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Ike's Electronic Newsletter is a web news fanzine
(brief magazine for web fans) published irregularly by
the Symbosophic Society for Loquacious Effusions.  
It accepts clever retrofitted contributions as well as
absurdly mangled expostulations (i.e. all kinds of stuff
said with anybody's definition of poetic flair, vivid
language or comic wit etc).  Contributions submitted
to the editorial staff must be composed in English (no
Engfishie or Spanglishie please) must be edited and
proofread, must be correctly punctuated, and must be
roughly intelligible to the average American post
adolescent ditz, nerd, fruitcake or barfly, which I
suspect pretty much covers just about anybody who
might subscribe to this newsletter. Naturally, just
because you submit something doesn't mean we are
obligated to print it. After all, it's our Newsletter, not