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Some may assert that Ming The Merciless never
engaged in a reproductive act, because he was
insanely jealous of his identity. Hence he could
never have shared his life with any ill-begotten
offspring or condoned reproductive relations with a
female in the first place.

Nevertheless, there is a modest amount of evidence
of a purely coincidental nature that suggests in fact
Ming did have a sibling for whom he harbored what
could only be referred to as a competitive rivalry.
You see Ming was himself inordinately ugly, as
anyone familiar with the Planet Mongo would
know, whereas his putative sibling Balthazar the B
is not. That being the case, there is little left to be
said about Ming [who most people wont remember
anyhow unless they still fondle childhood memories
about Flash Gordon and Dr. Hans Zarkov, while by
contrast there is an enormous amount that should
be said about Ming's sibling.

Reclusive and contemptuous of the modern world,
given all its shams and bullshit, Balthazar is as
notorious as he is arrogant, as roguish as he is
lovable and as unmitigated as he is committed to a
life of continuous combat in the gamer world.
Boom Beach Gamer Profile for Balthazar the B
Now preoccupied with Google's Boom Beach, the tablet masterpiece of conflated greed, boredom, insanity
and the passionate disregard of other peoples's feelings, while aggressively coveting their property, it is said
that Balthazar has bombed his way past thousands of other gamers who, of course, have retaliated with
their own version of calculated revenge. Collecting power crystals, gold coins, wood, stones, and iron,
among the many other activities that underlie the prospect of successful encounters with one's fictional
adversaries, it is estimated that B the B has squandered thousands of real American dollars and an equal
number of hours in the vain effort to attain thoroughly worthless medals, pointless trophies and an
assortment of other gadgets and weapons that either don't work or don't work very well in staving off the
predatious affections of other gamers. Oh well, what does it matter? There are worse things to take your
mind off the heinous callousness of the modern world in general and the Trump