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Carving Capers
Contributions of free wood for carving, especially whole tree trunks, not just
firewood, are sometimes accepted by Ike or members of his band of happy
campers.  If you will deliver, we will be even happier....Of course, we do not
expect to have to drive to Canada or Northern California to take advantage of you
or your offer....Our policy is to take the very best stuff and leave the rest for you to
clean up.  We are not a free haul it away service for those looking to save a buck
while we cart off worthless Yucca and other junk wood. Naturally, we prefer to
have the best: walnut, oak, George Washington Palm, etc.  Any really good
hardwood gets us up and off the couch, if you know what I mean. Please refer all
propositions and marriage proposals in writing to   Be
sure to type "Shazam my Kabambam" in the subject box of your email to identify
yourself as a website visitor requesting to communicate with Ike.    
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