Dis-processing plants and flatulence factories                                                                                                  dis-society
Dis-processing plants and flatulence factories (see F.A.R.T.S.)  [Simp Sleaze] Located throughout Level 15 of Sewercide,
Hell’s enormous and highly integrated, nuclear industrial complex, designed for the production and processing of atomic fuels and
bomb grade substances, is the chief source of fissionable materials for the militant arm of the armed forces of Dis nation. The
awesome array of uranium ore processing facilities for the extraction and refinement of bomb grade quantities of the isotopes
uranium (U-235) and plutonium (Pu-239). (See ‘Dis-magma-fried’.)

Dis-proppo-gates  [Proppo Graffiti Jibe] To proliferate; to swell until so swollen as to burst forth from the Gates of Hell.  The
gates of Dis proper, the archaic gateways at the boundary separating Limbo, Level 6, and Dis proper, Level 7.

disproportionate Dis-plosive die speech  [Debil’s Dribble] The blast and shock wave generated by a thermonuclear explosion
conceived of as the ultimate extension of a formal argument.  The formal and proper linguistic form for the issuance of an order
from a high caste superior to a low caste subordinate; such an order issued as part of a design to quell civil disturbances in Dis.  
The devilish notion that restriction of the deployment or use of nuclear weapons constitutes an infringement of the freedom of
speech, life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness.  

dis-proportions  [Bigamous Hogamous] As enormous as the scope of Dis.  As majestic, as splendid as Dis, said of an orgasm.
[Simp Sleaze] That amount, portion or grab (flesh quota) that is usually considered the share for a professional administrator
demon on penal duty in a stalag.  

disported  [Pig Boat Sleaze] Transported to Dis via pig boat across the River Styx. Inducted aboard a pig boat through an
induction transporter’s suction intake snozzle and cycled through the vessel’s atomic reactor before stowage in a fuel cell.  

dis-pud  [Sewer Sleaze] Literally, ‘one born again in the form of a potato’. A recriminate soul housed in a fuel pellet designed
for an atomic or thermonuclear weapon.  

dis-puppet  [Suck Face Sleaze] The highest rank of priest administrator in the imperial ministries of religious disorder in Hell.
One who is skilled in the use of religion in the service of the aims of the state.  Any of the reanimated forms of soul bodies
employed specifically as a servant in a religious cult sponsored by the state, such as a cat-lick, a chewd, a proto-stant, grist-ian,
loot-erun, sewer slut, etc.  

dis-pussy (fizzled pud)  [Suck Schlemmo Sleaze] A soul marked for special duty in schlemmo service, especially one that has
had its sexual organ magma-fried. A victim of any of many forms of genetic experimentation involving the use of the soul body
as a incubator for demon seed.  

Dis-pute  [Burocratese] The soul of a government prostitute or a lawyer. A soul consigned to a sado-induction chamber for a
period of training as a recruit in the service of dispute. Any of the severed but energized body parts of a sewer slut, particularly
one of the parts which contains the remains of a sexual organ, used to adorn cells, cell blocks or penal institutions in Sewercide.  
[Sewer Sleaze} A form of pragmatic art and an art movement common to Sewercide since 1954.

disqualified  [Burocratese] Said with such qualification as to be pointless. Qualified to the point of uncertainty. Marked by vague
or obscure meaning.  

dis-quiet  [Received Standard Higamous] Unsettling, vaguely disturbing, characterized by a premonition of impending doom or

dis-radiated dust  [Simp Sleaze] Radioactive fallout recycled through the food chain of Sewercide on a more or less continuous

Dis-radiated stain, wid drano  [Dis Dribblins da Dildo Dribble] Stained the color of gore by exposure to radiation from fallout.  
Marked with an ‘x’ as a form of identification for victims of an atomic or thermonuclear holocaust. The peculiar effect of soul
discoloration common to souls exposed to x-rays produced by nuclear weapons is a subject of speculation in Dis, and numerous
theories have cropped up to attempt to account for this phenomenon. It seems clear, however, with most parties in agreement,
that the ethereal soul is affected in remarkable ways, among which is the inclination to turn from the normal, bland gray to
various shades of red, from carnelian to deep rose red.  After two years of continuous exposure, stains resembling a mottled olive
drab begin to appear. The conversion to olive drab takes about six months to fully develop, although the blood red of the previous
phase is still faintly visible here and there in patches. The olive drab stage lasts approximately six to nine months, depending on
the constant dosage rate of radiation, at which point the final stage of oblivion commences. A curious popping sound occurs at
the point when an ethereal soul ceases to exist, as if some kind of bubble had burst, though the significance or cause of this tiny
outburst is not known. If the dosage rate of constant radiation is terminated at any point in the process, the color changing
process is arrested, and the soul’s coloration remains stable from that point, unless the rate of radiation is resumed. A rate of six
thousand rads administered for an uninterrupted three-year period is sufficient to terminate one ethereal soul for eternity...

dis-raged  [Sadisto Sleaze] Rage raised to the boiling point of blood.  Violently crushed and pulverized as a first stage in the
eventual production of commercial paper products, paints or plastics.  

dis-regard  [Burocratese] To regard with distrust, suspicion, hatred or greed that which is lawful, according to the Hellish code
of conduct.

dis-regions  (Dis-assembled)  [Squish Hogamous]  The act of assembling that which has been previously disassembled through
thermonuclear means.  Those processes of construction on a regional scale undertaken following the detonation of nuclear
weapons in Hell.  Any of the regions of Hell formed (assembled) by use of nuclear weapons or an area prepared for new
construction by destruction of the existing structures by means of nuclear explosion.  The act of mixing or otherwise preparing
building materials through detonation of atomic weapons.  The practice of assembling vast multitudes of souls in temporary
housing located in the target areas where thermonuclear weapons are tested.  

dis-remember  [Crusto Sleaze] To be made reacquainted with the horrors and agonies of life after death in Hell following a
temporary period of reeducation topside.  

dis-repast  [Scatoloco] A reference to any one, any number, or all of the soul foods classified in the momentous “Typologically
Organ-ized Concordance of Hell Foods,” such as those common types listed in this document.

dis-re-publickers  [Sewer Sleaze] Members, followers, and hangers on of the Republican Party of Hell consigned to tongue duty
as a public urinal in Sewercide. Those who lick pubes and butts in sewer service, for services rendered.  

Dis-robe (Pear1’s body)  [Sadisto Sleaze] To scalp or scrape the pubic hair from a victim; to take such a scalp for decorative or
ceremonial purposes.  [Squish Hogamous] To scrape or scour away a city sized area of the surface. To cause destruction over a
wide area by apparently natural means such as by earthquake, fire, volcanic eruption, flooding or by weather control of cyclonic
winds.  [Hogamous Gook Squish Gobble] To strip and tear savagely as a prerequisite to gang rape.  

Dis-region  [Squids Squished da Hogamous] The ancient region of Hell wherein lies the present capitol city aptly known as Neu-
Babelsburg Dis of Pandemonium.  Any sub-region or level within or below the region of Hell known as DIS.  A term now
designating a vertical as well as horizontal geographical area, whose ‘upward’ or vertical extension does not exceed the boundary
of the River Styx.  

dis-regions Dis  [Squish Hogamous] Those areas of Nagshima Plains designated as atomic weapons testing sites and subjected
to heavy testing of nuclear and thermonuclear weapons in the early 1940s prior to the second phase of the Limbo land boom
initiated in late 1944.  [Militarese] Code name for a series of real estate land swindles and redevelopment schemes involving
radiation contaminated areas in Dis and Limbo, the ultimate consequence of which was a rash of speech dysfunctions and
language disorders among the new residents (victims) of the swindle.  

dis-regions government complex (Heartman Towers)  [Burocratese] The colossal octohedronal shaped structure surrounding
the imperial Crystal Palace  at Level 9 in Neu-Babelsburg Dis of Pandemonium, which serves as the central government data bank
of the infernal revenue service of Dis nation and which houses the legislative and congressional arms of Dis-regions bureaucracy
in government service. A part of the sump system in Dis government’s rump.  

dis-regions mega-tropolis  [Crusto Sleaze] The vast sprawl of modern metropolitan population centers, concentration camps,
and soul food processing facilities, crisscrossed and connected by induction tubeways and slave freeways, surrounding the
capitol city of Hell and stretching outward across all levels of Nagshima Plains to the border of Dis proper formed by the River

dis-righteous indignation  [Crappo Lingo] The condition of being as indignant as another is being self-righteous. The act of
displaying dismay or disingenuousness when confronted with proof of one’s misdeeds.  

dis-rubbers da cons ana condoms  [Suck Schlemmo Sleaze]  The research and development arm of the penitentiary network of
Hell, located at Level 18 in Sewercide.  The containment area for the bug wardens and penal staff of the collective prisons
systems of DIS, where vital research on soul regression processes and trans-mutilation technologies has been in progress for a
period of approximately 130 years. See the partial entry under the term ‘Dis-Pharmaceuticals’ for more detailed information
concerning all experimental research affecting the Karma Cycle.  That level of Sewercide Level 18 which houses the primary
laboratories, research centers, testing sites, containment centers and related environmental control equipment for the notorious
criminal cons-substantiated syndicates of Sewercide, including the alimentary penitentiaries of Dis, recently mechanized. (See also
the entry under ‘Dis-mercantile da mudders, murderers ana muggers’.)  

dis-sado-induction chamber  [Crusto Sleaze]  Any nuclear fusion reactor fueled partially by x-radiated souls whose ethereal
mass has undergone compaction prior to housing in an atomic fuel pellet.  [Sewer Sleaze] One of many terminal collection points,
in the complex induction network tubeways of Bottomside, designed as a kind of filter trap below a system of sumps utilized for
the collection and compaction of stray radiation and garbage.  Such a terminal collection point in the sewer system of Sewercide.  
[Sadisto Sleaze] One of numerous specially constructed, domed containment areas below Level 23 within which controlled doses
of constant radiation are emitted for the purpose of conducting geriatric research on the longevity of the ethereal soul body.  
[Bigamous Hogamous] A sporting house for the refinement of aberrant forms of sexual degradation in which penitent souls are
instructed in the final arts and acts of sado-sexual instruction. (See ‘Sado-mal-functions’.)

dis-schlemmo-my-baby  [Bigamous Hogamous] The term for a victim of a prefrontal lobotomy performed by inserting a
demon’s sexual organ into the oral cavity of the victim and spinning the victim until the organ corkscrews into the ‘cranial cavity.’

dis-school da dis-science an’ disservice  [Simp Sleaze] Any of the state supported scientific schools and technical academies or
colleges of Hell where military science (in the service of the state) is taught. Those universities where weapons research is
supported and justified by the State.  

dis-scribed  [Squish Spiranto] Written in Dis (Hell) by a scribe, in any of the dialects of Dis or Limbo, with the exception of Dis-

dis-secret  [Sadis Sleaze]  Secrets of state kept from state scrutiny in spite of the importance of state security, defense, or the
national interest.  The classification ‘top secret’ translated to the level of cognition suitable to a bug.  

dissembling  [Scatoloco] Resembling cattle about to be disassembled by nuclear explosion. Trembling in profound fear before
Dis, the dark deity upon hiss throne Da T-Bone Bon Bon.

disservice  [Burocratese and Burro Crapese] The performance of vice in the service of state security.  Any of the formal
branches of the military or civil service in Dis whose members are required to submit to loyalty oaths, invocation ceremonies,
rites of initiation and public acts of a specified asocial character as a formal prerequisite to full fledged membership in the club
and corpus of the state.  

dis-Sewercide (or ‘Sewercide’) [Simp Sleaze] That vast geological area below Dis proper, ranging from the present boundary of
Level 13 to the farside boundary of Level 26, which was annexed to the lawful and traditional territory of Hell in the year 1854,
as an as yet little understood consequence of  certain lumbering operations topside. Each of the separate and architecturally
distinctive Levels of Sewercide is generally demarcated into service, housing, and industrial zones radiating outward from a
central core sector reserved for recreational and administrative activities. Linked by induction tubeways which function as the
sole means of travel between and within its various levels, Sewercide, in general, functions as the principal maximum security
penitentiary for the chronic offender, and, as such, provides the training facilities for a vast polyglut of commercial and social
aims and purposes, and is a primary source of those metals, ores and fossil fuels vital to the complex operations of a modern
technological and industrial state. For additional data and information with regard to the operations and functions assigned to each
level, see in order the following entries: for Level 13, see ‘power sources and resources of Dis’. For Level 14, see ‘
dis-major and
minor industrials.’ For uranium fuels processing, see the entry for Level 15, ‘Dis processing plants and flatulence factories (F.A.
R.T.S.).’ At Level 17, refer to ‘
Dis mercantile da mudders....’ Level 18, see the entry above ‘Dis-rubbers da cons ana condoms.’
For Level 19, see  ‘
Disco psychoses...,’ and the entry for  ‘Diz-z-chemicals.’  

dis-sewers  [Suck Schlemmo Sleaze] The tubeways of Sewercide which are linked to the dork ejector systems transporter
located at Level 19, Disco psychoses and neurotics anal canal neuroses. Specifically, the outtake tubeways from the cloaca below
the S.U.C.K. Central intelligence corps training facility at Level 12 on Nagshima Plains leading to the intake inductor’s suction
device at Level 19, where souls are processed before shipment via dork ejection transporter, during the soul potting phase of the
Karma cycle.

dis ship-up  [Kong Con Gone Gobble] Literally, “Ship up this spit.” The formal order commanding a subordinate to effect a
flash flush of a dork ejector systems transporter in order to initiate transit and transference of a recriminate soul for potting
topside. A formal work order (in a Karma cycle procedure) authorizing the implantation of a soul into a newly fertilized ovum of
a human female. The process is initiated at the moment a S.P.E.R.M. (special particle energy releasing mechanism) penetrates an
O.V.U.M. (ovulating vectors urogenital marker) releasing the telltale used for plotting the dork ejector’s vector coordinates, prior
to the implantation procedure.

Diss (HISS) Intelligence Service (Levels D-1 to M-9) [Honorific logo, Suck Face Sleaze] Generally, those echelons of agents
on active service in HISS Intelligence whose dis-service ratings fall between demon of the first order and mongo-laddie of the
ninth degree. Specifically, field intelligence operatives of HISS (Historic Imperial Secret Service) intelligence service as opposed
to Suck Central SS (State Security) agents.  ‘Diss’ is the form of an address (logo) typically required for correspondence
directed to ‘a range of operatives’, in this case from elite members of the class of demons of the highest order (Sadomacia
Historica Ecclesiasticus) to members of the ninth caste of mongo-laddies, the Guelph sado-maggots.  

dis shitend da turd burger  [Hogamous Gook Squish Gobble] A term variously translated: this quadrant of the galaxy; this
armed backwater of the Milky Way; this potted pit of the solar system. [Simp Sleaze] The cranial cavity of a mark-mech mobile
avuncular demon, displacing over fifty tons, and outfitted for compaction functions as a mobile detention center with squish
capabilities for compact and efficient custody of recriminate souls. A demonic robot of enormous size but of a low order of

dis-sicko  [Dis Lingo Lick Waz Nazi]  As sick as pickled semen laced with nonbiodegradable chemical agents.  Mentally
deranged and physically mutated even by the standards of Hell.  Characterized by a degree or magnitude of insanity beyond
measure by crude topsider standards. Literally, ‘Living in one’s own vomit, and enjoying it...’ A psychiatric term lately coined to
designate any of the soul schizoid behaviors of psychogenic origin found among the penal populations of Level 19, Sewercide,
previously grouped as the croaking pigs syndrome, rats yallers catalepsy, spiders gone spladers, spin pins Dis-bees, and morphine
morgue freak E-Zs.  

dissidents  [Sadis Sleaze] Criminal revolutionaries of the class ‘atomic anarchist’ consigned to service in Bottomside and
Sewercide for insect vector control functions and as roving bomb squads for repression of illegal or unwarranted life forms or
civil disobedience (often spelled ‘dis s.o.b.dience’). The class of souls of those topsider atomic scientists who participated in the
research that led to the eventual development and deployment of atomic and thermonuclear weapons, topside.

dis-simplified    [Donkey Crappy] Characterized by a rapidly diminishing level or loss of mental capacity;  axed in the human
cognitive organ;  irrational, incoherent, like a vegetable.  [Scatoloco] Used as fodder for the soul food factories manufacturing
quarters and pasta for pest-o’s incorporated.  Turned into a simp for a seeming eternity.  

dis-singin’  [Sewercide Loco Puds Lick Spittle] To croak a kind of crude tune as from the throat of a soul body subjected to the
gradual tightening of the iron collar during a garrote.  

dis-slave  [Sadis Sleaze] A profoundly degraded soul which has become visibly less luminous as a result of permanent and rigid
addiction to sadistic treatment. One who is fixated on pain as a means of gaining a minimum of attention. A soul obsessively and
compulsively preoccupied with self-abasement and suffering, often manifestly self-induced...  

dis-society  [Donkey Crappy] A reference to the pyramidal caste system of Hell’s social strata, consisting of all the ranks
descended from the primordial dark angels, down to the clans of the arch ashcan-nazi. The notorious DIS Luciferians, the
Suprano-Nazites, the Papist Pompous State Demons,  the Mephisto-cats, the Mammono-dons,  the Baals-z-buddies, the Kral Evil
Bogies, and the infamous Latent Satano-nazites.  
Dis-processing plants and flatulence factories                                                                                                 dis-society