Some 15 or so boxes later, Ike down shifted his prolific propensaties and
produced a series of dignified digital disorders deliquescing into more and
more refined micro-digitations.  However, growing dubious about his
deliberate downsizing of digits, Ike circumsized his copious crop rotation
and segued into a series of serrated sabers, swords and accessories
associated with life size asocial fresh green salad tossing spectacles.  
Naturally, this apparently effortless transition cost him considerable
effort, time and energy, but when was Ike ever known for expending
less than his maximum minimal effort in perfecting his artistic effusions?  
Growing evermore and even more efficient, next Ike redesigned his
home made designer pro carving table to incorporate forward and
backward declension with horizontal rotation and vertical
elevation…quite a nice fixture for securing blocks of wood stock in just
about any carving position.  (Note the latest model Ninja sword pointedly
displayed for purposes of scale and depth perception.) Ike’s designer pro
series of carving tables now leave no elevation, rotation or carving angle
beyond the capacity of the sitting carver and come with an optional tool
table (see upper right corner of photo) for wood screws, chisels,
gouges, and mallets (at extra expense fortunately for Ike). That’s it for
now but more is coming, you bet!   
Then boxed and flummoxed in flawless perfection, next came
a long line of extrasensory personalities, captured in a red hot
state of inexplicable expostulation, tormented by trapazoidal
trepidations.  Naturally, it is not possible within the confines of
this crummy newsletter to present all the memorable examples
of these categories which flowed from the seminal vessicles
previously referenced, but these minimalist photos will give
you some idea of the plethora of categorical imperatives
through which Ike’s virginal inspiration was forced to
wander.  As you know,  the box as an art form has always
fascinated Ike, and he has spent countless hours exploring the
confines of its Euclidian glory. So even, so symetrical, so
satisfactory somehow, its surface a plane concealing the more
complicated geometrical truths within.     
But surely you will understand that Ike is now laboring under the intense burden of
expanding his new website ( as well as his garage activities, leaving
him little time for the peripheral entertainment he so enjoys:  engaging in the symbolic
dissemination of his bawdy seminal fluids.  Of course, one must furthermore admit
that Ike’s readership has also declined precipitiously over the interval during which he
slumbered (in sub-orbital contemplation of his navel oranges) and that as a result Ike
recognizes he may actually be composing this modest refreshment for a very tiny
audience indeed (like maybe two people?).  Nevertheless, you two may rest assured
that Ike will not succumb to the biological urge to water down his investment or
employ stale or hackneyed verbiage for enticing a readership.  Nooooo!  Finally, let us
not forget that Ike is the one bearing the financial burden of sponsoring this crummy
newsletter, for which he receives no affection, financial remuneration, fee, salary, or
wage.  Nor is there a subscription fee, a stipend, or even a measly twenty percent
gratuity associated with his effort.  He does not receive a tip, a handshake, a slap on
the back, nor a nod, a wink, or the slightest gesture of approval, sanction, approbation,
or esteem.  In short,  Ike is just being Ike, for no other reason than that is who and
what he is.  Now shall we get on with it?  Those of you who have not visited Ike’s
garage lately may perhaps be curious about his activities over the last two years. While
you were locked in professional combat with the forces of an indifferent economy,
struggling to earn your daily bread (just kidding), Ike has been breeding new pseudo
selves, morphing himself into ever more varied personifications, like Freud on steroids
and fertility pills combined.  Notice the geek heavy compilation of seven pseudo bodies
below,  posed in their sartorial wardrobe of cork.
Some time has passed since Ike has felt the
urge to grease up his frontal lobes in order to
lob (‘some say fob’) off another newsletter.  
Granted that you have not all simply been
sitting around holding your breath, still one
must admit that two + years between issues
is a bit too much even given the marginal
efficiency we (including Ike) have come to
expect from Ike, poor misguided retiree that
he has not so recently become.
Ike’s Electronic Newsletter                                                                                                                               Vol. 6  No. 2
Editor:  E. Ike                                      “In Loco Parentis with Ike”                                                                        July 25, 2006
Click on Petunia for downloadable Back Issues
Ike with his Pet Fly, "Petunia"
Some Totemic Power Poles by Ike
See the "8th wonder" of the black arts art world.
Read about Black Light Blackys images associated
with the Cosmic Dancer.
In any case, since Ike would be the first person to say so, I
suppose I had better get on with the explanation.  
Freehand Carvings
Working in wood with little thought or plan in mind can
be defined as freehand carving.  The idea is to loosen up
and experiment with the medium in order to allow for
the maximum amount of spontaneity, subjectivity,
creativity, and serendipity,  not necessarily in that order.
You see, Ike is not a copier; he doesn't try to emulate
the style of others, produce exact copies, borrow ideas
from others. To avoid such influence he begins work
without a specific plan as to the  direction his effort will
take.  The carvings shown to the right give some idea of
the diversity achieved by the freehand method.  
Totemic Ancestral Selves (some of my relatives)
Eyes of the Buffalo
Ike’s tendency to “hide” things is also an
important aspect of his carving style.  Since he
carves essentially to amuse and please himself,
he does not give a fart about the commercial or
that he would not sell at any price, it’s just that
he won’t carve to cater to the whims of
others.  Besides, nobody ever offered to buy
anything he ever made anyhow…so Ike is free
to do as he pleases, and that pleases him most
of all.  He admits he might cash out for
$500,000.00 for his entire collection, but that’s
unlikely, so he doesn’t think about it. Thus Ike
is as free as a bird to carve whatever he wants,
and that is perhaps what accounts for the
whimsical quality that pervades much of his
work.  Eyes of the Buffalo illustrates that
When Ike was working on this piece, any stranger entering the garage was asked to “look at the carving and explain
what you see.”  Curiously, they did not all see the same things at all. For example, some never saw the Buffalo, most
only saw the birds.  Rarely did anyone ever see the snake.  Yet when these items were mentioned, they were all easily
seen.  That is what Ike means when he says he likes to hide things…he likes to hide what he can see that others cannot
see, because that is so amusing.  Imagine the hours it took to produce the carving, slowing exposing more and more of
the Buffalo, and testing those who entered the garage, to determine when the Buffalo was visible, but not so visible that
everyone could see it.  Then, knowing the Buffalo is there right under their noses so to speak, Ike asks the next person,
“what do you see?” And that person says, “I see the parrots!”  And then Ike knows he has slipped that whole Buffalo
right under another nose, and that is just immensely amusing! Ha Ha Ha Haw Hardy Haw…..
Stump Carving:
Eucalyptus wood, for those of you unfamiliar with it,
is primarily sold for firewood in California.  That is
because it is a very heavy, dense wood, which burns
hot for a long period. But it is also very tough, is prone
to cracking and splitting as it dries out, and has a
highly irregular grain, all of which make it unsuitable
Nevertheless, because it is plentiful, large pieces of it
are obtainable at no expense to anyone who has the
capacity to haul them away.  Unfortunately, it weighs
so much when it is wet (when a tree has just been cut
down) that the trunk is cut into numerous segments in
order to facilitate its removal from a site.  Yet it is
possible to "re-assemble" so to speak the heavy pieces
of a Eucalyptus stump and then to carve the stacked
blocks into a single carving (although why anyone in
his right mind would want to do this is frankly beyond
my comprehension). The photo to the left provides one
example of such a carving, and if you look carefully,
you can see the four respective blocks in the stack.    
It is estimated that the carving weighs about 300
pounds in spite of the fact that every block except for
the top block has had its interior removed with a chain
saw, to eliminate some of the weight. The hollow
interior is, in fact, accessable through the mouth. The
conclusion that all of this is leading up to should be
relatively clear to the reader at this point.  Ike is a real
fruitcake who is willing to tackle the most Quixotic of
carving projects and spend hours and hours of time
and effort on something that might just end up in the
fireplace. And if you can find anything to appreciate
about that, you probably should sit back, light up some
wacky tobacco, and take a long hard look at this
Ike's Electronic Newsletter: An Online Fanzine
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those who, for whatever reason, have developed an appetite for the
Southern California carving scene.  The web traveler will not find
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