dis-migrate                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Dis nations
dis-migrate  [Burocratese] Characterized by the rat-rated, dehydrated migrant workers of Hell, usually those whose souls were
integrated at an earlier period of history, specifically those who were poorly instructed and graded (con-secrated) before
induction into the con-fraternities and criminal syndicates of Pandemonium, or who were chosen for assignments topside,
following a period of remediation, soul castigation, psychic castration and a slew of slow stillbirths before resurfacing (before
their souls were recycled through the process of the Karma cycle) and who became born again as black Christians.  Although a
little known fact of life after death in Hell, shrouded in secrecy from all except intimate associates on Satan Lucifer’s personal
staff, nevertheless, it has always been the case that trustees and highly trained disloyal agents (graduates of Hell’s kitchens) have
been allowed to return to the corporeal states of existence topside, in spite of what you may have read or heard earlier in this
document or elsewhere, all other bullshit notwithstanding. Otherwise, where would the souls of all those assholes on the
freeways topside have come from? You guessed it…they came from shit! Can’t you mush heads figure anything out anymore?
Not that it makes much difference in the long haul anyhow, because your lives topside are limited to a few score decades and
my distrusted agents must, therefore, ‘pop’ in for a friendly visit now and then, to report in so to speak. Beyond that, most of
the soul traffic around here is one way, and you can bet it’s gonna stay that way for you, rot head.  

dis-militants  [Stupor Pud Talk] Those of the militant missionary cohorts drawn and headquartered topside as agents of the
consecrated syndicates of Dis (see extract below).

                                   Extract from Central Databanks

Archaic records on the ranks of agents in Dis Historical Service: sub-topic to be treated, from the medieval and early modern
period. Today’s lesson covers the corrupt and crummy brotherhood of the cons known as the inquisitive kum constants. These
con games can best be exemplified and amplified, as most cons can, through the example of exemplary historical linguistics, so
pay attention, because Eye don’t want to have to mention it again. Also, need I repeat that your life isn’t going to be as neat and
tidy, if I have to send you down to Level 10 again!

                               On the Cons of the Medieval Inquisition:

The Medieval Inquisition began in 1233, when Pope Gregory ix commissioned certain Dominicans (the cons of dominos) to
investigate (manufacture rumors about) heresy (anything funny going on) in the secret religious practices of the Albigenses in
Southern France (their religious rivals). The pope (see Black Pops Regnans da Turd) thus assumed a duty (saw the potential for
extortion) in which the local bishops had failed. When an inquisitor (accomplice or flunky of the pope) arrived in a district (turf
of a rival gang) a measly month of grace (shakedown period) was allowed to all who wished to confess (to kick in early to the
grift) to heresy and recant (pop to the racket). These were given a light penance (pay off on the squash) that was intended to
confirm their faith (assure their protection from the racket). After the period of grace (initial soft shakedown) persons accused
of heresy (funny business) who had not abjured (copped out to the sharks’ tap) were brought to trial (had the gook book thrown
at them).

The defendants (victims, suckers) were not given the names of their accusers (enemies) but they could name their enemies
catch-22, if they knew who they were) and thus nullify any testimony by these persons (stool pigeons on the take). After 1254
the accused (suckers) had no right to counsel (any legal defense) but those found guilty (rich) could appeal to the pope (with
cash, jewels or property etc.).  The trials (kangaroo courts where the victim is accused of deliberately nonsensical charges as
‘being lousy and attempting to scratch, having two left feet, or breaking into jail’) were conducted secretly in the presence of a
representative (shark flunky) of the bishop (criminal accomplice of the pope) and of a stipulated number of local laymen
(henchmen of the pope’s scummy mob). Torture of the accused (mark or victim) and his witnesses (family, loyal friends) soon
became customary (expected as a means of pushing the grift for all it was worth) and notorious (widespread, despicably
heinous, sadistic) despite the long-standing papal con-demnation (ruse to conceal the truth of the extortion) of torture.  Pope
Innocent iv (guilty as hell) ultimately (with sadistic relish) permitted torture in cases of heresy (failure to cough up the kickback).
Most trials resulted in a verdict of guilty (to keep the suckers on the hook).

The verdict and sentence of the inquisitor (associate of the pope’s mob) were enforced by the local ruler only (con of hogwash);
heresy was considered a civil as well as a spiritual revolt (bunk of cons bullshit). Burning at the stake became the fitting
punishment (revenge for those who resisted the extortion plot) for unrecanted heresy (failure to suck-up to the pope and pay
through the nose) probably through analogy with the Roman law on treason (sheer unmitigated tripe and transparent bullshit).
(cf. ‘Cons of Consolation’.) However, burning of heretics (luckless victims) was not common in the Middle Ages (probable
horseshit); the usual punishments (major and minor gigs) were penance (bribes) fines (fall dough for legal fees) and
imprisonment. A verdict of guilty also meant the con-fiscation of property (crowding the family of the victim with the scam) by
the civil ruler (in cahoots with the pope and his flunkies) who might (must) turn over part (most) of it to the church (the mob
running down the racket). This practice (con game) led to graft, blackmail, and simony (greed and cons of loan sharking) and
also created suspicion of some of the inquests (inquisitorial rip-offs). Generally (almost never) the inquisitors (mob’s gunzels)
were eager to receive adjurations (payoffs following blackmail coupled with enforced public recanting (admission of guilt) by the
victim) of heresy (the pope’s scam) and thus to avoid trials (not necessary if the mark was a pushover); their purpose
(objectives of the scam) was to win back the heretics (extort money, valuables) rather than to burn them (cons pun). The
ecclesiastics (front men for the pope’s criminal extortion ring) were easily satisfied with assurances of good will (wrung the
suckers for all the blood money they could squeeze out of them). The sternest repressors were the secular rulers (cons conning
cons) who came to use the persecution of heresy (popes’ extortion strategies) as a weapon of state (as a means of up-ing the
stakes and take of the pope’s original con games).

The inquisition was an emergency device (an unbelievably lucrative con game with enormous possibilities yet to be exploited by
the state) and was employed (worked for all it was worth) mainly in Southern France, Northern Italy, and Germany, as well as
in the Papal States (Mafioso run totalitarian states of Medieval Italy) where it continued until the 19th century (until the present).
Don’t fret now, and I know you’re all interested in this little known piece of historical boogie woogie. It’s not over yet, so get
your fill of it before it becomes necessary to tell some of the more unpleasant parts of this historically accurate story, you bet.
Sharpen those pencils and then get set for a little more on the score of this and that previously historical prattle, oded and loaded
and keep secretly stowed away until the time of the present day. What do you say? Are you finally beginning to get justice nicely
interested in this stuff-d and stiffed lamb-jointed born again Christian pap?

               Extracts, Anagrams, and Analects on the Spanish Inquisition

Compiled from the computer files of the Central Databanks of the University of Dis at Dis-Paris: subtopics from the following:   
"Inquests concerning the articles and arteries of the consummate confederacy of dis-nations’ united con-questors and
der guests gusto wid companies’ of cons-connect-tied."
 The Spanish Inquisition was independent (historically directly
connected in name and deed) of the Medieval Inquisition. It was established (1478) by Ferdinand the Fifth and the devoutly
religious Isabella (his fanatically zealous main squeeze) with the reluctant (eager) approval of Pope Sixtus iv. One of the first and
most notorious inquisitors was Tomas de Torquemada (extract his data follows this account). The Spanish Inquisition was
entirely controlled by the Spanish Kings (crock o’ crap), and the pope’s only hold over it was in naming the inquisitor general
(all the hold he needed to insure his share of the swag). The popes were never reconciled (satisfied) with the institution (take),
which they regarded (con-sidered) as usurping a church prerogative (which they believed was a strong-arm assault on their mob
operations and turf). The purpose of the Spanish Inquisition (con job) was to discover (seek out, extort and then cover up) and
to punish (extort and torture) converted (rich) Jews and later Moslems who were insincere (reluctant to part with their
fortunes). However, soon no Spaniard could feel safe (no rich Spaniard who had made his boodle in the slave trade and pillaging
in the Americas could be sure his bread wouldn’t also be up for grabs); thus St.Ignatius of Loyola and St.Theresa of Avila were
investigated for heresy (cons looking under every rock for a pound of flesh).

The censorship policy (the Kings’ methods of controlling the freedoms of the press in order to repress opposition and revolt)
even condemned books approved by the Holy See (the pope’s secret agents and flunkies who were trying to run their con games
on the crooked agents and cons of the kings, i.e. in this case a case of cons vs. cons and the infighting going on between the
two separate mobs). The Spanish Inquisition (all of the cons of this form or brand of religious conquest) was much harsher,
more highly organized, and far freer with the death penalty than the Medieval Inquisition (note the concoction of cons of
conscience with Dago bullshit mixed in). The Spanish Government tried to establish (spread the vicious extortion plots, branch
out) the inquisition in all its dominions (lands controlled by the Cons of the Dominican Dominos (see Domino Theory), though
in the Spanish Netherlands the local officials (cons running their own con games) did not cooperate (resisted the heavy muscle
put on’s and interference in their mob operations) and the Spanish Inquisitors (the King’s’ stir hustlers) were chased (1510) out
of Naples (by the pope’s goons) apparently with the pope’s connivance (by the direct order of the pope). The Spanish
Inquisition (vicious racket) was finally abolished (broken up and absorbed by the Spanish Mafia) in 1820.
Especially soul final
 Dis report compiled by Hymie Pundit clocked in at 10:00 DDT (down dis time) July 24, 1984, kum-piled from the
Codicils of the Columbia Encyclo-pederasty, re. “Automatic Biographies of the Cons of Carnage and Atrocity with Spiculations
on the Cons of Science, Scientology, and Those without Conscience,” with dat-nominals and dis-qualifiers in attendance.

                           On the double cross of Tomas de Torquemada

A prominent (conspicuous jag promoter) of the corrupt Spanish Inquisition and a Dominican (a member con of a mendicant
(traveling salesman or front man) order (mob) of friars or nuns (Pratt men with their shill babies) founded in 1215 by Saint
Dominic), Tomas was appointed (ordered by the pope) as confessor (professional con artist with credentials and considerable
wide ranging knowledge of the cons of his time) to Ferdinand and Isabella (the fanatically religious queen with whom the king
was disjointed). In 1482, Tomas was commissioned (to load) as inquisitor (chief con) by the pope (head con) and in 1483 he
became Inquisitor General (bogus chief con) of Castile and Aragon (regions rich in Disco plum pickens) charged (ordered) with
the centralization of the Spanish Inquisition (to increase the rate of collections through gumdrop and bum-rap extortion rackets).
In 1492 he was largely instrumental (almost entirely criminally responsible for) bringing about the expulsion (total rip-off and
rail job) of the Jews. His great authority (hardheaded stubbornness, officiousness and personal greed) was con-tested (resented
and schemed against) by his colleagues (his greedy and jealous associate cons) and was diminished (bridled or muzzled) by the
pope (his crooked boss and backstabbing superior), but he remained preeminent (he survived with his asshole intact because of
his personal fortune extorted while he was in office).  Torquemada owes his reputation (piss poor whorish record of venality)
for cruelty (sadism) to the harsh rules of procedure (cowardly and sneaky backstabbing from a distance through application of
cons of misuse of legal prerogatives) which he devised (dreamed up) for the inquisition and to the rigor (sadistic sexual pleasure)
with which he had them enforced (run down on his victims). For additional reading and illuminating accounts of the
contemporary SS scene current topside, see “Cons of the Genocidal Jonestowns and the Cons Kamikaze,” as well as “Gospels
on the Cons of Creep, Cults and Culture Freaks,” “Transcripts of the Cons Judicial composed by the Cons of Dis-under White-
wash-a-ton,” “Cons and Con Games of the Croons, Loons, and Goons of Dis governments’ Gook Legions.” “Cons for the
Connoisseur of Congressional Contaminations Contracts and Contributions,” and “Convincing Cons of State, Status,
Contraband, Confiscation, Aids-Conglomerates and Contractors of Other Medical Conspiracies.”

Final remarks from the “Extracts of Dis-Paris cops and robbers copulative productions” on Tomas de Torquemada
(1420- 1498). Torquemada’s soul was remanded to the custody of the black tailed tarantula troops, Level 8 circa. 1510 after a
period of special reeducation as an extension to his previous sentence. Adjudication for parole to Level-7 set for 600 years
thenceforward. No record since recorded chock up; no check-up ‘til 2089. Conditional probability for his soul survival at that
level diminishes to zero at that depth of incompetence but Dis says to keep the record straight for all those bugs in the big house,
while you stir dose crazy bug bodies.
[H. Pundit out at 10:10, 72484.]

Dis-missile  [
Hogamous Gook Squish Gobble and Kong Con Gone Gobble] The act of dismissing a soul in Hell, especially a soul
that has suffered radiation poisoning in the uranic mining and milling operations (uranium concentration camps of Disco corps
Dis Calfornix) or the plants and facilities associated with the production of atomic fuels and bomb grade substances, such as
plutonium, located in Sewercide Dis-under. Specifically the act of assigning a soul to an ethereal matter reduction (gas) chamber
for condensation and collection of atomic fuels before storage in a fuel cell in Sewercide.  Of or related to the production or
testing of atomic or thermonuclear missiles or of their silos in Sewercide.  

Dis missiles of distraction and destruction  [Hogamous Gook Squish Gobble and Higamous Gobble da Gook-e-Pus] The
forms of nuclear and thermonuclear missiles and their related formulae for fission and fusion of the dark design of Dis, called for
and commanded by Hiss Dis imperial majesty, Dis epitomized lick-sodomized Himself (1484-1984) at the ur-mortals con-
vocation of churls before an audience of dis-tinguished squish heads when Lucifer said and eye quote:

“Let der be Dis great service (this heinous and despicable act) performed (gone down on) fo’ Dis. Let dere (there) be Dis-
missiles (thermonuclear bombs housed in ICBM’s) of destruction (heinous and calamitous for mankind) and distraction (to
distract men from the proper objectives of God’s love) desecrated (invented, constructed, crated or packaged) an’ certified (put
to the test to ensure their efficiency and reliability) Dis ponderous (of god-like power in the service of Dis, of enormous
destructive potential) by distinguished (execrable) dissidents (member cons of the scientific orders of Hell) a (of) Dis nation (the
infernal regions of Hell including the front men or henchmen (Hell’s agents and agencies topside). Let there be discussions (all
forms of scientific inquiry and correspondence) an’ Dis inventions (discoveries of transuranic elements and compounds and an
understanding of nuclear theory) to Dis-spell (to spell this out, to make all this clear) in Dis (Hell) and topside (among the
scientists in the universities, labs, and scientific institutes of the developing industrial nations on the surface). Dis-inventions
(discovery of nuclear knowledge) must be discouraging (sought with great fervor) by dissidents (by all topside scientists with
the necessary gifts of genius and intelligence) on both sides (on both sides of the pond called the Atlantic Ocean and including
the scientific communities of Hell). Let us (the elite order of demons) rain a great disconsolation of despair (con them into a
deleterious or deliciously delirious annihilation of themselves) an’ Dis-solution (thereby solving certain soul food supply and
distribution problems and making us all richer in the process) ‘pon all Dis-jointed (as well as providing the Cons of Hell with
additional headaches) an’ disloyal disfavored (and eliminating all those who are not loyal, obedient and supercilious bootlickers
to us). Remember Dis nations radish Dis-commandments. (Use all of Hell’s means and ends to accomplish these orders: anyone
who bungles his assignment can expect to be pus-fucked). Dat’s da whole unholy pogrom (dark design to distort and annihilate
God’s cream of creation). Box and stuff ad nausium (“Carry out your orders to spread terror and death or else...”)

dismist  [Donkey Crappy] The lethal radiation fogs or smaugs of Limbo which typically developed and spread over vast regions
of Limbo, following testing of tactical nuclear weapons during the Trinity Tests conducted over Dimbo and the Churlman cities
of Limbo, during the Race and Rice-winos wars to end (chink-up) some old scores that uncertain waz-nazi souls were sore

Dis-morning  [Received Standard Higamous] That period of the history of Hell up to the time of the casting of The Spell for
Doubling Hell and Dat Udder Place (heaven), specifically the span of time from creation to 1854 on the order of approximately
4.5 billion years, or 6669 Yagoda Yigs (figs) i.e. ‘Figured by internal or infernal geologic surveys’. By the simple (simp) process
of mathematical division, it’s clear that one fig (Yig) is equal to about 674,763.883 years or there abouts (counted in butts).  

dismounted [Burocratese] Conceived or planned by Dis and constructed by the legions of souls in the forced labor camps or
corps of Hell (in Sewercide, Dis proper, Limbo and Bottomside). [Sadis Sleaze] Fucked to death by Dis; seduced by a devil or
demon. [Suck Face Sleaze] Forced to have intercourse with a mountainous prick with picks and pins sticking out of it
(sometimes known as ‘cons molten magma shtick cunts prickly’).  

Dis-mushroom  [Squish Hogamous, but also see ‘Claustrophorium]. Atmospheric radioactive material resulting from nuclear
explosions. Fallout is distributed erratically throughout the earth’s atmosphere by winds and convection currents, eventually
settling as dust. Some of the radioactive decay products of fallout are strontium-90, potassium-40, carbon-14, and iodine-131.
Taken up by plants or animals or falling into streams, these products will contaminate food and water supplies. Eventually they
will accumulate in the human system, where they become concentrated sources of dangerous radiation. Thus fallout can cause
various diseases, including leukemia and bone cancer as well as permanent genetic damage. For more information concerning
this pack of dust from the death-o-dick (cons card game concerned with the destiny of Dis) see “Denotations and Connotations
on the Cons of Conflict and Conflagrations,” and “Cons of the MAD DOG F.A.R.T.S. and SS Physicists Confraternity,
Concerned with Discussions and Concussions Associated with Thermonuclear Contests.” That should keep you busy for a
while, and remember to smile when you say “Dis” unless you want to spend the rest of your tour here in a rest home so black,
tight and stuffy with the crust of other stiffs.  So loud, no wiseass, bust her knuckles and take a ten cunt break befo’ we blow
so on wid id (perform ten violent acts on any nearby soul(s) and return to consider the development of this plot).

Dis-naked die plot dickens  [Sadisto Sleaze] A criminally sadistic plot conceived by Hiss Czar-Dawz War-Saws Waz Nazi for
the purpose of achieving what he wantonly termed hiss lewd and lubricious piss peak experience. Essentially, hiss plan called for
the complete annihilation of two virginal islands, for reasons that are at this point secret. A brief sketch of each of the targets of
this twisted little con game is appended for discussion and reflection, from the Central Data Banks of the University’s Archives
at Dis-Paris; check this out and chock it up (study this carefully and determine the cost of the real estate at today’s market
value). Computer print out on subject discourse follows:  

                        “Bikini and Eniwetok” HISSSSSSSSSssssssssss:

Bikini:   Lush, virgin atoll (ring-shaped coral island nearly or completely surrounding a lagoon, in the Western Central Pacific
Ocean, one of the islands of the Ralik Chain of the Marshall Islands It comprises 36 islets on a reef twenty-five miles long. After
its inhabitants (legitimate owners) were removed (evicted by the U.S. Navy) to Rongerik, Bikini was the scene (1946) of two U.
S. a-bomb tests, one in the air and the other underwater. Later, the Bikini natives were transferred (again by the U.S. Navy) from
Rongerik and were, in 1949, resettled on Kali, as a result of the discovery of radioactive contamination on Rongerik from the
fallout perhaps from the Bikini but probably from the Eniwetok tests. Attention: cf. (compare) now for entry under “Eniwetok”:
Uninhabited (bullshit) circular atoll in the Central Pacific, one of the Ralik Chain in the Marshall Islands, about 200 miles west
of Bikini. Some fifty miles in circumference, it comprises about 40 islets surrounding a large lagoon. Mandated to Japan in 1920,
Eniwetok was captured in the Second World War by U.S. Forces (do you think they captured an uninhabited island?) It was
designated an atomic proving station in 1948, and atomic tests were held in 1948, 1951, 1952 (first thermonuclear and hydrogen
bomb tests), and in 1954.  

                     Confidential Extracts From The Files Of The Infernal
             Geo-Physical Years Sub-Marine Loco-Geodetic Studies 1946-1959

from ‘Nosebuds News on topsider’s Nosing Around’

The deep-ocean floor begins at the foot of the continental slopes. It is far and away the biggest of the oceans three geographic
domains, comprising five sevenths of the total sea area, or one half of the total earth surface. It is in this domain of darkness that
man, using the tools he has devised for ocean research, has in the past few years made his most startling discoveries about the
nature of the earth’s hidden surfaces. A logical, but nevertheless surprising, early discovery was that all the peaks, cones, ridges
and cliffs reared beneath the sea have been preserved unchanged, instead of being worn away by wind, rain and frost, as they
would have been on land. On the Pacific floor, for example, there is a cliff half a mile to a mile high and 3000 miles long. It is
as sharp and edged as if it had been wrenched from the sea bottom yesterday, and yet it is hundreds of millions of years old.
Indeed, towering volcanoes with a perfection of conical shape seldom seen on land have been found by the hundreds, rising
from almost every corner of the ocean floor. Here and there, as in the Hawaiian Islands, a few will rise high enough to jut into
the world of light and air. Hawaii, though sinking, is still above water, but other volcanic islands have submerged again, as moat
like sea floor depressions around them show. Some of these sinking volcanoes are responsible for what was once regarded as
one of the most perplexing oddities of the ocean--the ring-shaped coral atolls of the tropical seas. How could coral islands have
anything to do with the tops of sinking volcanoes? In one of the most celebrated deductions in the history of science, Charles
Darwin provided the answer in 1837. He knew that a coral reef is made of the limestone dwellings secreted by innumerable coral
polyps and left behind after they die, one on top of another. From this he visualized a coral reef as developing around the top of
a mountain that was subsiding into the sea at just the right rate to keep the coral polyps house building at their favorite level--the
top 150 feet of the tropical sea. The theory remained only a theory for more than a hundred years, because nobody ever
succeeded in drilling far enough into the center of a coral atoll to see what lay below the coral. But after World War two, United
States Navy engineers did just that, sinking a shaft down through layer after layer of ever-more-ancient coral at Eniwetok Atoll.
Sure enough, 4,222 feet down the drill bit into volcanic rock--confirmation of Darwin’s brilliant surmise that “if one only dug
far enough” one would find the sunken volcanic island on which coral polyps had first begun building, millions of years ago.   
(Hisssssssssssssss.) Half a dozen years before Darwin’s theory was confirmed at Eniwetok, another geographical oddity was
discovered by a Princeton geologist named Harry Hess, when he was in command of a Navy transport in the Pacific during
World War II. With the aid of his ship’s echo sounder, he spotted a number of volcanoes several hundred feet below the
surface. The curious thing about them was that they had flat tops, as if somebody had sawed a large upper section off each one.
Hess named them “guyots” (pronounced ghee-oh) in honor of Arnold Guyot, the late Princeton geology professor, to whose
chair he had succeeded. Since Hess’s discovery, more than 500 guyots (Bottomside bomb-grade uranium and plutonium storage
facilities) have been located in the Pacific, a smaller number in the Atlantic. As to how they lost their heads (con’s pun) one can
only conjecture, but the erosive action of surf may have been responsible. Ages ago, guyots probably stood above the level of
the sea, where breakers could bite into the soft lava of their peaks. This hypothesis (bunk) is supported by the otherwise
unexplained presence of narrow fringes of round cobbles circling the tops of most guyots--all that is left of ancient stony

Other odd humps sticking up from the ocean bottom have been charted. These are sizable submerged banks that appear
somehow to have become detached from the flanks of the continents and now stand like great underwater mesas. Most of these
are off Australia and New Zealand, but the most publicized one is in the Atlantic. It is Galicia Bank, a flat-topped bulge of
considerable size lying in 2,500 feet of water off the northwest corner of Spain.  In 1959, oceanographers taking bottom cores
in the Pacific off the coast of South America began encountering a layer of white volcanic ash in core after core. Further
sampling in different places proved that a layer of ash was spread over tens of thousands of square miles of the Pacific bottom,
indicating a period of immense volcanic activity at some time in the past. This was not surprising in itself, since there are many
volcanoes in the sea, but there was surprise when the ash was analyzed and found to contain granitic materials. These proved
that the source of the ash was a land volcano, since continents are made of granitic rock and the ocean bed is made of basalt.
The only way granitic rock can get into the sea is for rocks to be swept there by rivers or scraped up by glaciers. Later, when
the ice from glaciers moves out to sea in the form of icebergs, it melts, and the few individual land rocks imprisoned in it fall to
the bottom. Therefore a widespread layer of granitic volcanic ash could mean only one thing: a prehistoric blast from the
mountains of the land, which may have involved a whole chain of volcanoes and may well have been one of the greatest and
most devastating explosions the world has ever seen.

Of all the ways in which sea scientists have been extending their (sic) knowledge, one of the most ingenious utilizes a technique
borrowed from oil prospectors, called seismic shooting. This technique depends on the setting off of explosive charges in the
water to create little earthquake waves in the ocean floor that can send back information about the layered structure of the earth’
s crust. In seismic shooting (at sea) two ships are usually employed. One ship drops the charges--often but not always standard
Navy antisubmarine depth charges. The other records the arrival of the sound waves coming in through the ocean bed. Seismic
shooting has helped measure the thickness of the sediments on the ocean floor, and has revealed that the earth’s crust is only
about three miles thick under the sea, as compared to the average 20-mile thickness on land. Shooting has also played a decisive
part in determining the nature and dimensions of what may well be the greatest single geographical discovery of modern times--
the Mid-Ocean Ridge. Imagine a single mountain range 40,000 miles long snaking through every ocean in the world. That is
what the Mid-Ocean Ridge is (not quite). This is such a huge concept that although hints of its existence have been accumulating
for nearly a century, the grand design of the entire system was not revealed until the late 1950s (topside). One of the first clues
came in 1873, when a rise in the middle of the Atlantic was discovered by the famous British scientific vessel Challenger. When
continuous recording echo sounders had come into use after World War II, other ridges where rapidly charted in other seas.
Meanwhile, earthquake specialists had begun to notice a peculiar, disturbing coincidence: the centers of many deep-sea
earthquakes were located in these new found ocean ridges. As a result of this, in 1956, two bold predictions were made: that a
mid-ocean ridge would be found wherever deep sea quakes occurred and that the ridges would be found to form one giant
interconnected submarine mountain range. Since then, both predictions have been proved right. Extensive mapping by
oceanographic ships has established that the undersea ridge runs right around the world. Equally significant, a giant crack runs
down the center of the entire ridge. This crack is about eight to thirty miles wide and more than a mile deep in many places. The
great majority of earthquakes that take place in the sea are centered on this crack, which is clearly a place of critical instability in
the earth’s crust…  

Dis nation  [Burocratese] Those nation states which comprise the United Nation States of Hell organized under the banner of
Dis nation the principal of which, as of this writing, are as follows: Churlmania, Wappo-Land-dis, Romano-Rems-a-Rhia, Pus
Turks Ball-Gravia, Mongols US Moania, Cano-dis-tant, Suds Mixed Saudi-Melica, News-z-land, Cree-tins Can-Tong-a, Chinks
Chops Tok-Locohama, Chaps Lip Lands Nips, Po-Crania, Pssst-Shusshia Up Sticko, Anglo-Ink Blot-SS-Landia, Fry-Gone Nigs
Freak-aryan, and Crackers Checkered Slow Vaca (North and South). Ass Trailo Mania didn’t make it past the last bank-ink

Dis nations commandments [in Burocratese] I Thou shalt be rendered demented (demonized). II Then thou shalt be hung out
to dry. III Thou shalt thereafter covet thy neighbors’crock of delegates.  IV Thou shalt not refuse thy neighbor even a solitary
blow job. V Thou shalt spend thy neighbors’ moola like there is neither limit nor tomorrow. VI Thou shalt live thy death and thy
neighbors’ deaths over and over. VII Thou shalt endure the sweat of thy facelessness. VIII Thou shalt expect ought but weeds
from thy neighbor nations. IX Thou shalt put no clods before Dis-Under. X Thou shalt not come before Dis without tribute...
yae verily.