Clitical Studies of Nightly Variations from a
Hot Place,
based on a Dot Painting by Odd Jim

The Alpha
and the
Beta of
Blue Freud

by OJD
Variations on the Zen of Orifice and Cavity Numbers One,  Two, and Three
from a carving by E. Ike
A Who in the act of becomming a What
Nightly Lamentations of a Shy Bird
Pa and Ma Slouching toward Seventy
Savoring the moment of conception
Senate Republicans in Caucus
God from the point of view of a bug
Presidential Female in Strangler Fig
“Aliens Assembling at the OK Corral”
Bubbles and Rock-a-horny Stars Sing "Love Song for a Confused Bullfrog"
I have a mouth so I must scream
“Things That Go Bump in the Night”
Deep Structure of Mystical Twat
Dark Notions of Leon the Soothsayer
Ike in contemplation of the constructive forces of the galaxy…
Cosmetic Surgery for A Preying Mantis
“cackle for the birds”  or
"IKE: Collective Prognosis Poor, Diagnosis Hopeless"
Clitoral Composition No. 2
Federal Judge for Bankruptcy Reform
“Last Two Stages of a Pot Smoker”        
“Illusion of a Shy Bird”
“ In memory of The Olive Fairies”
“Still Life of Blue Jay Mating Season”
“Dotty conjures up his ally, The Jaded Shade of Ike
Portrait of Kul Kul Cons
”Spice Doll Meets Dickwad of InKa Doti”
“Evolution from Mona Luci to Baboon of Fudge Daddy”
Exercise in Tongue Palatals Stratified

Pointing the Finger at
Big Shy Bird Man

Ike’s head seen emerging
from a tidy crib, loomed
over by a shy bird-like
figure.   Inka Dotti
Collection: Archives of
the Dotty Foundation
Trust and Photo Gallery:
Miscellaneous Lunacies
Big Rock Clammy Mountain and the
Cave of Jig Abu,
prepared from data files

DNA Code for Nocturnal Emissions
courtesy of Ike’s Photosynthesis Labs…
“Affair with a Pot”
Transformations Beyond The Altoplano Antares
“InKa-Doti Receives Instruction from Spice World Voices”