Photos courtesy of the Odd Jim Dotty Foundation,
The NaMaPaLa Foundation, and the Photo
Archives of the Eucalyptic Brotherhood
Brief Case of Characters:  La Casa Artists Colony and Sanitarium
Mij Renrut The First, aka Lord
Jimmie, AKA Khan, etc.
Executive Editor, ArtsyFartsy,
Founding President MLCS
The Norwalk Peacock, Fop
and Womanizer, wastrel, said
to be living somewhere in
Irvine, CA
The Mad Poet P. T. Gravey,
author of  
LL of the DD who
then went quite mad...
The Chihuahua Sugar Plum
Dope Smuggler, fop and
Womanizer, de flowerer of
naive virgins...
Jim of Van Nuys, psychiatric
anomaly, behavioral eccentric,
wanted for delinquent fees for  
Artsy Fartsy subscription...
Dr. James Leon Mysticus
Chairman of the Board, La
Casa Enterprises, founder of
the society known as PWA
Satan Lucifer VII, author,
preacher, realtor/ investor who
developed numerous Condo
Projects for the lame, elderly
and the Dis-advantaged
Ace Turner, The DeAnza Kid
aka Ace Gruber, Photo-
Journalist, Diarist, womanizer
who diddled with GULP
Ugh Toad, Graphic Artist,
Desert Rat, Snake Charmer,
sometime author of unfinished
tales, journals, letters, etc.
Ugh Toad as Hogboy, satirist,
photo mugger, backslider, part
time diarist/photographer
Odd Jim Dotty, world class
artist now in residence at The
La Casa Monastery and Retreat
Mentor to other Painters and
would be hangers on...
Eucalyptus Ike, Director, La
Casa Artists Retreat, boozer,
pick pocket, thief, forger,
embezzler, war profiteer.
King Retep The First of
Ninnylandia, megalomaniac,
now resident of the notorious
M-Ward at La Casa
Jimmie The Occulator, wizard,
optician, collector of optical
Shylock Chan...butler, private
dick, suspected CIA mole,
general gopher for Mysticus,
keeper of the Cyclopean Eye
Dr. Heimlich Von Sacknerd,
serious loony tunes, brain
surgeon to alien life forms
Oklahoma Jimmy, charlatan,
quack, purveyor of bogus
science, looter, recidivist etc.
Frank Weevil, Superintendent/
General Manager, La Casa
Sanitarium,  suspected of running
extra- legal business operations at
the nuthouse...
La Casa Head Chef: Ugy Turner y
Yolanda, scion of the notorious
Yolanda Crime Family
Ike of Ike's Photosynthesis Lab
and his alter ego--Tyrone, a
notorious duo responsible for
high crimes and misdemenors
Jimmie Walkabout,
international fashion designer
and Fashion Mogul of the
Conglomerate, House of the 7
Ace Gruber of Ace Poison Center,
computer nerd, fanatic, dog lover
AKA: The Elusive Foo of Dotty,
alchemist, soothsayer, palm reader,
Adept in Kundalini positions of
Mango Gnostics
Meldrick the Regurgitator,
linguist/archeologist/professor of Ancient
InKa DinKa Dotti, The Altiplano
Antares, fruitcake, opportunist,
knock-off specialists, disciple of
Odd Jim Dotty
Snake The Toad Pliskum, con man,
opportunist, reptile lover,
lush...enjoys finger painting and
other useless activities...
Ugh Toad dressed as Bigfoot the
Yeti, his Halloween outfit
J. Leon the Abominable
The Psychocrat of Symbolust
ABCedarian, lover of fuzzy
animals and phonemes...
Jimmie Sapiens, Luddite,
recluse, artist, painter, sculpter
Odd Jim Woody, homeless
looser, pan handler, leech,
deadbeat, dempster dumpster
Jimmie The Soothsayer,
raconteur, poet, artist, wit,
fop, doodler and iconoclast.
Jimmie the Rut, gynosophist,
wood carver, speed reader,
long time business partner of
Eucalyptus Ike...
Yak Von Prattle, art critic,
after receiving his artificial
heart, wrote for
Business Daily, Artsy Fartsy, etc.
Niels Nailer, La Casa Deputy
Superintendent and Security
Director, Project SD 109
Shrunken Head of Ugh Toad
Finndog the Terminator and General Blackjack Sober, gamer
aficionadoes, landscape artists, web geek site designers etc.
Rose of Tok YoYo, receptionist,
Limbo Concentration Camp #219
The Gas Droid Homo Dotti,
entrepreneur, entertainment
mogul, interstellar traveler
Von James Leonidas Van
Nuys, time traveler,other
world/ other reality explorer
Brother Jubb, the Peanut
Butter Emancipator, First
Rector of the Holy office of
the Emancipation Protectorate
Father Ronnie, aka Grand
Master Ronnie, The Flemish
Fulminator, Chairman, Hall of
Famine, Infamy, and Records
Louisa May Crapshot, Poetess
Socialite, horny busybody,
obsessive compulsive prone to
seizures, fits, verborhea
Pimp Nudnick, retarded bush
whacker for Sid the Spider
and general crony of Windy
Dr. Finiky Smellfungus,
chemist doing research of
aphrodisiacs and other date
rape drugs...
Windy Muckworm, part- time
transsexual in the sex trade in
Van Nuys, given to violent fits
of murder for hire or revenge.
Snoop Driblet, raunchy crotch
reporter, tattle tale, mooch and
low life
Dom Padre Flem Ickanus
La Casa Chief Gardener until
his untimely death...
Apache Mij (aka) Uncas Dog
Eater, teller of moralistic tales,
and a highly gifted sand painter
The Notorious Ida Fay Lupino
Hit Woman, Mob Assassin for
the Habanero Y Yolanda Crime
Lord Ka-Ikeus Pok-us, on his
throne in the Palace of the Zoque
Elders, Chiapas, Mexico
Rupert McGoogle, Opal Miner,
naive loony who likes to dig
holes in the desert...
Nefertieri Franghipani, High
Priestess, Church of the
Mango Gnostics
Windy Jammy, handy woman,
secretary to Homo Dotti
GULP the Apache Attache,
waif from the reservation who
became a 'fashion designer' for
Jimmie Walkabout...
Lisa Gamboa, Food Critic
Manual O'KellyGaspodin,
Attorney, lawyer for the
Gravey Family interests...
Uriah Wheezer, Attorney with
a long list of bad habits...
Ornery Jaguar Dick [OJD] on
wall in Lord Ka-Ikeus's tomb,
Kingdom of the Sacred Penis,
Chiapas, Mexico
Xum-Far-t, Wind God of
Xibalba, casting his gassed but
extraordinary shadow...
The Pissqually Carver
Urine-Noggin, inventor of the
Potlatch Box
The Zygomorph Dr.Alfreodor
Zzyzx, Editor, Journal of Post
Modern Digs
Peggy Doobie, bogus science
writer for the grossly illiterate
Christian Right, primary
subscribers/ readers of the
Van Nuys Venture
Sid The Spider, ran assorted
criminal enterprises in Van Nuys
before being taken down by the
FEDS and institutionalized.
Scoopy Fetchet, aka Snoop
Muck, Immaculate Times
Staff Writer
Bulldog Mayhem, Private Dick
assigned to monitor the
nefarious activities of Odd Jim
Ugh Toad's evil twin, Acting
Chairman, La Casa Committee
for Nomenclature Adjustments
Spirit Owl, a cunning fetish
created by Odd Jim Dotty for
the purpose of influencing
events in the afterlife...
Lord Scat, member of the Incan
Royalty who invented the first
flush toilet...
Dick Klicket, Editor in Chief of
specializes in stories about
freaks of nature...
Eight temptresses of The Royal Houses of Xibalba, seduced by Xum-f-art during the course of
various trials and tribulations leading to his anointment as God of the Winds...   
Long lost Sperm of the sand
painter Apache Mij
Lucifer DeBauch, free lance
photographer for hire...
Services Administration,
Lucy, the homonid whose
Captain Hector Ordonez Osiris Klink
(Hook for short), Irvine Police
Lt. Habaniero Y Yolanda, field
officer assigned to the Ickanus case
Reggie Clacky of the firm of
Clampet, Dago, Murpet, and
Clacky, secret negotiator for
cheap Dotty Artworks...
Rudy and Rapid Randy Panky,
Irvine Highway Patrol officers
involved in the La Casa crime scene
Alfred J. Picklewort, salesman for
Ike's Photosynthesis Labs, Calendar
Gustav Leoplod Tantalus, La
Casa Administration Board
Jack Dofft, young Republican
news writer for the Van Nuys
Silvester Worthless, Irvine
District Attorney and part time