Chapter .....[get serious]
Sample Geomorphic Pics from Ike's Photosynthesis Labs
Most original "formation photos" were taken by Odd Jim Dotty during Goner Party sorties
into Southern California wilderness areas in the Mojave and Anza Borrego deserts...

Doctored photos displayed here are representative of blah blah blah...In most cases the
original un-doctored photo is displayed first followed by enhanced copies which were later
used by Ike in articles appearing in
Letters from the Asylum.
Somewhere in the Anza Borrego Badlands, a rock formation...undergoing modifications
A Mojave Desert natural rock formation, and the same photo with modifications [Dotty's mug and eyes] obviously...
Ike, receiving instructions from The Red Grape Elf...
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Dotty photo (at left) taken of the original rock formation. Mouth parts extracted from 2nd photo were added to third photo.
Original photo by Dotty (at left) before Ike began fiddling with
various parts for the segment "Megalithic Curiosities Stump Local
Residents..." in
Chapter Eight: The Chronicles of Crotch and
Original Dotty photo with sample alterations for Ike's Electronic Newsletter, "Historical Enigma Deciphered: Family Roots Re-discovered," also in Chapter Eight... Notice that the original photo is only slightly enhanced.
Dotty photo with no enhancement required.
Dotty photo from the Tasmanian expedition with Ugh Toad enhancements.
Six photo enhancements from the Fart Whiff sequence in the InKa DinKa
Dotty portfolio. Pixel filter and other photoshop modifications were applied
extensively to achieve these effects. Magic Extractor and Distort/Liquify
sequences played a vital role in the discovery process to achieve the stunning