House of the Seven Jimmies
La Casa Sanitarium Patients in the M-Wing
Jimmie Walkabout  aka Odd Jim Dotty
Grand Master Ike of the Woeful Countenance
Jimmie the Hut (aka Khan, Executive Editor "Artsy Fartsy")
Pardot Kines Spielberg
Jimmie the ...rut  (sometimes Down Home Jimmie)
Woton the Great Khan
Jimmie Sapiens  Owner/Editor/Publisher/Critic/Author JPE*
Father Ronnie, The Flemish Fulminator
Jimmie the Oculator (TPOTPN)
Brother Jubb the Peanut Butter Emancipator
J. Leon the Soothsayer
GULP (Guadalupe Ulzana Lagrimas Penocho)
J. Leon the Abominable (Psychocrat of Symbolust)
Brother eM
  Milton the Cracker King
House Extras
P.T. Gravey
Mij Renrut; Apache Mij; Oklahoma Jimmie
Meldrick the Regurgitator
Icky Indignatious (novice, second class)
Uncas Dog Eater
PWA  (Pussy Whipped Anonymous)
La Casa Labor Auxilliary
Brother Mysticus (Protagonist) Secretary of PWA
Brother Granddiculo -itis, -osis, or -ularis
Shylock Chan,  Butler and Gumshoe etc.
Dom Padre Flem Ickanus (the victim) X-Antagonist
  Scoopy Fetchet (ISC)
IKE's Photosynthesis Labs
La Casa Capital and Services Administration
Ike the Kike (aka Ka-Ike, a distant relative of Kukulkan)
Frank Weevil, Superintendent and General Manager
Blackie, Ike's Schizoid Lab Assistant
Niels Nailer, Deputy Superintendent, Inpatient Services
Agent Wacko (Security, part time)
Ace Grub-er  Photographer, Internet Digital Formats Technician
Alfred J. Picklewort, Director of Marketing
Irvine Highway Patrol
  Captain Hector Ordonez Osiris Klink (Hook for short)
*Jimmie's Publication Enterprises
Lt. Catrina Angelina Teresa Habaniero Y Yolanda
Men's House Division
Sgt. Conchita Aldonza Tereza Habaniero etc.
sometimes all of the above personnel
Detectives Rudy and Rapid Randy Panky
Ace's Extermination Services
Orange County Coroner...
Ace (aka Ugh Toad)
Snoop M. Driblet; Windy Muckworm; Yak Von Prattle;
Reggie Clacky, Attorney at law
Auspex Ooze; Audacious L. Bodacious; Persnickety Peevish;
Manual O'Kelly Gaspardin, Attorney at Law
Lucifer DeBauch; Pimp Nudnick; Slop Aplomb;
Prof. Van Nuys Bush Tucker, Institute Analytical Symbology
Swishy Homunculus; Sangfroid Uppity; Finiky Smellfungus;
Wiley Coyote, Harold Squanto, Dr. Ronald Yeager
Parlance Carp; Fustian J. Prig; Hog Boy; Doktur A. Zzyzx;
Ida fay Lupino (La Raza y Yolanda crime family)
InKa DinKa Doti; Snake (the Toad) Pliskum; Potty
Xochiquetzal (gardener's assistant at La Casa)
  Sid the Spider; Sylvester S. Worthless D.A.; Jack Dofft;
  Dick Klicket, Artsy Fartsy Art Critic and roving reporter
Cast of Characters: An Hypothesis
Click on photo for critical commentary about Dotty's paintings...
Letters From The Asylum
A novel in the Neo-Primitive Post-Outsider Non-Ism Movement Style...
Chapter One: Oddballs at Odds
Chapter Two: The Rise of Mysticus; The Fall of Ickanus
Chapter Three: The Curious Case of Ugh Ace Turner Toad
Dotty Dot Painting Courtesy of the Dotty Foundation Archives
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Chapter Four: The Ploys Thicken
Chapter Five: The Variable Incipiency
Chapter Six:  The Gospels of GULP
Chapter Seven: A Yoking Together of Heterogeneous Qualities
Chapter Eight: The Chronicles of Crotch Begats
Chapter Nine: The Van Nuys Adventure
Chapter Ten: The Kink of InKa DinKa Doti
Chapter Eleven: The Eagle's Gift or Skullduggery Indeed
Chapter Twelve: The Maggot Diaries
"Ike is such a marvelous guy; I just love to
read his stuff..."
The one and only himself: Eucalyptus Ike
Dr. James Leon Mysticus, Chairman,
Board of Directors, La Casa Sanitarium
P.T.Gravey, mad poet of La Casa
Ace Turner, as Ugh Toad
Ace Turner as Hogboy
Shylock Chan, Private Eye,
Dr. Finiky Smellfungus, Chemist...
Father Ronnie, The
Flemish Fulminator
Brother Jubb,
The Peanut Butter
Industrial strength poisons for bug
control world wide...
Ace is
such a
I can't get
enough of
him, can
He is just so funny, don't you think?
Makes me almost want to cry...
Windy Muckworm
Wiley Coyote, Shaman
Ace Turner, as himself...ugh!
Pimp Nudnick
Rogues Gallery: Some Friends and Members of the Cast
Odd Jim Dotty, artist, entrepreneur
Chapter Thirteen: The F-Art of Boxology
Go to LocoMotion by Todd
Chapter Fourteen: Curious Case of Ugh Ace Turner Toad Contd.
Chapter Fifteen: What Lies below the Skies of HoHoTaT
Read the Maggot Diaries