of the atomic testing sites on Nagshima Plains.  

dis-throne  [Suck Schlemmo Sleaze]  The inner sanctum or vestibule of 0z Czar Daws War Saws Waz-Nazi, arrayed in
arachnoid fashion with the bones of HISS victims.  Any of the formal thrones for public display of Satan Lucifer’s organic,
mechnoidal selves, those electro-mechanical androids which function as counterfeit copies of HISS Satanic majesty for ritual or
public promotional activities associated with affairs of state.  Any throne for the pubic display of a mech-robotic persona of

dis-tidbits  [Scatoloco] Literally, ‘Tidy bites or bits of tits’.  Random cuts or scraps of human flesh, served and eaten from the
tips of forked sticks.  A modest unit of exchange in the flesh trade in Bottomside.  

dis-tinguished  [Pro-Motors Jag Jargon] Concentration camp slang for a bug that has been ‘exterminated’. Extinguished in Dis
by an agent of HISS.  

dis-tin-squished dissidents a Dis nation  [Squish Hogamous] The collective body of statesmen, financiers, managers, military
leaders, presidents, civilians and those nuclear scientists who contributed in significant ways to the discovery, development,
publication about, and application of things nuclear and atomic, such as nuclear theory, nuclear physics, nuclear mathematics,
atomic energy, fusion power, atomic fission, atomic rays, atomic power reactors, nuclear fuels, and nuclear or thermonuclear
weapons. The thought of the souls of the above squished and mist-compacted within a Disco rest home, after subjection to
forms of experimental animal torture.  

distinguished dissidents research centers  [Received Standard Higamous]  One of the arms of the Office of Wars and
Weapons Research Projects, the scientific weapons research and development community of Hell.  The labor pools of scientific
expertise available from demonic scientologist personnel as well as the humanic souls scientific community of Dis.  Any of the
numerous scientological installations for the advancement of atomic weapons research and their target sites and ranges for
pragmatic weapons testing on Nagshima Plains or in Limbo.

dis-told  [Debil’s Dribble] To tell so often as to be made nauseous by the smell of one’s dribble. Told to be insubordinate for the
purpose of recreational sex with oneself. Told lies until one is too old and worthless to be of use.

dis-tomb   [Suck Face Sleaze] Any of the chambers within an atomic or thermonuclear weapon which hold the separated loads
of bomb grade uranium or plutonium (as well as other enriched substances) driven together to create the instantaneous chain
reaction which detonates the bomb. A place where compacted souls are incarcerated, on a temporary basis.

distorted  [Die Camps Logo a la Gogo]  Sold into schlemmo slavery, to a schlemmo master, in a concentration camp in
Sewercide.  [Sadis Sleaze] Profoundly disfigured by subjection to degrading behaviors.  Forced to participate in acts of demonic
revulsion.  Splattered with the vomit of a victim and enjoying it.  [Crappo Lingo] Enjoying or ‘getting off’ on this document.

distraction  [Kong Con Gone Gobble] Nuclear extortion. Now, specifically, the use of nuclear weapons or the threat of their use
held over the heads of one’s subjects as a means of enforcing the will of the state. The policy of enforcing the wishes of a few
onto the lives of many by controlling the sources for raw ore or materials, the means of production and assembly, and the
delivery systems for nuclear weapons.

distraught  [Simp Sleaze]  Self-educated in Sewercide.  Tested and certified insufficiently qualified, hence degraded.  Provided
with numerous incentives for self-immolation.  Remanded to a lower level of housing, basic tutorial instruction or to a lower life
form through Karmic recycling.

distributed  [Hogamous Sleaze] Caught in the act of paying tribute to a superior’s prick (doing a schlemmo shtick) in any of the
intelligence services of Bottomside.  (That) which is to be distributed (flesh).  Paid with the sum of three human butts for
services rendered.  [Suck Face Sleaze] Exposed butts as a sign of loyalty or inferiority or the use or abuse of a butt as a form of
tribute (booty) to a deity in Dis.

dis-tribute  [Militarese]  The practice of exposing one’s butt or the butts of one’s subordinates for the purpose of appeasing one’
s superiors. The fawning, supercilious, essentially pederastically oriented bootlicking practices of the military orders of Dis
proper.  The act of pleading one’s case for approval or advancement by offering butts exposed for recreational sodomy by
superior officers in charge of officers training in the imperial military colleges of Dis.  Swag (in the form of human flesh)
delivered to Dis for idol appeasement at the godhead of Dis.

dis-truction  [Dis Dribblins da Dildo Dribble] The force preliminary to suction, i.e. ‘destruction.’ The act of blowing something
up for the fun of it, and in order to see all the pretty pieces come floating down the food chain in Bottomside.  [Buro Crapese]
That formal philosophy of aesthetics in Hell that holds that destruction is a necessary antecedent to all those processes of
creativity identified under the solemn rubric of ‘con-struction.’ [Dis Lingo Lick Waz Nazi] Trucking around and just looking for
something or someone to fuck with.

Dis-trusts  [Dick Lingo Sleaze] The monolithic structure of the imperial corporate police state of hell, organized under the
banner of the Royal Imperium’s Organic Tribunal (R.I.O.T.) and controlled by Disco (Dis Imperial Service Sectors Cognitive
Organ). Those trusts, cartels, monopolies and syndicates, responsible to the royal family’s imperial holding company (Disco),
which are listed on the extortionate 5000 hit-list, and which comprise the major corporate and financial entities of HELL. An
overview of the organization of Disco is presented below. See also the C.L.A.P. (Corporate Labor Assignment Policies)
flowchart that follows this entry.

                                             Secondary Energy Resources

Arch-Arco Bum Gas, Dis Mudders Mobile, and Dutch Deutschers S-hell Games
represent the combine that has historically
controlled the petroleum fuels, paints and plastics industries of Hell. The combine’s recent diversification and acquisitions
strategies are a closely kept secret of state. Its primary responsibilities involve all phases of the petroleum industry from
exploration to processing and distribution, as well as research and development of alternative energy sources.

             Boards and Dis Banks, Kink Establishments ana Major Financial Markets

BANKink Tok-yoyo
: That syndicate of bankers and corporate crud executive officers which has a corner on the liquid
commodities exchanges market in corporate bonds and bondage, as well as the black market in human blood (biota beer) in Hell.

BANK-Ink-Ick Inc: The cartel that controls the heavily guarded principal repositories of the S.O.B. (Sexual Organ Bank) used
by the corporate criminals of the petroleum combine.

DIS infidelity: The monopoly which essentially controls the staple nonhuman meats and soul foods supplies in Bottomside,
(sometimes referred to as death upchuck) and which has recently managed to corner the drug-meat market by acquiring large
blocks of securities in the shock, stock and stark exchange, afterwards selling them in small parcels to the general public at an
enormous markup (pro-fit).

SACKO Citi Corp and Gorp Groupie: The syndicate of criminal tycoons, indiscriminate financiers, and fast fleisch foods
moguls primarily responsible for financing the armaments industries of HELL through control of the price of human flesh in the
Bottomside flesh trades and body parts markets. In the early 1940s, this syndicate began a serious move to diversify by acquiring
a 35% interest in down dis rest homes and Disco Rent Shops in Sewercide, the compaction industries which service squish
foods amalgamated trusts.

DAT-Sushi: The directorate for atomic trash, sushi branch, which administers the monopoly on atomic flash foods, especially
the candy, cordials and confections conglomerate in chopped sticks and chink banana mists.

                           Recreations, Entertainment and Media Dis-trusts (a sample)

MITSU-Bitchy: The cartel in control of prostitution in the sexual services sectors of Bottomside.

TOY-yoyo: The syndicate which governs the racket in bugger boy goods, the market for homosexual trash on the multiples
trash exchange in Sewercide.

TEXI-cocaine: The holding company in charge of legally sold and controlled toxic substances, mind altering or hallucinatory
drugs, and other recreational poisons, especially the network for production and distribution of tobacco, heroin, morphine,
cocaine, speed etc. which comprises the pops dope industries of Dis.

EYE C-B-S2: The dis-criminate syndicate for control of the news and propaganda arms of Dis governments civic affairs
management and broadcast systems, and the media services complex of Dis. A huge diversified syndicate with military
connections concerned with command broadcast stations for control of ballistics systems. A part of the M.U.D. conglomerate.

M.U.D. (Masses of Uranic Duds) in the atomic energy industries of Bottomside. That branch of SATANIC (State Affiliated
Trusts Atomic Nuclear Industrial Complex) responsible for mine workers and management operations in the uranium mining
industries and sectors of Dis Magic Mountains and Dis Calfornix.

EYE C-B-Ms: The subcontinental submarine and ballistic missile trust responsible for research, assembly, and testing of various
prototype missiles (nuclear capable) for land and sea-based weapons programs under development by military trusts. The
subcontinental ballistics missile monopoly of Sewercide.

HISS NBCick: A military weapons conglomerate, organized under the umbrella of the Historic Imperial Secret Service, for
development of naval battle command centers and other electronic surveillance monitoring systems used principally on the
atomic subs of the River Styx pig boat fleets.

AT and TOADY: A militant subsidiary monopoly of HISS NBCick, with heavy investments in RAND communications and
electronic systems, computers, intelligence gathering satellites, DORK artificial intelligence and the technology for arachnid and
soul-mechnoidal dynamics. The principal research and development arm for the production of artificial troglodytes, and other
electro-mechanic robots.

DAT ABCick: The monopoly which has exclusive control of the black market in atomic weapons and nuclear armaments, as
well as the market for construction of atomic bomb controls (ABC) and guidance systems. The major supplier of klystron
control detonators.

IT ANAL T: The syndicate of electronics industries in Hell, which administers and services the automated death camps of
LIMBO, but especially those in the sulfur deserts of Dis Calfornix.

WOOZIE Uranic Labor Corps: The conglomerate in control of slave labor services in HELL, consisting of the Uranic Regions
Agency for Nations in Conflict, the Unlimited Resource Administration for Nuclear Industrial Convicts, and the World Order of
Zombie Indigent Employees, which provide the labor needs of the Fortunate 5000 major corporations of Dis nation.

dis-turd   [Simp Sleaze] Literally, ‘The third in a sequence.’ One, for example, who has failed three tests or trials in a sequence.  
[Die Camps Logo a la Gogo] A soul of dull illumination, especially one who continuously or repeatedly fails to make progress
toward enlightenment.  A pupil or student of a soul regression experiment who is considered unsalvageable, or one that has
experienced assignment as a test subject in an atomic waste fuels dump, a waste retrieval site in Sewercide, or who has served in
the capacity of peripheral test subject for a nuclear weapons experiment in population control.

dis-use  [Squish Hogamous] To sodomize one’s subjects or servants prior to serving them to one’s guests. To use one’s
subordinates in such a way as to flatter one’s coordinates (equals) or superordinates (superiors) in any of the priestly ministries
of the litigious orders (fanatical sects) of Hell.

dis-voice  [Bigamous Hogamous] One of many punishments for the incorrect use of taboo words or the use of ungrammatical
language in Hell. To ream, strip or rip the larynx or voice box from the throat of a victim prior to the infliction of serious forms
of punishment, for example, to abuse the resulting cavity as a sexual objective for deep schlemmo.

Dis war  [Burocratese] A reference to any of the business or commercial wars fought in Hell for the purpose of gaining control
over a segment or sector of the flesh or soul food commodities markets in Bottomside (see ‘First-’ or ‘Second Word War’).

Dis-waste  [Donkey Crappy] To slay or slaughter cattle in any way topside. [Sewer Sleaze] Highly radioactive atomic waste
storage reservoirs, pools, or atomic waste sludge storage basins located conveniently within any of the levels of Sewercide but
especially at Level 26, Z-Quadrant. Vast subterranean pools containing billions of gallons of those high level atomic wastes
generated by nuclear power plants and by weapons grade fuels processing facilities in the atomic armaments industries of Dis.   
Dis-wreck-create  [Kong Con Gone Gobble] The concept of a great nuclear explosion and the resultant widespread destruction
which it has produced considered as a form of idle recreation among the military orders of Hell.  To build something up only for
the purpose of blowing it up, for the fun of it. To use atomic weapons for the purpose of releasing creative energies and for the
express purpose of mixing and otherwise preparing construction materials for cost effective urban development projects in