Dis nations commandments                                                                                                                  dis-oppor-tuna
Dis new deal  [Received Standard Higamous] The policy (plot) propounded (a-greed upon) and con-tended (claimed) as early as
the Tenth Century which called for the continuous use of the Karma cycle as a means of transporting agents of Suck Central
intelligence service to the surface as a method of gathering information and influencing the course of history topside. (See ‘dis-
migrate’ and ‘Dis-militants’ for more details: also see ‘Dis-mercantile Da mudders, murderers ana muggers’ for information on
the specialized training of dese (these) special Suck agents.) Note: confidential addendum on this lexical item follows from the
databanks of the universal lexicon of philogenetic philology oded and loaded from the master computer at the University of Dis at
Dis-Paris: coded top-secret but since reclassified (1984) as a public document: “Karma as Cyclical Cycle” by DD of D.D.T.  This
particular policy (plot) allows for the occupation by the soul of a new body after the death of a former body. Beliefs vary
(topside) as to whether the soul assumes the new body immediately or only after an interval of disembodiment (right on) and
although some religions teach that it may inhabit a higher or a lower form of life (correct and certified) most believe that the soul
is consistently reincarnated in the same species (incorrect and concocted). In Hinduism and Buddhism Karma is chiefly the idea
of retribution in the cycle of rebirths (samsara) whereby acts in previous existences lead to inevitable results in the shape of good
or bad incarnations in later lives. Thus, the proper performance of duties in this life will improve one’s state in the next (perfectly
correct). Even gods are not exempt from this law of retribution. For those who seek release from the transmigration of souls or
from the cycle of rebirths and who also seek the attainment of Nirvana (Heaven, Paradise, Valhalla) a path of action called
Karma-yoga (opposed to Karma-Yogoda) is followed. It proposes a life of selfless action, without regard or attachment to
pleasure, pain, or the personal evaluation of good or evil.  

Dis new Limbo project  [Sadis Sleaze, Squish Hogamous and Scatoloco] A complex plot popularly believed to have been
originated by Satan Lucifer, but knotted instead by Hiss Jaws, Oz-Czar Dawz War-Saws) which called for the establishment of a
real estate swindle of monstrous proportions. The initial phases of the racket (swindle) depended upon the creation of a land
massive extension project to distend the perimeter of Limbo westward under the North American continent. A brief account of
the dimensions of the scam follows, as taken from the files of:  

                                        The Infernal Geo-physical Years
                            Sub-continental Loco Geodetic Studies 1919-1939

Geophysical studies of the sub-continental land mass known as Nurd Amerika began as early as 492 but were considered turdly
insignificant until around 1720, at which time a prolific and state sponsored investigation into the natural resources of the lands to
the west of Dis proper was begun with all post haste. However, as this early phase of westward expansion was limited to
primitive tunneling methods through granitic rock layers along fault lines few and far between, and was supported by the worst
and laziest crumbs of the woozie labor corps banished to brain brow beating labor in the worm tunnels out west, it was not until
1909 that mining and tunneling technology advanced to the point where significant progress was made in advancing the horizontal
and vertical borders of Dis out west. With the advent and advancement of nuclear theory and the practical application of strategic
nuclear weapons testing during the Race and Ricewino Wars in Limbo during the First Word War, the possibility for employing
nuclear weapons for subsurface mining and tunneling operations became readily apparent. However, the scarcity of uranium ores
in the regions surrounding Dis and Limbo Proper limited the extent and ambitiousness of the stages of this project. Thus it was
not until 1922, when the first transcontinental tunnel reached the region below the Colorado Plateau, that discovery of the first
rich uranium strikes produced the flush of distemper and disturbance known as the Great Gig Geiger Pick Uranium Shuck and
Rush. Since rumors of an even more lucrative region of natural and unnatural resources had been circulated in Hell as early as
1849 about the region further west, this phase of the Limbo expansion project was reckless and rife with misdirected activities
and unproductive forms of Dis-trusts. Nevertheless, work proceeded on a more or less shoddy basis as expansion projects
branched and banked off the main effort to the north, south and naturally onward out west. (The doubling effect spoken of earlier
had no effect upon Limbo and was restricted to a vertical extension of Dis to Level-Z.)  By 1945, the southernmost extensions
had reached Dis-below low blow Old Mex, and Dis-Alamo-gordo was a thriving mining and milling community of camps
connectied to Dis-westward quest by induction tubes and transportal systems fused and fussy with guests, aided by migrant
dissidents who sponsored the topside Alamogordo Nuclear Tests (July, 1945). Similar progress to the north had opened up vast
regions (Canotropic and Alascan Tush-Tin Kanukie) of mineral rich terror-tories to Dis, while progress westward continued at a
furious and disciplined pace. Much of the impetus for this quest west activity derived from the population explosion that had
swamped the Eastern regions of Hell during the prior 30-year period. Population figures had reached a point of critical mass and
squish messiness during the world wars topside and had strained the compaction capacities of all the old (Dis-Euro-pee-pee) and
new world penal facilities of Dis nation’s combined con-penitent combines, coalitions, cartels and trusts.  In the last 5,570 years
of the recorded history topside, man has engaged in no less than 14,600 wars, great and small. These are wars worthy of
attention and they do not include enthusiastic border incidents, minor revolts and coups with which man busies and buries
himself. Since the year 3,600 B.C., when men first began to count, they have fought more than 2.6 new wars every year. During
the 292 years of man’s history when no “great wars” were under way, there were plenty of lesser battles, skirmishes, incidents
and purges to pass the time. And it’s getting worse. Since the end of World War II in 1945, men have fought some thirty
conflicts violent and bloody enough to be considered major wars. There have also been approximately another fifty revolts, civil
wars, repressions and uprisings. There has not been a single year in the 20th century without war. Chalk-up the score and keep
‘em commin’ dummies. The critical culmination of the first phase of the westward nationalistic expansionist policies of Dis ended
on a gloriously Dis-holy note in 1946, when the subcontinental effort was rewarded with the discovery of the Midas and mineral
rich Sulfur Deserts of Dis Calfornix, and the incredibly, almost devilishly incomprehensible deposits of uranium bearing ore
discovered in the Magic-Mountains of Nix Olympus, near the headwaters and secret watershed of the nefarious subterranean
River Styx (see Dis Calfornix and Dis Magic Mountains). No amount of cloud descriptive information could reveal the hiss of
glee in Pandemonium that was dispelled upon the discovery of this numinal phenomenon. But that wasn’t all of it by any means.
As the preliminary efforts of the cartographic and exploration parties began flowing in from the front ranks of the soulless
searchers charting the course of Dis new Limbo project, it was revealed that enormous caverns, linked by volcanic conduit,
stretched staggerous before the eye and ran south, north and west below the basaltic floor of the great pond of piss (da Specific)
known topside as the Pacific Ocean. Thus before Dis lay an unparalleled system of potholes for exploitation of its expansionist
dark designs and for all of its imperialist legions, connected and oh so seminally erected by forces unknown but suspected of
Plutonian creed, constructed in the dimness of the past now no longer known and unknowable but strident dismighty nightly
respected of prehistoric arch-luminous seed, perhaps to fulfill an ancient evil’s allegorical need. Thus heeded (taken careful notice
of) who could say what now latent labors by Dis and its neighbors would breed? Was this the way to attempt the impossible
payday against the forces of Him? It was a fishie idea that just looked like on some dark and dreary night it might learn how to
swim...Say who knows how to cook Seraphim?  In the decade that followed this period of dark and soul monstro Pequod
discoveries (1945-1955), the black whale of Dis-moby dickish design slumbered, while the legions of Hell labored and lumbered
across the cavernous plains and pud potholes below the Specific, as new population pressures forged new bottlenecks of souls
bloated and distended with blast mode magnitudinous measure. All was thermonuclear displeasure as content and intent merged,
mingled and slowly diverged, swelling ‘til molten with the soul rice profits of war, the purges, and urges so Disco auspicious
now routinely delivered to Dis, con-delicious with visions of omnipotence and illusions of omnipresence, crust-prescient with the
plot of plots, though turgid and tortured with problems dow-knoty [encrypted] with menudo dilemmas. Yet, all was ilk of tube
and silkworm proceeding prodigious, according to Hiss vicious and cunningly turbulent plan.

dis-new Toon  [Bigamous Hogamous] The historical phase of the development of sound recording and motion picture production
in Hell (1848-1890) during which various crude techniques and crummy cameras were designed for the amusement of the caste
of devil’s and the upper crust of Dis society. The earliest success at motion recording was achieved by Headwierd Mudbridge
and Jugg Dingle Eyes-iks in 1867 in a pimp-penal reformatory at Level-7 in a nether shore stalag known as 5-222, with a row of
cameras controlled by electrically operated shutters. The procedure was used to capture the important stages of a penal
punishment known as a gangs jerk bang or a puss fuck. Central data banks records at the University of Dis at Neu-Babelsburg
indicate that this crude ‘film’ represents the first attempt to create a pornographic picture in Hell. The photographs were shown
with a revolving disk, the Zoo-procto-scope, invented by Mudbridge. A period of intense technical research and development,
following this pus slick initial success, produced a series of improved motion cameras such as the Pantopticon-dum, Kine-binder-
scope and the Sine-mate-0-graph-ic. By 1905, the motion picture industry of Dis, located at Neu-Babelsburg Dis of
Pandemonium, had become a thriving and thoroughly cunt-conniving concern of no small importance to the future of Dis-designs
dark and otherwise.  [Sadis Sleaze] A sound recording of the screams of terror of over 100,000 souls compacted into the
warhead of an atomic bomb, and taken during the 10 minute sequence before bomb detonation.  

Dis-normal  [Perceived Standard Higamous] Characterized by acne, abdomens, apes, arachnids, acorns, antelope, artichokes,
ants, ankles, ambulances, apples, aristocrats, abalone, asters, arms, armies, assholes, brains , burros, beer bellies, bottle caps,
buggers, banjos, band aids, butts, bloat, barbers, burns, bugs, bites, beetles, cuts, cunt, coronaries, cuticles, coca, cocoa, crap,
crabs, crayons, camels, cows, corsets, cancers, duds, dicks, do, dirks, dung, drugs, dogs, dumps, dampness, dingoes, donkeys,
dorks, dough, dominos, effluent, ears, eyes, fags, figs, flames, faces, fathers, families, figures, farts, failures, fingers, gangs,
gamma rays, ghettos, guts, gripes, gizzards, gas, gin, garbage, gooks,  hearts, heads, Huns, hydrogen bombs, imps, illness, itch,
ICBM’s, icons, innards, ilk, injuns, infernos, ice-heads, irredeemable and irreconcilable stupidity, jails,  junkies, junk yards,
jawbones,  jerks, Johns, Jones’s, jacks, jammies, jiggers, jump ropes, jets, juntas, Japs, ketchup, kinks, klaxons, knaves, knives,
lasers, laboratories, lips, labor, leukemia, limbs, life insurance, loan sharks, lobotomy, livers, lifers, murder, madness, math,
mammals, monkeys, milk, muck, mud, masonry, mush, mist, nurds, narks, nits noses, nags, niggers, necks, nephews, nieces,
neighborhoods, needle-knights, nuts, newsmen, Oak Ridge, obstacles, obstructions, occlusions, pestilence, piss, pus, portents,
puds, passion pits, panzers, plots, pins, pincers, potions, palaces, poverty, pain, puke, paps, queers, quarters, quagmires, queens,
quacks, quakes, quarks, quirts, quim, rape, rabid rats, rabies, rust, roots, rags, rubbers,  rads, rivers, rugs, roses, robbers,
rubbers, ringworms, rot, rubella, syphilis, suction, slobber, swill, slime, slippers, spectacles, spics, shit, sharks, shoes, socks,
suds, soles, slats, sluts, sisters, slickers, sports cars, sweat meats, suckers, shack jobs, surgeons, sordid slops, swine, scuzz,
torpedoes, tanks, tin cans, turds, tots, teeth, tonsils, turnips, trumpets, tarantulas, tentacles,  tits, twigs, tonsils, tigers, toes,
thumbs, tombs, tissue, tongues, testicles, tin, uvulas, ulcers, VIP’s, vomit, vessels, vapor, vaginas, warts, wops, weapons,
weasels, wimps, wags, wretches, witches, whips, x-lax, x-rays, x-radiations, x-leaders, x-tras, yuck,  yuppies, yogurt, yolks,
more yuppies, yaks, gangs, yams, yourself,  zealots, zebras,  zeros, Zen, zinc, zip-guns, zlotys, zombies, Zulus, and zoos all
mixed and blended in one fucking fantastic thermonuclear mushroom cloud…  

dis-notify  [Transliteration from Fly Sprechen Speck Spackle] To send a message, especially of an urgent nature, or a note or
communiqué via fly courier or messenger. To communicate through any of the bug-ish insect dialects of Dis and Limbo. To
convert or translate from a bug-ish dialect to a Dis-dialect, e.g. as from Chirp Slick Crabby or Flea Flitty Bite Basic or Roach
Spittle Squishie to Simp Sleaze or Donkey Crappy or any of the Militarese dialects (see ‘Dis-linguistic disease’, ‘Dis-cricket
Lingo’ and ‘Smack Smarmy’ for details).  

Dis-novels  [Received Standard Eng-fish] Of, related to or characterized by those literary forms of the novel once common to
the literature and literary endeavors of literate souls in Hell and Limbo before the final decades of the 19th century. Of the
dictionary or encyclopedic novels of Dis or any of the lost genre forms of the novel practiced before the period of the Grand
Purgation and Reorganization of Dis, before the study of literature and literacy in general began its perilous decline, in the period
following the dis-banding (1854) of the University of Dis at Dis-Paris, and before the deliberate debasement of Dis-Spiranto
worked its debilitating effects upon the articulate castes of the ruling plutocratic orders of devils.  Specifically of the lost genre
forms such as the EGO, allegorical Epics of Genetic Origination, the categorical forms of the Cons Clandestined Destiny of the
West, as well as the Gospels, Homiletic Forms, and Formulas of Soul Speculative Dream Powers and Visions, the Saga Songs of
Seminal Sadness, the Oracular and Tentacular Truth Sermons of Visionary Purpose, and the Jargon Passionate Crypto-Apostolic
Novels of the Anti-Christ and the Rapisto Priests.  

Dis of Pandemonium  [Archaic Dis-Spiranto] Capitol city of the historical region of Hell called Dis (Hades) located at Level-9
in the East of Dis on the Plains of Nagshima. Historically, ‘Pandemonium’ was the palace constructed by the order of primordial
demons (circa. 200,000 B.C.) under the command of Hiss Satanic majesty, Satan Lucifer I, following the expulsion of the dark
angelic legions from the ramparts of holy heaven at the conclusion of the 9000 year Galactic War of The Angels. The original
palace of the dark legions of demons (Pandemonium) was reduced to a towering pile of rubble (except for the massive foundation
blocks of granite which covered an area (pentagram) of forty-nine square miles) during a massive earthquake in 12,410 B.C. but
was reconstructed (by convict labor) in the following millennium and restored in its entirety by 11,000 B.C.
Over the intervening centuries, numerous alterations were made to the exterior architecture and interior decor of the palace
according to the stylistic fads and fetishes of the day, including fortified ramparts and flying buttresses to support, protect, and
reinforce the mighty foundation blocks, walls and arches. This imposing structure stood, more or less intact, until 1883 (A.D.)
when another terrific earth tremor centered on the volcanic island of Krakatoa, in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra,
severely damaged the granitic bedrock below the palace, opening up a mile wide fissure in its granite base. Although the epicenter
of the Krakatoa quake was thousands of miles away, its ‘P’ or primary waves (which were compressional and longitudinal) and
‘S’ or secondary waves (which were distortional and transverse) passed through the earth along a band of elastic core material,
over which the palace directly stood. Even so, in all probability there would have been little significant damage had it not been for
the devastating force of the Krakatoa quake, which blew up most of the island and altered the configuration of the surrounding
strait. Dis-seismic data and university records (University of Dis, Neu-Babelsburg of Pandemonium) indicate that the tidal wave
following the quake caused great destruction and loss of life along the coasts of Java and Sumatra, and topside records show that
the explosion was classified as one of the greatest volcanic eruptions of modern times. So great was the volume of ashes and lava
poured out that new islands were formed, and debris was scattered across the Indian Ocean as far as Madagascar.Dis-regarding
the above as an indirect assault on Hiss designs, work began almost immediately on restoration of the palace, which, however
severely damaged, was still capable of structural repair, were it not for the unexpected and apparently non-coincidental
occurrence of the final blow that followed. Some three years later, in 1886, another quake of almost equal ferocity struck the city
of Charleston, South Carolina, located on the surface, to the south and slightly east of the East of Dis. The focus of this quake
was 13 miles below the surface, and its force was sufficient to topple the already weakened structure, thus reducing the
Pandemonitonous Palace to rubble once again. Although over the last 4000 years approximately 13,000,000 deaths had been
caused by earthquakes, the destruction of the primordial palace of Pandemonium served as a potent reminder that great and fussy
forces were at work, unbendingly intent on an ageless and unrelenting conflict of which Dis was now thoroughly and furiously
cognizant. Nevertheless, work to restore the crumbling foundations of the older palace and plans for an even grander and more
glorious Crystal Cathedral of Architectonic, Plutonian dimensions were begun in the following year.

disobedience  [Sadis Sleaze] Total and unflinching loyalty and obedience to the aims and purposes of the state, regardless of the
consequences. Complete and unconditional surrender of one’s spiritual and ethical nature as well as abandonment of the
responsibility of choice, will, and judgment in the service of Dis nation.  [Simp Sleaze] A willful and deliberate renunciation of
all that is good coupled with a reverential and servile acceptance of all that is evil, assumed under the knowledge and with a clear
understanding that one’s decision is final and irrevocable and beyond the limits of circumstantial grace and redemption for all of
time...and eternity...everlasting, unless it becomes necessary on the part of the state to deem it otherwise for reasons which
remain unthinkable, inconceivable or unknowable at the time the contract is entered into, the choice devolving only to the state,
the whole state and nothing but the state. whose principal leader-figure shall operate as interpreter in the interests of the state.  

Dis oceans of madness  [Hogamous Sleaze] A code name for a series of secret seismic tests conducted in the Western Central
Pacific Ocean as part of an ongoing sequence of geologic studies financed by Dis government’s office of Wars and Weapons
Research Projects, under the auspices of the institute for the study of mad dog F.A.R.T.S. in con-junction with the physicists
con-fraternity concerned with thermonuclear contests and discussions on concussions (see also the entry under F.A.R.T.S.,
Federal Atomic Research and Testing: SS Secret Studies).  A part or phase of the infernal geophysical years sub marine Loco
Geodetic Studies Projects (1946-1959) concerned with the examination and identification of structural regularities in the basaltic
crust and strata of the ocean floor, as well as with mapping of tectonic plates, their angularities and relations, and with
identification of geologic formations of known volcanic origin.

Additional information relative to this series of tests is appended below, as taken from the data files on topside atomic service to
DIS, University Of Dis-Paris Abstracts: Dis Computer Central Intelligence Services, 1946-1949: classification code...top secret
demon class:  By October of 1942, suck ss intelligence agents (resurfaced) had easily succeeded in infiltrating the ‘Manhattan
District’ and from November of that year, secret as well as accurate dispatches related to topsider progress in atomic weapons
theory, atomic fuels processing, and pile research were regularly coded and transmitted, through standard channels, to
Bottomside S.U.C.K. SS INTELLIGENCE at the imperial Crystal Palace. Every conceivable form of financial aid as well as
technical assistance was secretly provided to the topside American atomic scientists, following the first (topside) sustained
nuclear chain reaction achieved by the group under the skillful direction of Enrico Fermi (1901-1954) at the University of
Chicago’ Metallurgical Laboratory, on December 2, 1942. (Arthur H. Compton was director of the ML at the time.) [Other
research centers infiltrated by Suck agents: the Oak Ridge National Laboratory at Oak Ridge, Tennessee; the Brookhaven National
Laboratory at Upton, New York; and the Argonne National Laboratory, Lamont, Illinois.] The research necessary for design of
the first topside atomic bomb was carried out at the atomic bomb laboratory at Los Alamos, New Mexico, under the direction of
J.R. Oppenheimer (surfaced 1904 subsurfaced 1967). As soon as kilogram quantities of fissionable materials became available,
the bomb was successfully tested in July of 1945, at Alamogordo, New Mexico, and subsequently used, according to plan.
Following the seismic shooting tests at Hiroshima (August 6) and Nagasaki (August 9) in 1945, evidence substantiating the
hypothesized existence of the Monstro caverns of Dis Calfornix and the basaltic cavern complex below the Pacific Ocean began
to flow into the data banks of the computer central Intelligence arm of the Office Of Wars And Weapons Research Projects
located within the Dark Palace at Level-12, Neu-Babelsburg Dis of Pandemonium. After careful study and computer assisted
evaluation of this seismic data, tunneling efforts associated with the westward Limbo Land Boom Project (see ‘Dis New Limbo
Project’) were reassessed, and orders were transmitted to the forward survey parties, redirecting their tunneling efforts
southwest of their current position somewhat north and below Reno, Nevada. Within the following year, on May 10, 1946, the
subcontinental effort was rewarded, as you know, with the glorious discovery of the Midas Rich Sulfur Deserts of Dis Calfornix
and the Magic Mountains of Nix Olympus, near the headwaters of the nefarious River Styx. Were it not for the Hiroshima and
Nagasaki seismic tests, it is entirely likely that most of this region’s bountiful uranium bearing ores would have been missed by
the forward arms of the Limbo Project directors, whose survey and engineering study teams were, at that pregnant point in
history, advancing their misdirected tunneling activities north and northeast of Reno, through the granitic rock of the Sierra
Nevada mountains. Much of the energy directed toward the development and concurrent exploitation of the vast real estate and
mineral resources of the newly discovered western regions was the result of the huge population explosion experienced in Hell
during the course of the Second World War. Never before in the annals of Hellishly recorded history has there been a period of
such condensed and sustained population growth as between the years 1939-1945. In this awesome yet relatively brief six-year
span of time, it is estimated that well over 100,000,000 souls qualified for immigration permits to the nether regions. So great was
the tidal wave of their presence felt in Limbo that, occasionally, emergency measures of frighteningly thermonuclear dimensions
were necessarily taken to ensure the continuing security and territorial integrity of the rightful governing states, powers, and
nations of the region. Most of this influx of immigration, however, was quietly assimilated through powerful administrative
compaction procedures, then processed and packaged for induction transport via the transcontinental tubeways for relocation and
resettlement out west, where, by the spring of 1946, unlimited opportunities for employment existed in the mining operations of
the Sulfur Deserts of Dis Calfornix and labor needs in Dis Magic Mountains had reached a point of unparalleled critical duress.
As has often been pointed out by students of Hellish Onomastics (study of the origin of place names), the rich diversity of race
and national (ethnic) origin of the immigrants of this period is undoubtedly responsible for the quaint and curious originality of
terms that evolved in the naming practices of the west. And this quality of fanciful linguistic creativity is nowhere more original
orartful in Hell as in the cunningly wrought and accurately connotative depiction of reality captured in the place names of the
mining camps of the Radiation Mountains and Magic Mountains of Dis Calfornix.  Consider these place names designating the
mining camps alone, a sample of which follows: Sacre-ma-Dachau, Angels Camp Auschwitz, Dis Ill Buchen Gelders Gelded,
Porkers Flat Pick and Lodestone, Klondike Glitter-Gags Bulldikes Cold Pussy, Bushwhacked G.I.s Diddle-Forked and Flim-
Fucked, Messalini’s Wops Copped-Out and Cut Crippled, Threat Slap Tits and Jack Hammers Butts Up, Cracks up Vaga
Bondage, Grisled Voodoo Necks Slit, Asian Tar Babies Krak Long-prick Hand Griddled, Legless Way-Laid Nazi Pus-Fucks,
Poison Gulch Tongue Checkered Slow Vacas Crushed, Pole-axed Prussians Pitiless Pison Pits, Shid an’ Shed Yo Filthy Sinners
Necktie Stalin Parted, Purple Crick Croak Schmucks Shredded Dicks Desert Diggin’s, and Dry Jigs Limey Lips Hung wid Jappie
Pungie Sticks. Additional seismic shooting tests were conducted with the aid of unsuspecting topside agencies (General Advisory
Committee and Atomic Energy Commission) during the Bikini (1946) and Eniwetok (1948) atomic tests in the Western Central
Pacific. Correlation of the data obtained from these and earlier tests has provided a wealth of mathematical and statistical
knowledge related to the structure, fault lines and fracture points of the entire Pacific subterranean complex. By late fall in 1948,
most of the regions of active volcanism and the interlocking network of volcanic tubes and conduit were carefully mapped for
replication in a computerized simulation at the master computer complex in Suck Intelligence Corps Nimbus Project Duplex,
located seven levels below the HISS SS INTELLIGENCE corps training facility at Level 12 Nagshima Plains, Neu-Babelsburg of

                         1963 Addendum to University of Dis-Paris Abstracts:

Computer Central Intelligence Services, 1946-1949: classification code confidential; distribution to command rand (A-D) SUCK
agents only, excluding Hiss SS.  Additional seismic shooting tests at Eniwetok in 1951, 1954, and especially the thermonuclear
and hydrogen bomb tests in 1952, revealed a little known fact about Sewercide Level-26. The induction drives tube system,
which terminated at Z-quadrant of da Palace Yellow Mello Cellars, has been extended below Level-26. Security records show no
reports on convict labor quotas, work in progress reports, project area guidelines, field excavation studies or daily tons of tonnage
bogies to account for this extension.  Excerpt from a communiqué to Rand SUCK agents (A-D) from the desk of Rasputin Turks
Tigerchief, head mangler of Dis and Dark Palace Counter Insurgency Forces, Rand Intelligence Center Systems Nexus, Octo-
dated 1963:  “Listen up down under all A to d duds in Dis-service. Take note and notes on all notices you betcha get quick nosy
news on Dis piss pile goin’ pussy fo’ puzzle prize on what’s up way down Dis Sewercide 26. Spread da word but no news slow
55; riposte and slit gibbets all dose new knots no notice nothin’ but ged id back to Dis-shitend post so quick befo’ yo’ lose lice be
feedin’ on yo’ prick hairy shtick. Some-pins goin’ on down der low blow under yellow mello’s kink cellar pits, an’ all you beetle
boys bite bitter dig id up.”

       1964 Appended Memorandum to 1963 Addendum, University of Dis-Paris Abstracts:

University computer databanks contain records of clandestine seismic data from unauthorized seismographic instruments housed
in a hidden basement complex at the university’s Atomic Whiz kids’ Geophysical Engineering Studies lab. Information loaded
and quoted from these files follows.  Details about the interior of the earth have been derived chiefly from the study of the
behavior of earthquake waves, from consideration of its shape, and from analogies with meteorites. It is probably much denser at
its core than at its surface. This conjecture is borne out by the fact that while the mean density of the rocks at the surface is 2.7,
the mean density of the earth is calculated to be 5.52. Evidence obtained from the study of earthquake waves and seismic
shooting with atomic weapons indicates that the interior is comprised of solid rock to a depth of 1,800 miles and pressures in the
earth’s interior are great. The molten magma that issues from a volcano in the form of lava may owe its origin to residual heat
from the earth’s initial formative molten state, to radioactivity, or to the relief of some pressure comparatively near the surface.
This conjecture may have significant bearing on our attempts to determine what the Kink is planning.  Our data indicate the earth
consists of a series of concentric shells. Beneath a thin covering of sediments is a discontinuous shell of granite and related rocks,
which comprise the continents. This shell is underlain by a basaltic layer, followed by a shell of more basic rocks and a core of
nickel and iron. Each probably varies in composition with increasing depth. In 1961-62, topsiders started boreholes to the basaltic
layer (18-25 miles deep). Project Mohole, an American borehole effort, was drilled through the ocean floor. This program was
designed to drill a hole through the earth’s crust to the denser material below it called the mantle, from which the crust is
separated by a boundary known as the Mohorovicic Discontinuity. Proposed by the American MISSILEaneous Society for the
purpose of obtaining samples of the rocks encountered to determine information about the origin of the earth and the solar
system, the project drilling was under the direction of the National Academy of Sciences National Research Council, under grants
from the U.S. National Science Foundation.(Agent 0022’s work on the resurfacing project indicates this network was infiltrated
by SUCK SS agents as early as 1951.) Drilling began in October of 1962, on a hole near Puerto Rico, from floating equipment at
sea, due to the relatively thin sub oceanic crust, and was designed to penetrate 3 miles of ocean and 3 miles (16,000 feet) of rock.
The significance of the Mohorovicic Discontinuity is that its depth below the surface varies from around 30,000 feet under ocean
floors to about 45 miles beneath continental masses. And it is a boundary separating the crust above from the underlying mantle
below. All seismic studies previously referred to clearly establish that this area of discontinuity is marked by a drastic change in
the velocity of seismic waves passing through the earth and it is believed to be this fact, more than any other set of
circumstances, that explains how the Krakatoa quake in 1883 could have so severely damaged the imperial palace from so great a
distance away. Whatever may be the King Kink’s purpose in extending the induction drive’s tube system to this depth of
penetration, it most certainly is not in the best interests of Dis nation. That is the conclusion arrived at by the best minds in the
organization who have the expertise to weigh the data and to compare the results of their calculations. Finally, as I’m sure you are
acutely aware, route schedules for the older railway transport system in Sewercide indicate that critical trainloads of secret
radiation laden materials have been arriving on an increasing rate of late at the old roundhouse and flesh storage complex at
Level-23 in Sewercide Weevils of Wild Bills Wellhead. And what that means is anybody’s guess, until we obtain more accurate
information or until the Kink tips his tentacle in one of those boasting sessions of his. So, I suggest we dismantle or abandon the
seismic lab and get on with it as best we can, until then…  

dis-oppor-tuna  [Proppo Graffiti Jibe] The opportunity to be consumed by Dis. The chance to be had by a bad business or sad
real estate deal in Limbo. A fishy promotion or land swindle involving the exchange of one’s change (mega bucks) for some
worthless rangeland, dirt or desert, usually in Dis- Calfornix. [Sadis Sleaze] The policy of shifting populations of souls from areas
of critical population density (compaction) to regions where labor shortages are endemic as a result of an epidemic or other health
related occupational hazards. Specifically, the bat black belt Buzzard Forces practice of rounding up the undesirable, the impotent,
and the sickliest of souls for shipment to the labor camps in Limbo’s newly occupied western regions, as labor conscripts for the
mining interests in Dis Magic Mountains and other points up north, down south and way out west. One who has been given a
chance to dance the radiation prance and to dwell for a spell in a bomb-f hotel, before the roar of a plutonium implosion lights up
his brow with a vision of Armageddon know how.  
Dis new deal                                                                                                                                               dis-oppor-tuna